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Reluctantly, Chandler answered the unknown-number call.


"Dude! It's Joey. Listen, the play's been canceled tonight. Something about a huge storm, outside.."

Chandler resisted the urge to roll his eyes at Joey's careless observation. Obviously, he hadn't looked out a window, recently. "You don't say.." he muttered, and took a moment to check on the condition of the storm, outside his own window. Still snowing in a dark, scary, apocalyptic-like manner. "So where are you guys? At the theater?"

"No. We decided to go get something to eat. We're at this restaurant that has generator-power, and they're givin' away free appies and drinks, cause o' the storm! Pretty cool, huh? Hey! You should come down here!"

This time, Chandler had to roll his eyes. "Sure, Joe! Let me just round up my 12 huskies, and I'll head on down, on my dog sled!"

"Awesome, man. See you when you get here! Oh, hey..have you heard from Phoebe? She hasn't shown up yet, either."

Chandler glanced up and saw Phoebe coming out of the bathroom, just as Joey mentioned her name.

"That's because she's here with me. You wanna talk to her?"

"Sure, put her on."

He handed the phone over to Phoebe. "It's Joey."

"Hey, Joey!" The blonde chimed into the phone. "Listen, I'm sorry I didn't make it to you're show tonight, but..I kinda almost died walking there. I promise, I'll make it up to you, some how."

Chandler watched her smile become a look of disgust, and she, too rolled her eyes at something Joey was saying.

"No, I'm not doing that, Joey...Or THAT! My God, you're disgusting!"

Chandler had to smirk, with amusement, as he continued eavesdropping on her side of the conversation.

"No, the lights and everything are down here. Ooh, but we've got some of those Jewish candles, so yeah, don't worry about me and Chandler. Besides, I don't think this is really the end of the world. That's not going to happen for at least another decade or so. Alright, well be safe, and I'll see you all when you get home. Uh-huh. Bye."

Phoebe hung up the phone, and sat down on the couch. He noticed her pull her legs up to her chest, wrapping her arms around herself.

"Still cold, huh?" Chandler said. He grabbed the quilt from off the chair and placed it around her shoulders. "Here. We've got some spare blankets, if you want more."

"No, but thanks, Chandler. It's just nice to be indoors, during this storm, you know? A few years ago, I would have been in my car, where I lived. Which y'know, didn't actually have any windows. Ooh, but all the rats who lived in the street had no where to go either, so, there were always foot-warmers."

He smiled and nodded, even though he always found her stories from the street somewhat disturbing. "And people think that they're just filthy, disease-ridden pests, that serve no purpose.." He got up from his chair, pacing, and rubbing his hands together, noticing how increasingly cold it's becoming without heat in his apartment.

"Are you cold?" Phoebe asked.

"Me? Nah. Just a little less-warm than I would be if we had power, but I'm not cold. Men don't get cold, you see. It's an...evolutionary thing. You can even ask Ross. We survived the ice-age. I think I can survive one cold night in New York."

"Well, I don't buy all that evolution crap, so there's no need to try and act all macho around me, Chandler." she told him, and extended her arm, lifting the blanket up on one side to invite him to join her. "Here. Sit down. There's plenty of room for both of us under here."

He shuffled his feet, nervously. "Uh...no, I'm good, Pheebs. The blankets all yours."

"Why? Do I smell or something?" she asks.

"No, of course not."

"Then sit!" she demanded, rather sharply. He quickly did what she said.

"Alright.." he sat down next to her, and allowed her to set the quilt down over his shoulders. He had to admit, it was much warmer, than standing. 'Wow...' he thought. 'She doesn't smell, actually. In fact she smells nice. Like soap. This isn't awkward. I'm just sitting next to my friend, Phoebe, under a blanket...nothing weird about that..' He cleared his throat, interupting his thoughts. Between them, and this silence, things were getting more awkward for him by the minute.

"Some hot chocolate would really hit the spot right about now, huh? Too bad there's no way to heat it. I don't know about you, but I'm really not in the mood for cold, undissolved-chocolate." he said.

"Mmn..." she agreed. "I'm getting kind of hungry, too. Ooh! Maybe Joey will bring us some leftovers, from that restaraunt!"

Chandler raised his eyebrows. "Y'know, I don't think I've ever heard the words 'Joey' and 'leftovers' in the same sentence. Have you met the man?"

"Eh...true enough." Phoebe shrugged.

