Summary: What if Harry's scar had more influence on the world around him? The remains of the dark magic that came from the killing curse have weakened the veil between the Fade and Earth. Harry travels through the Fade were he age from nine to fourteen and learns magic. When turned fourteen Harry arrives in the world of Thedas, just outside of Lothering.

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Harry Potter and the rise of the Inquisitor

Chapter 01: Arrival in Thedas

No-one knew what would happen when the magical energy of the killing curse was constantly radiated to the outside-world. No-one was ever supposed to know what would happen, but like with so many things the arrogance of man made sure that one person discovered this. And that person's name was Harry Potter.

For you see when Harry was not older than fifteen months old, an evil man came to his home. This man's name was Tom Marvolo Riddle or as most people knew him The Dark Lord Voldemort. Voldemort hated the muggle (none magical) population of the world, and he was ruthless to those who had muggle heritage (muggleborns and Half-Bloods) or those who sided with them. Voldemort had spy who overheard a part of the prophesy that for told Voldemort's downfall. So again when Harry was just fifteen months old Voldemort came to his home to murder the Potters. What he didn't know was that Lily Potter nee Evans (muggleborn) had used a self-sacrifice ritual that would rebound the killing curse. Voldemort killed James Potter in cold-blood and offered Lily a choice to live, which she refused and killed her thus fulfilling the requirements for the ritual.

So when Voldemort turned his wand at Harry and fired the killing curse, it rebounded back to himself. When the curse hit Voldemort it ripped his soul (or what was left of it) from his body and split it in two pieces. One piece left the scene, but the other was sealed in the only living thing in that room. The second piece was sealed in the lightning-bolt scar of Harry. It was sealed behind the remaining dark energy from the killing curse. Of course if Albus Dumbledore removed the

soul- fragment immediately then nothing would have happened. But sadly Dumbledore had his own plans from the start. He wanted Harry to be meek and easy to manipulate once he came to Hogwarts. And so poor Harry was placed with his hating and abusing relatives the Dursley family. For years Harry had to endure hateful remarks about him and his dead parent, (who he died as drunks in a car crash) neglect and from when he was five years old abuse. But it was one particular hard day in summer that everything changed. That was the day that the Veil was torn for a minute and Harry disappeared from this world.

Little Whining, Surrey 1989 July 23th

Once again Harry was busy in the front garden. Busy with what you might ask. Well you see since Harry was five years old he had to do most of the chores around the house, like cooking, the dishes, maintaining the front garden and painting the woodwork around and in the house. So once again Harry was busy maintaining the garden when his cousin and his group of friends (gang) came walking around the corner. When Harry noticed his cousin, harry realized he had two choices, choice one was not running away and being beaten. Or choice two was running like hell and being beaten later on when he returned.

When Harry returned from his thoughts he noticed that his cousin and said cousin's friends were already cornering him. What everyone failed to notice were the green cracks in the sky. When Harry was fully cornered he felt a pain that was centered around his scar, like something wanted to escape. When Dudley wanted to hit Harry a bang was heard from above them. When they all looked up they saw the sky being torn open in an green fissure like manner. Out of the fissure came a small green beam that hit Harry. On the moment of impact Harry was sucked into the fissure and blast that destroyed all of Little Whining was released. The fissure almost immediately closed after Harry past that point. No-one, not even Dumbledore could figure out what happened to The-Boy-Who-Lived and what caused the destruction of Little Whining.

The Fade Moments after Harry past The Veil.

When Harry opened his eyes he saw a desolated landscape. Everything around him had a greenish tint. It looked to Harry like he was somewhere high up the mountains. The only thing that counteracted this were the floating islands high up in the sky. When Harry turned around he saw on the ground before him an deformed baby like creature with blood-red eyes and a snakelike face. It wasn't long before Harry decided to move on. It felt like hours of walking before Harry found the first inhabitants of this weird place. Only for him to find out that this was a very bad thing.

The creature before Harry had purple spiked skin. It looked like it had nine eyes and at the back of its head there were four long horns. It had a mouth full of sharp teeth and each of its hand had four razor-sharp claws. Its elbow looked a bit like roots for some reason. It was humanoid in form and was 20 feet tall. Harry just stood there frozen in fear when two other forms of this creature walked into view. One had dark-green skin with glowing green eyes, the other had a dark-red skin color with glowing orange eyes. And that was when this went from bad to worse, because one of these creatures noticed him. When Harry saw the creatures looking at him he started to run. The creatures chased Harry for what felt like hours. Harry was now looking for a way to loose these creatures, but he wasn't very lucky so far. It was another fifteen minutes later that Harry saw his solution, from the corner of his eye he saw ledge with a small flat surface just big enough for Harry to walk over. The rest was a steep slope that led to a freefall into nothingness. So Harry turned towards the ledge and started running again.

The ground beneath our hero started shaking, thus signaling that those creatures were closing in on Harry. When Harry looked behind him he saw the three creatures closing in on him. Harry began to run faster than he thought possible. When Harry was across the ledge he decided to imitate his uncle Vernon by shouting "Hey you three!" The creatures looked at Harry and started growling at him as if the only thing they wanted to do was rip him to pieces. Harry inwardly smirked at his plan before shouting "you three are nothing, but useless, scared freaks who are too afraid of a ledge that you let an nine year old human outsmart you in your territory." If the looks on the three faces anything to go by, then the creatures were absolutely pissed. The creatures started growling again and bended their legs and jumped. The three creatures jumped behind each other on the ledge. Unfortunately for the three, the ledge was too small. When the creatures landed on the ledge they lost their balance on the uneven terrain and slipped. The creatures tried to grab onto the rocky terrain, but it was no use. The creatures continued sliding down the slope and fell over the edge, falling to their doom. Harry let out a sigh of relief that his plan worked. After a quick rest Harry continued walking more cautious than ever before. It was about an hour later that Harry came across a man that had a golden glow, it was see-through and golden in color, but the thing stood out most was the medieval like armor he was wearing. For some reason Harry knew that this person/thing could be trusted, but Harry also had a feeling that looks in this place could be extremely deceiving.

So with a lot of courage Harry walked towards the spirit. Without looking behind him the spirit said "Greetings Harry James Potter. Before you ask any questions let explain some things to you, after that you can ask any questions you have." Harry was stunned that this spirit knew his name and so he just gave a nod, not that the spirit saw this. "First of all, you Harry James Potter are now in the realm of spirits, demons and magic called the Fade." Harry blinked at that and thought 'Demons! Crap what did I do to deserve this?' "I am the Spirit of Courage and you were brought here to remove that soul-fragment from your scar and to train you for your destiny. I will train you in magic and melee combat." And when you are old enough you will go to the word of Thedas. Those creatures you saw were Pride Demons, one of several types of Demons that roam the Fade."

And thus Harry learned. For years Harry was tutored under the guidance of Courage. Harry learned first of all that the time in the Fade and in Thedas flowed different them the time on Earth. Harry learned that because of the soul-fragment that resided in his scar for eight years he became immune to demonic possession. After he learned all this, Harry was thought about magic, both the magic from Earth and the magic from Thedas. Harry also learned survival skills, melee combat and how he could forge his own weapons and armor.

This continued until he was fourteen years old. For when Harry turned fourteen years old he was sent to Thedas, outside the village of Lothering. Where he would built two existences, one of an old innkeeper (glamor charm) and the other was of an fourteen year old mage who would become close friends to the Hawke family and help train the two mages of that family in secret. This story is about Harry's journey through Thedas and back to Earth.

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