Summary: What if Harry's scar had more influence on the world around him? The remains of the dark magic that came from the killing curse have weakened the veil between the Fade and Earth. Harry travels through the Fade were he age from nine to fourteen and learns magic. When turned fourteen Harry arrives in the world of Thedas, just outside of Lothering.

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A/N 2: for those of you that were wondering what for example 9:23 Dragon means I will explain. The 9 stands for the ninth age since the foundation of the chantry. The 23 stands for the year in that age. And Dragon is the name of the ninth age.

Harry Potter and the rise of the Inquisitor

Chapter 02: Meeting the Hawkes

9:23 Dragon Fereldan just outside Lothering.

The woods outside Lothering were peaceful until one day. It all happened really fast one moment there was no sound to be heard and the other the sound off cloth ripping could be faintly heard. This was followed by a small greenish explosion. Moments later were the explosion was moments earlier, now there stood an old man. This man had green eyes and messy black hair that was starting to turn grey. He wore black leather boots and gloves. He also wore a green-brown shirt an trousers and around his shoulders he wore a dark-brown travelers cloak. Around his waist he had a scabbard with in that what would be a silver colored sword with at the top of the pummel of the sword two (one on each side) flawless ruby's. in his hand the man had what looked like a normal walking stick, but in truth it was the man's mages staff under a glamor charm.

As the man expected no sooner was he on the road or two Templars came running towards him. Most certainly they sensed the powerful magic that occurred here only minutes ago. The Templars came running towards him with their swords drawn. The quickly came up with a lie. So when the Templars were he said "Thank the Maker I found you Templars, in the forest while I was walking I saw some strange light, so I decided to investigate. I came upon a clearing where I saw a blood-mage and a demon torturing some people. I just caught the name of the demon who was clearly under full control of the blood-mage before they left. The demon was called Chupacabra. If you are quickly you may find them." Before the man could blink the Templars were already halfway into the forest. When the Templars were completely out of side there was a flash of light and in the place of the man stood a young boy no older than fourteen. This boy had messy black hair on top of his head and bright emerald-green eyes. Above his right eye there was an faded lightning-bolt scar. The boy wore dark-brown leather boots and two gauntlets, one made of leather and the other made of metal. He also wore a leather armor that had red linen fitted into it at the top and on the inside and it had one arm guard made of metal as well. (think the male version of the armor Leliana wore during the sacred ashes trailer.) over the armor was an stretch coat that was dark-brown in color.

This boy's name was Harry Potter, a fourteen year old mage/wizard from Earth. Harry followed the path that let out of the woods for an hour when the woods disappeared and made place for a large open field with some trees here and there, but most of it was grass and hills. Harry decided that it would be smart to go to the top of one of the hills close by and see where in the name of Andraste he was. So Harry looked around and spotted a nice high hill that would have a great advantage point of the surroundings of the area. On his way to the hill Harry came across a small problem, while inside the forest it was nice and cool, here on the open plains where the sun was blazing, it was very, very hot. If Harry had to guess it would be 45 degrees Celsius. So with that in mind Harry did his stretch coat inside his trunk (which was shrunken and inside a storage neckless he made.) the trunk also had an undetectable extension charm on it. After Harry stored his trunk away he continued his way up the hill. Once he was at the top Harry had a nice view of his surroundings, in the distance he could see the Imperial Highway and the village of Lothering beyond that. The hill Harry stood on ended in a steep cliff that made way for a nice lake. When Harry looked down he could see three children playing in the water. What Harry didn't know however was that a fourth child had already seen him and was now on his way up the hill.

Carver Hawke was not having a great day so far. His father Malcolm Hawke said that he and his siblings should be outside enjoying the weather. Sometimes Carver thought that he was the most mature one of the Hawke siblings. And enjoying the weather and playing in the water was in his eyes childish. What Carver forgot was that he and his sister Bethany were only elven and his older siblings were only fourteen years old. What Carver didn't realize was that his sibling saw him as a bully and not mature at all. When Carver looked up he saw a boy not older than Garrett and Marian. The boy looked suspicious and Carver decided to scare the brat off. So here he was at the top of the hill and going to push the boy into the water for standing there. Carver was now almost standing behind the stranger and made the move to push him over the edge of the cliff. When the boy began to fall faster than his eyes could follow the boy turned around and grabbed Carver's wrist and puled Carver with him.

Harry smirked inwardly, he had already sensed the presence of someone else behind him and from the way that person tried to keep unnoticed his or her intentions were clear. So Harry decided to allow the person behind him to push him into the water, but that person would go down with him. So when Harry felt a push he turned around and grabbed the wrist of the one behind him and fell of the cliff. The rest of the Hawke siblings heard a scream that sounded a lot like their brother behind them. When they turned around they saw Carver falling down a cliff with a unknown boy beside him. Carver and Harry both went under moments later. The Hawke siblings made their towards their brother when said brother broke the surface of the water and was sent flying. When the water that erupted with Carver had settled down the Hawke siblings saw a very terrifying sight, namely a very, very pissed off Harry James Potter. Whatever happened up that cliff, Garrett, Marian and Bethany had a sinking feeling that their brother tried to do something stupid.