Chandler's own stomach had been growling since had called to mention free food, and rub it in their faces that he and the others had warm meals, while that wasn't possible for them, right now. Besides, he hadn't eaten anything since the unsatisfactory cup-o-noodles he had for lunch at work.

"Well..there is an awful lot of food in the fridge that's going to spoil if the power doesn't come back, soon. And since the bottomless pit isn't home...let's see what I can find us."

Chandler picked up the flashlight, and went to the fridge. There wasn't much in there that didn't require heat. He rummaged a bit until he found some sandwich meat, cheese and bread.

"I'm making a bologna and cheese sandwich, you want one?" he called over his shoulder.

"Uhm...unless it's tofu-bologna, then no." Phoebe replied, sounding a tad bit annoyed, much to his confusion. Then it dawned on him. "Ohh...right. Vegetarian. Sorry, Pheebs. Uhm...well then, how about a grilled-cheese? Minus the grilled, of course. And you know what? I think we've actually go some tomato, and lettuce in here."

"Sounds good." Phoebe agreed.

With some difficulty, of balancing the flashlight in one hand, he managed to assemble the two sandwiches with the other. He also grabbed a large bag of potato chips from the counter, which undoubtedly belonged to Joey but that bastard was probably off enjoying some hot french fries, with gravy. At least that's what he told himself, to justify taking them.

"Dinner is served." Chandler said, with the bag held between his teeth, as he was juggling two plates and a flashlight in his hands.

"Thank you." Phoebe took the plate from him. It occurred to him she might also like a drink, and he decided to be a good host and offer one. He returned to the kitchen.

"What would you like to drink, Pheebs? There's soda, milk, water..." Opening the cupboard door, he found something else that belonged to Joey. Something he was probably saving for a hot date, no doubt. He picked up the red wine bottle, hesitantly. "On the other hand...some boose might warm us up." he suggested, holding up the bottle.

"Sure, I'll have a glass." Phoebe told him. "I mean it's not like I have to drive anywhere."

Surely, Joey must have owned wine glasses, yet Chandler didn't feel like stumbling around looking for them in the dark, and settled on some regular short glasses. He brought them and the wine bottle to the couch and rejoined Phoebe under the blanket. He filled their glasses and began to eat his sandwich, unable to help but notice the uncomfortable silence as they ate together. He tried to think of something to say to make this less awkward.

"Good sandwich?"

"Mm-hm." She nodded, her mouth full.

"Good.." he muttered. As he reached over for a handful of chips, his hand brushed against her bare leg, and he quickly pulled it away. He was grateful for the dark at this time, meaning she couldn't see how red his face had become. 'Who would've thought her skin would be so soft?' he found himself thinking, before he began uttering his apologies. "I'm sorry! I was not trying to crop a feel!"

She laughed. "Chandler, relax. It's fine."

"Alright, I just thought you might have thought I was trying to... do something. I mean, first, I walk in on you naked, now here we are, sipping wine and sharing a blanket, in the dark. How much longer before we're doing the nasty?" He was trying to make a joke, to lighten the mood, but in the candle-light he could tell by her face, she wasn't amused. His smile dropped. "That was a joke." he assured her. "An awful one. Very inappropriate. I'm sorry. You know, maybe I'll just stop talking, for the rest of the evening."

He quickly filled his mouth with another bite of half his sandwich, eating in a very Joey Tribbiani-like, ungraceful fashion.

"No, don't do that..." Phoebe said. "Look, I'm used to your awkward jokes by now. And besides, it's too quiet in here."

"I know.." he agreed. "I wish I had some batteries so we could listen to the radio, or something."

"Ooh! Ooh!" she suddenly said, her eyes widening. "I have my guitar! I was playing at Central Perk tonight, and I asked Joey to bring it here, so I wouldn't have to take it on my date."

She jumped up from the couch, with excitement and found the guitar case, before bringing it back to her seat. She picked it up out of the case. She plucked a few strings to tune it properly, and looked at Chandler.

"Any requests?"

He shook his head, pouring himself a bit more wine. "No, just play whatever you'd like, Phoebe. "

"Well.." she said thoughtfully. " I wrote some new song that's about a snowman. And ooh! I happen to have a song about black-outs! Why don't I start with that one?"

Chandler smirked, politely. He was pretty sure he remembered her playing it last time there was a black out. "Let's hear it!"

