This thing is on something of an impulse which I refuse to help any longer. It's been on my mind for a while and darn it, I'm gonna write it! You see, Gla-Thon is fantastic, and Manus is adorable, and they both make me smile a little more than I should at my age. But the idea that they are probably hommies makes me short circuit from an overload of possibilities and silliness.

No, I am not saying that I ship them together. I'm just saying, if they teamed up, they could cause a lot of hilarious mischief. And, both being short, non-human, and blue, I imagine they get along quite nicely.

So basically—as the story summary says—this is just a series of short scenes I've thought of, concerning Gla-Thon and Manus running around and acting very, very silly. Because this fandom needs a jolt of humor, I think. ;D

Hint: I am mixing the anime and the many, many books for this one. I need Glock alive, but I also need Lindal's fabulous self. Imagine that two or three years have passed since Sister of the South. Also imagine that these scenes happen only happen when the tribes representatives gather to hang out and celebrate stuff, as they must. ;)


The Staring Contest


It had started off innocently, as it might have been expected, because it started with a simple staring contest. However, said contest was between Doom and Glock, and at Gla-Thon's request, so someone should have thought to be a little nervous, at least.

The busty little gnome had insisted that she was only curious, and only meant for the contest to last a minute or two. But the two men were, of course, extremely competitive. Glock had just insisted on a sixth round when Manus had wandered in and become interested.

"What are the rules?" he had asked. "Laughing, or blinking?"

"Blinking," Gla-Thon had answered over her shoulder.

Even more interested, Manus had tossed a gold coin on the table, distracting the competitors and ruining the round.

"In that case, I bet one gold coin on Glock," the Ralad man had grinned.

Ignoring Doom's indignant glare, Gla-Thon had grinned back and pulled a coin of her own from her pocket and thrown it on the table.

"Then my gold is on Doom."

"You're on!"

With that, the two had pulled up chairs and sat with their elbows propped on the dining hall table, waiting expectantly for their comrades to restart the round. Peeved that their friends were betting against them, Doom and Glock stared at them in disbelief; however, they were both determined to win the contest now, and quickly turned their glares back on each other.

Now that there was money on the table, the round lasted much longer than the previous ones. After two minutes had passed, Gla-Thon began to grow impatient.

"Blink," she hissed at Glock, poking his forehead. "Blink, Glock, blink. Make me a rich woman."

"Gla-Thon, you are a Dread Gnome," Doom growled, still without blinking. "You have more gold in your pocket right now than we have in the royal treasury."

"But I haven't won any of it from Manus," she drawled, "so it hardly counts, now does it?"

Doom grumbled to himself, but still didn't blink.

Abruptly, Glock looked away and down at his small friends with a cunning smile.

"You know what I'd like to see?" he demanded cleverly. "I'd like to see the two of you have a go at it."

Manus and Gla-Thon stared at him in confusion, wondering if the contest had been won, and by whom. Doom began to chuckle at them.

"I'd like to see that, too," he agreed. "I'd even put my money on Gla-Thon, since she was kind enough to put her money on me."

It seemed that the contest had been abandoned, and that neither of them had won the wager. Annoyed but intrigued, the two exchanged places with their friends at the table. Manus and Gla-Thon now sat across from each other, one facing the other squarely, while Doom and Glock sat beside each other to watch.

The new contest might have been completely friendly, until the two men threw their gold down on the table. Then they sat with their arms resting on the table, watching their small friends expectantly, teasing them in the best way they could think of.

And now it was personal. Both determined to win, they began to stare intensely at each other.

This continued for about an hour. Over the course of that hour, the rest of their friends drifted into the dining room to see what was happening, ask the rules, place their bets, and then stand around to marvel at the sight of a Ralad and a Dread Gnome locked in a staring match.

Though they never took their eyes off each other for a second, they were very aware of their former companions standing around them, making comments and lightly teasing each other. Doom and Glock were still siitting at the table, gawking at them in complete disbelief. Zeean and Fardeep stood together, shaking their heads occasionally; Steven stood beside them, hiding a smile behind his hand. Lindal and Barda stood to the side, watching a little too closely, because they had both bet enthusiastically on the contest. Every now and then, Barda would whisper to his wife to ask what she had planned for supper; Lindal would hush him and warn not to ask her again, because she had no idea and was too rapt by the contest to think about it.