Harry just stood there, his eyes were blazing with magical energy, his staff was in held in a downward sweep and purple electricity was coming from the staff. Both Marian and Bethany knew the dangers of a pissed off mage, but for some unexplained reason they felt drawn towards this boy. It was now some kind of a standoff between Harry and Carver with the remaining Hawke siblings in the middle. Thankfully for everyone Garrett always searches for diplomatic solutions and asked "Can someone please explain what happened?"

Harry smirked and was about to say something when Carver began to talk. Ï saw this boy acting suspicious up that hill and so I decided to confront him when."

Carver was interrupted by Harry who was having it very difficult standing straight up while he was laughing. When Harry knew he had their attention he said "Oh sorry, but I thought it was quite funny. So according to your brother I was acting suspicious while I was up there looking at my surroundings. And if I have to guess I would say that, that fool of a brother of yours thinks I'm something like a Templar spy or something like that."

Before anyone could state the obvious, Carver decided to put his foot in his mouth and said "Of course I think you are a templar it is obvious you are one."

Marian decided that it was time to state the obvious to her idiot of a brother. "Carver two things: one, if he were a templar, he wouldn't be standing here arguing. And two, he is a MAGE!" Carver seeing that he had once again put his foot in his mouth grumbled something that only Harry could hear "Uncivilized freak. Clearly his parents his parents did a poor job at raising him. They probably are Blood Mages and Abominations."

The Hawke siblings thought that since Carver was told the truth, everything would go back to normal, oh how wrong they were for you see no matter in what world he was, no-one insulted Harry's parents and would get away with it that easy. Carver made the mistake to insult them and their sacrifice and for that he would pay. So when you thought about this it wasn't so surprising when Harry broke the silence and shouted "DEPULSO!" The Hawkes were stunned when they saw a red magical orb leaving Harry's staff. The orb slammed into Carver and sent him across the lake. When the Hawkes turned back to Harry they were shocked the they could see his magical aura. Harry knew that he went too far, but he also knew that he had to make his point. With that in mind Harry said loud enough for the rest to hear "No you idiot, my parents are neither Blood Mages or Abominations. You know why they aren't, because they are dead ever since I was fifteen months old. They sacrificed themselves to save me from a Blood Mage that was possessed by a Pride Demon. And the next time you insult my parents and their sacrifice I will use something more dangerous than a simple Banishing Charm." The only thing Carver could do was nod and so he did.

Both Marian and Bethany turned to glare at Carver for his stupidity, Garrett on the other hand narrowed his eyes at Harry for his threat against Carver. Harry saw the glare aimed at him and decided to say something. "Sorry about that. It was something that had to be cleared between us. Let me introduce myself, my name is Harry James Potter, Lord of the Ancient and Noble Houses of Potter, Peverell, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin."

At the mention of the name Peverell the eyes of all four Hawke siblings widened in recognition. For you see their father Malcolm told them stories about a mage during the first blight and the founder of their family. This mage was named Ignotus Peverell. Marian was the first to snap back to reality and said "Sorry about that, but you see the founder of the Hawke family, our family was named Ignotus Peverell. Now is my question how could you claim that title?"

Harry smirked and said "I'm related to them through his grand-daughter who married into the Potter family. But that was almost a thousand years ago." Marian smiled and said "Good to meet you Harry, my name is Marian Hawke, the younger girl next to me is my sister Bethany, that older boy is my twin Garrett and the boy, you blasted across the lake is Carver, Bethany's twin. And that pissed off man is my father. Oh shit he is pissed."

The last part was nothing, but a whisper, but Harry still heard it and stood ready to defend himself. Bethany saw Harry's stance and whispered "Don't worry he isn't pissed off at you, but at my brother Carver. Everyone knows that he always acts before thinking. For example just last month that idiot, that I have to call my twin almost exposed Marian and myself as mages." After this being said Harry relaxed, a bit. After being shouted at by his father, Carver was dragged away by his older brother. Meanwhile Malcolm made his way over to Harry, Marian and Bethany. Malcolm could already tell that there was something between his two daughter and this young boy.

Malcolm decided to take the so called leap of faith and asked "So what is your name young man? And would you like to tell me what it is you are doing here, since it isn't every day that an apostate walks through Lothering?"

Harry nodded his head and said "My name is Harry James Potter and I was thinking about opening an inn. And before you begin to talk about my age, I know a bit of magic that give me a different look." Malcolm just rose his eyebrow in challenge to Harry's claim. So Harry did the only thing he could and placed the glamor charm on himself. The Hawkes were shocked to see the boy before them change into an older man, who if their guess was right, was a bit older then Malcolm. The man looked like Harry only around his thirties (think about the 19 years later scene of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2 movie). When he saw their reactions, Harry smiled inside.

When he recovered from his shock Malcolm asked "Mister Potter, seeing that you have no place yet to stay, how would you like to stay with me and my family? Until such a time when you have a place of your own of course"

Harry nodded and said "Thank you sir, I would be honored." While he walked with the Hawkes to their home, Harry thought that he finally found a place he could call home. Not knowing that during dinner that night his darkest secret would be revealed in an explosive way.

A/N: Okay, so that was chapter two. The next chapter will be called: The start of a new life. In this Harry's secret will be revealed. One hit, it has to do with a form of Blood-magic that was not performed by Harry, but on him. As for the fourth chapter it will be called: Family reunited.

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