She began plucking the strings. "New York City's lost it's power, and the milk is getting sour, but for me it's not too scary. Cause I stay away from dairy...Lalalaa lalalala..."

Chandler didn't know what time it was. His head was now resting on the arm of the sofa. He pulled the blanket up closer to his chin. He didn't know if it was the wine or Phoebe's playing that was beginning to lull him to sleep, but he was beginning to feel sleepy. It felt like she'd been playing for hours.

"I made a man out of snow, his eye's were so bewitchin'. How was I supposed to know that my-"

"Pheebs?" he sat up slightly, interupting her. "You've been playing the same two songs for like the past hour now."

"Oh. I'm sorry, are you not enjoying them?" she asked, in an offended tone as she stopped playing.

"No, I was...the first 20 something times ago." he asnwered.

"I just thought they were the most appropriate songs for tonight. Besides, I told you I'm taking requests! I don't see anyone else around here, but you!"

"Ok, well..." he pulled himself into a sitting position. "How about a song about snow, that doesn't involve suicide?"

"I don't have any of those." She told him.

"Well, do you only play your own songs?" he asked. "Not that I don't like them. But there's nothing wrong the classics, you know?"

"Hmm.." Phoebe contemplated a moment, guitar still in hand. "Ooh, what if I play a Thanksgiving song?"

"Nah...I hate Thanksgiving."

"Oh, right." Phoebe muttered. "I forgot what a kill-joy you are when it comes to the holidays.."

"I am not a kill-joy," Chandler insisted. "It's just that one happens to remind me of my parent's divorce. And Christmas. I always hated having to split the holidays between my mom's house and my dad and my step-mom, Steven's house."

"I see.." Phoebe said. She placed her instrument down to refill her wine glass. They were both on their third or fourth now. The bottle was over half-ways empty. "I'm so sorry to hear that the poor little rich boy didn't get to enjoy the holidays. See, my family was lucky if we even had food at Christmas time. But sometimes, I'd throw some tinsle on the mold growing in the corner of our house and pretend it was a Christmas tree. What about Halloween? You can't tell me Halloween isn't fun. Free candy, hello!"

"Yeah, I guess...except the year my dad made me dress up like Little Orphan Annie." he paused, feeling guilty.

"Alright...it was MY idea." he confessed and took another sip of wine. He was beginning to feel the effects of how much he'd drank, somewhat. "The boys at school called me a fag...that's a mean word!"

Phoebe shrugged. "I suppose it is, if you're a gay person. But to you, it's just a word."

"Yeah..I'm not gay. Am I?" he turned to her, waiting for an answer.

She laughed. "Uh...I dunno. Are you?"

"No..." he replied, sulking somewhat. "But I might as well be. I mean, I might have a better chance with men, than women. I don't know what it is about me that is so repellant.."

"Chandler, what are you talking about?" Phoebe asked.

"Like tonight!" Chandler went on, finding himself slurring his words a bit, after finishing the rest of his wine. "Everybody had a date to Joey's play, except me!"

"Well, why didn't you ask someone?"

"Like who?"

Phoebe shrugged. "I dunno. Someone from your office?"

"No. No women at my office would date me, Pheebs. None of the sane ones, anyways. I mean look at the girls I've dated in the past, ok?..." He begins counting off on his fingers. "Janice...well, come on, you remember how SHE was."

Phoebe laughed, nodding. "Uh-huh..."

"And then there was...Carol, the lesbian."

Phoebe furrowed her brow in confusion. "Wait...you mean Carol, Ross's wife?"

"Oh, that's right!" Chandler suddenly remembered. "See? I don't even have a list of girlfriends to point out their flaws! I'm lucky if I can get a girl to go on a second date with me! Because I go on the first date, and I open my mouth, and...out comes something stupid! I always get nervous, and I make too many jokes, because I am SO dumb..."

"No!" Phoebe began shaking her head. "No you're not!"

"I am!" he insisted, as he slumped forwards, and dropped his head in a depressed manner.

"No, you are not dumb! Stop it!" Before he knew what was happening, she grasped his chin tightly in her hand, and forced his head in her direction. "Now, you listen to me, Chandler Bing!" He fell quiet, intimidated by her tone of voice. "You are an excellent catch. You're..." she let go of his face and paused, taking an uncomfortable moment to think of something. "You're...oh! You're funny! You are! I happen to love your jokes!"

"You do?"