Though their friends had a lot invested in them by now, it was clear that they were growing bored with the waiting. For themselves, Manus and Gla-Thon were exhausted. Their eyes were dry, and felt like sandpaper. Staring as intently at each other as they were, they could see how red their eyes had become over the last hour. Both of their faces felt ridged and stiff. They both wanted the contest to come to an end. But neither of them was willing to blink and end the thing.

This thought occurred to them at the same time, and they scowled at each other across the table.

"Blink," Manus grumbled.

"No, you blink," Gla-Thon grumbled back.

Manus scowled harder at her, and leaned across the table. "No, you blink," he demanded, raising his voice in desperation.

Gla-Thon also leaned across the table, practically into his face, and shot him a look that could melt solid bone.

"No, you blink."

"No, you blink!"

"No, you blink, dammit!"

Somewhere nearby, they heard Zeean sigh tiredly.

"Manus, Gla-Thon, this is just sad," they heard her say.

At the same time, they noticed Fardeep nudging her gently. "I'd put two silvers on Gla-Thon, though," he said quietly, just loudly enough to be heard.

Zeean sighed again and hung her head slightly in defeat. "I shall take you up on that, my friend," she agreed politely.

"We should have brought snacks," Glock exclaimed suddenly, throwing his hands in the air. "This is getting tiresome."

Linda's face lit up at the idea, and she turned to look at her husband. "Snacks would have been a fantastic idea," she said loudly. "Barda, why didn't you think of it?"

Manus and Gla-Thon couldn't see how Barda reacted, because he was behind them. Knowing him well, though, they imagined that he was rolling his eyes, unable to see how the problem was his fault.

But it paled to utter insignificance to the fact that he had bet three silver coins on Manus, and his wife had placed three on Gla-Thon, and neither competitor was willing to let anyone down.

"What on earth is going on in here?"

While the two didn't turn to look with everyone else, the voice was unmistakable. It was Jasmine's, confused and disbelieving. They could picture her with her hands planted severely on her hips, silently demanding an explanation. And they could easily imagine that Lief must be with her. Alerted by their friends yelling at each other, of course they had come along to see what was going on.

Barda suddenly cleared his throat. "Just a staring contest," he said simply, not looking away.

"What are the rules?" came Lief's voice, curious but also nervous. "Laughing or blinking?"

"Blinking," everyone answered at the same time.

"How long has this been going on?" Jasmine demanded, possibly concerned by the pile of coins in the middle of the table. Everyone was silent, looking around at each other, expecting someone to have an answer to the queen's very good question. It felt like they were all waking from the same dream.

After this moment of stunned silence, Steven fished a pocket watch from his coat and checked it. The face he made was halfway between alarm and amusement.

"Why, it's been nearly an hour since I came in," he said with a nervous laugh. "My, how time can fly when one is having fun…"

Realizing at once what this meant or Manus and Gla-Thon, the king and queen groaned in annoyance and began shooing their friends away from the table.

"This contest is over," LIef announced loudly. "Everyone pick up your coins, no one's won anything, it's just over."

Somewhat relived to have been released, Manus and Gla-Thon moved to blink for the first time in more than an hour.

To their shock, they couldn't do this. So hard they had stared at each other, and for so long, it was like they had sealed their eyes open permanently. They couldn't even move their eyes to look around. While their friends disappointedly milled around, they gaped at each other in speechless horror.

Seeing their hesitation, Jasmine turned to them. "Manus, Gla-Thon, the contest is over. Now blink, for the love of all things!"

"I'm trying," Gla-Thon mumbled, focusing all her strength into forcing her eyes shut, and failing.

"Me too," Manus added, gripping the table in concentration and fear.

"I think our eyes are stuck…"

There was another stunned silence. Apparently, none of the heroes had ever encountered something quite so ridiculous before. True to their natures, Lindal and Glock began to laugh so hard that they nearly fell over.

"Can someone get us a medic?" Manus squeaked, mostly in Lief's direction. "Please?"

Lief groaned in aggravation, running his fingers through his hair, possibly so he didn't use them to strangle any of his friends. Then he turned and walked out, calling for his mother to come and help him.

"I'd still like to know who won," Doom grumbled. "I had five gold coins on the table, and was looking forward to the payoff."

"Who cares who won?" Gla-Thon snapped at him. "We can't close our eyes!"

Jasmine swatted her father over the head, and then plucked five coins off the table.

"I can't believe you," she said, thrusting the coins into his hand. "All of you, just take your money and get out!

Lindal sighed deeply as she picked her money out of the pile. "That's a pity. With winnings like that, we could have bought supper."