"Uh-huh. I mean, they are a little excessive, but...it's part of your personality! I mean, if you didn't make stupid jokes all the time, you wouldn't be Chandler. And you're also quite charming, at times. And handsome."

He couldn't help but smile at that one. "Handsome? Me? You really think so?"

She gave his knee a reassuring slap. "Oh, yeah! I mean...you're not, like...Joey-Tribbiani-handsome. But you're...you've got a little something going on. You've got this friendly glint in those baby-blue eyes of yours, and that cute, boy-ish smile. And those cute little dimples.." she cooed while squishing his cheeks. "Oh, and since I've given you a massage before, I can say that you have a pretty nice tushy, too. I mean, Ross's is better, but, y'know. Not bad."

He found himself smiling, uncontrollably, and then blushing, because he was smiling. "Oh, stop it, Pheebs."

"No, really. It's all true! I mean, I know that we're really close friends and all, but I mean...if you were just some guy who I didn't know, I'd go on a second date with you, hands down."

He gave a snort, swishing what was left of his wine around in his cup. "You're just saying that.."

"Nuh-uh! I so would! Listen, Chandler...the only thing wrong about you, from what I can see, is that you just...think all these bad things about yourself that aren't true. You just have such a low self-esteem, and that makes me kinda sad. Because you're really a great guy! You are."

He heaved a great sigh. "I know...my guidance counselor at work tells me the same things. But thanks, Pheebs. It means more coming from you."

"Well you know what?" she said, before taking another gulp from her cup. "Don't feel too bad. Because MY date stood me up tonight."

"Who's you're date? I'll kick his ass!" Chandler declared, puffing out his chest, which only made her laugh out loud.

"His name is Charles. And he's a friend of a friend, and supposedly, he's really cute." Her smile suddenly faded. "Hey, Chandler? You don't think that...maybe he saw me, and left, do you?"

"What!? No!" Chandler replied, unable to believe what he'd just heard her suggest. "No, Pheebs, or course he didn't! You're not Ross! He probably just didn't want to go outside because of the snow! I mean, look at it out there! Only a crazy person would go outside in that! He'll probably call you tomorrow when the phone lines are back up, believe me."

She gave him an odd look. "Gee, thanks.." she muttered, and he remembered that she was outside, not too long ago.

"I didn't mean..." he started to correct himself. "Well, you are a little bit crazy, Pheebs. But aren't we all? At least you're the good kind of crazy."

"The good kind?" she repeated. She poured some more wine in her cup, and the rest into his, even though Chandler felt he didn't need any more. He wasn't about to turn it down, however.

"Yes, the good kind. Pheebs, if he saw you and left, well that would just be...the biggest mistake of his life. Because girls like you are very hard to come by. I mean...Phoebe, I think that you...are probably the most interesting person I know."

Her eyes sparkled, in the dim candle-light as she smiled. God...was her smile always this pretty? 'Why haven't I noticed, before? Maybe this is because of the wine...or maybe the fact that I saw her naked. No...she's always been pretty.'

"And...you're also funny, and such a kind lady, and so pretty. No, not pretty...hot! You're like...a full-blown 10. And I'm not just sayin' that cause I saw you naked!" he blurted, and then instantly regretted it. He expected her to get mad, but she didn't. To his surprise she burst out laughing.

"Oh, Chandler...you really know how to talk to women." she laughed.

"Psh...yeah. A bottle of wine, later."

"So then get smashed for all your dates!"

"That's a really good idea..." he spilled the last few drops of wine into his cup.

Phoebe looked down at the guitar she had forgotten she was holding. "Ooh!" she cried, nearly dropping it. She regained her balance. "I was gonna...play this, wasn't I?"

"Uhm...I don't remember that far back, Pheebs. That was like...two minutes ago." He mumbled, leaning back against the arm of the couch.

"Yeah. Ok. I'll play a Christmas song...oh, wait. You don't like Christmas songs. How bout...Ooh! How bout this one!"
It took her a moment to correctly position her fingers on the frets. He was expecting her to play her black-out song, once again. He recognized the tune, as she plucked it but couldn't quite place it.

"I really can't stay.." she sang, and then stopped all together, to his confusion. She felt her pat him on the leg.

"Chandler...that's your part."

He realized what she wanted him to do, and shook his head. "I don't know the words, Pheebs!"

"Of course you do! Everyone knows the words to this song! Now come on...I really can't stay.."

She waited, several seconds until he finally gave in. "But baby it's cold outside." he sang.

"I've got to go away.." she continued playing the chords. Impressively, on tune, considering how intoxicated she must have been.

"But baby it's cold outside."

"This evening has been-

"Been hoping that you'd drop in." Chandler chimed in, feeling more confident, and enjoying the song.

"- so very nice."

"I'll hold you're hands, they're just like ice.."

"My mother will start to worry."

"Beautiful what's your hurry.."

"And father will be pacing the door.

"Beautiful, please don't hurry."

"Well maybe just a half a drink more."

"I'll put some records on, while you pour.."

"I really can't stay.."

"Ah, but it's cold, outside." he smiled, as they harmonized the last line together.

"You're right...that IS a good song."

"I know, right?" she set the guitar down, and made herself comfortable on the other side of the couch.

"I think we should sing it together, at Christmas time." he suggested, pulling himself upright to look at her.

"Ooh! Good idea! At Central Perk!"

"Yeah!" he enthusiastically agreed. "We'll be like...Sonny and Cher. Only...Chandler and Pheebs. It sounds better, anyways."

She laughed, and sat upright, as well. "You know...this night has turned out to be really fun."

"It has, hasn't it?" he agreed. He found himself pulling her towards him, with one arm, in an affectionate way. Her head automatically landed on his shoulder, to his satisfaction. 'Her hair is so soft..' he thought, resting his cheek against it. 'and it smells pretty, too.' He pulled the quilt up further, noting how warm he felt next to her. "You know...you and I don't get to hang out like this very often."

"Yeah.." she agreed. "I mean, not without the others around."

"Yeah, why is that?" he asked.

"I dunno...maybe because the others are...always around." she replied.

"Damn them!" he said, loudly, and she laughed again.

'She has the best laugh, ever..' he thought to himself. 'God, why do I keep thinking like this? It's the wine. It has to be the wine...' He suddenly noticed the menorah candles had all burnt out, except for one. He leaned forwards and picked up the lighter, deciding to re-light one of them. He flicked the lighter a couple times, to no avail. By the time he managed to light the wick, the metal was so hot, it burned his thumb.

"OW!" he cried, and immediately stuck it in his mouth, dropping the lighter.

"Oh! Are you ok, Chandler?" Phoebe asked, seemingly alarmed, by his outburst.

He nodded, still sucking his thumb. She seemed unconvinced, and concerned, as she pulled his hand towards her.

"Let me see..."

He forgot about his pain, as he watched her face, as she attentively looked over his thumb.

"Well, it's too dark for me to really see anything, but I'm sure it's fine. Do you want me to get you some ice?"

"No thanks. Besides, any ice cubes we have are probably melted by now.." he pointed out.

"Yeah...but there's snow! I could go outside and.."

"No, it's fine. I just wasn't watching what I was doing.. Please, don't go out there again." he said, before she could finish her sentence. "I know the other guy was cute, but I'm not worth the trouble, trust me..."

She looked down, and smirked in an adorable way, which made him smile, in turn. She looked up at him.

"You know...I don't think I thanked you for rescuing me, tonight."

He paused. "Uhm..I think you did, actually." he told her.

"Oh. Well..thanks again. I'm kind of glad I ended up here.."

He smiled again. "Me too."

His heart started beating faster, as he watched the reflection of the candle-light flicker in her olive-green eyes. He only held her gaze for a few seconds, before his nerves began churning his stomach. He cleared his throat.

"You alright?" she asked, becoming concerned again.

"Uh-huh..." he forced himself to look at her, once again. If anything, maybe the wine had given him more confidence than usual. Otherwise, he might not have it in him to say what he was about to say..



He opened his mouth, and paused. "...I...uh..." he nervously ran his hand through his hair, and turned back to face her. "Maybe...it's the wine talking. Or the fact that, I can't even remember the last time I've been this close to a woman as remotely attractive as you, but...I'd really like to kiss you, right now."

He watched her face, waiting for a reaction, and quickly felt the weight of what he said. 'That was stupid, Chandler..' he thought. 'Inappropriate, and uncomfortable...and stupid. Way to ruin the night..'

"Oh.." the smirk returned to her face. "Is that so? I thought that was mistletoe I saw hanging up there on the ceiling."
Confused, Chandler glanced up at the ceiling, looking for said mistletoe. No sooner, did he feel her lips locked upon his. The surprise from her action quicky wore off. He closed his eyes, enjoying every moment of this. She pulled back, softly. He slowly opened his eyes, and looked at her, before he looked up again, still confused.

"I still don't see it.." he said.

She let out a laugh at her joke. And Chandler smiled, as he leaned in, and kissed her again, unable to resist. His hands moved up into her hair, cradling her head as their kiss deepened. He kept expecting her to pull away, eventually, but she didn't. Instead, she leaned back, pulling him closer to her. Her hands moved up his shoulders, before she locked her wrists behind his head, their lips not parting. God, this felt good. He had almost forgotten what it felt like, but he couldn't remember ever wanting anyone this much. His lips parted into a gentle moan as her hips raised and pressed against his. He started kissing her harder, and more enthusiastically. He moved his lips to her jaw-line, then the space on her neck, just below her ear. She gave a sharp gasp of pleasure, which only urged him to continue.

Suddenly, there was the startling, and very unwelcome sound, of a thud against the door. It scared them both so much that Chandler ended up toppling off of her, and to the ground.

"Shit.." he groaned, as Phoebe sat up. There was few more raps against the door.

"Hey Chan, you in there? I forgot my keys!"

Chandler pulled himself up, rubbing his sore back. He looked around...how long had the lights been on? Neither of them had seemed to notice. Joey knocked again.

"I'm coming!" Chandler snapped, at his impatient roommate, still annoyed with his interruption. Phoebe offered her hand and pulled him to his feet. He limped his way to the door, and pulled it open, to allow the Italian into his apartment.

"Sorry, dude. I was in a rush when I left..we're all over hanging out at Monica's, since the powers back on. We're having a bit of an after-black-out party. I told them I'd come get you." Joey gave Phoebe a nod. "Hey, Pheebs. Nice shirt."

Phoebe looked down, smoothing it out. It was a little wrinkled from what happened a few moments ago. "Oh...thanks." She said, awkwardly. "Sorry for taking it, but...mine was soaking wet."

"Nah, it's fine. Looks much hotter on you, anyways. Female Body Inspector...nice!" Joey grinned, as he walked over to the bar, helping himself to a handful of chips from the bag Chandler had grabbed earlier. Chandler held his breath, half-expecting him to also notice the empty bottle of his wine.

"Man, I am so full.." Joey mumbled, whilst stuffing the chips into his mouth. Chandler let out a small sigh of relief, as he became reminded of how unobservant his roommate was. "So you guys coming or what?"

"Yeah!" Chandler quickly agreed, hoping to cover any suspicions. "Sure, we'll come right over. Right, Pheebs?"

"Uh-huh.." she answered, casually and made her way past him towards the door.

Joey's brow furrowed, as he looked from her to Chandler. His mouth broke into a smile.
"What'd you guys do this whole time? Fool around?"

"AHA!" Chandler said, laughed, louder than necessary, and shook his head. "Psh...no. Of course not. Why would you think that?"

Joey gave a shrug. "I dunno...that's what I'd do, if I was alone in a dark apartment, with a hot girl like Phoebe. But you're probably too chicken to make a move, anyways." he said, giving his roommate a playful slap on the back. He laughed turning towards Phoebe. "Probably for the better, anyways, huh, Pheebs?"

She gave a smile, and nodded, if only to keep Joey convinced that nothing happened.

"Alright, I'm heading over there." Joey said, making his way into the hallway. After Chandler watched him walk into Monica's apartment, he let out a relieved sigh, and glanced back at Phoebe. She smirked in a seductive manner, as she walked past him, not taking her eyes off of him. Chandler was becoming increasingly irritated that their evening ended to abruptly. But, reasoning there was nothing he could do about it, he followed her out the door, pushing it closed behind him. Just as he was cursing himself for blowing what he assumed was his only chance with her, he felt a jerk, as her fingers hooked into the back of his belt-loops.

The hair on the back of his neck rose, as she drew her mouth close to his ear. "I'm not done with you yet, Bing.." she whispered, causing a chill to tingle down his spine. She let go of his pants, and walked past him towards Monicas. With her hand on the door knob, she glanced over her shoulder at him, biting her lip in an adorable attempt to hide her smile, before she walked into Monica's apartment.

Chandler resisted the urge to begin his awkward happy dance, even though he felt it was the perfect occasion. Maybe he'd save it for later. 'But it's probably better, if I don't..' he thought, as he followed the blonde inside to join their friends, already looking forward to the end of the night.