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Pink Gold Peach's POV

"YO PINKY! WAKE UP!" My friend, Magenta screamed right into my ear. "Awwwwww why? Give me 5 more minutes. No, an hour." I said, and besides, it's only 3:30 in the morning and I needed sleep. "Don't you remember? Our flight to Mushroom Kingdom is today in about 3 and a half hours." Magenta said. "Fine Maggie. I'll go prepare myself and give me some time to sleep in the plane. Okay?" I blurted. "Okay, but you need to hurry up. The bus will be here in 25 minutes." Maggie said.

I got out of my bed, and I noticed that Maggie was already dressed. She was wearing a yellow jacket with a striped shirt underneath it. She was also wearing purple shorts. But, I noticed she was wearing mismatched earrings.

"Maggie, your earrings don't match." I said. She looked into the mirror and said, "What the? I thought I wearing the correct ones." Her earrings were gold and little sapphires are sticked to it. "I'm gonna go fix it while YOU need to get dressed." she said.

I started to put on a pink top and some jeans. Then, I put a blue jacket on my waist. Besides, the plane will get cold. I pulled my hair onto a ponytail and put my crown on it. When Maggie saw me, she asked, "Why do you need to put on that crown?" "Because I want to." I replied.

We slipped on to our sneakers and head out to the door. "Bye apartment. I hope you have a good life." Maggie said. "What are you talking about? The apartment doesn't have a life." I said. Maggie blew out a raspberry and said "Whatever with a capital W."

"So, what airline are we taking? That'll be the bus that we're waiting for." I asked. "I chose Galaxy Airlines. You know the one with a star in it." she replied.


"None of your business."

"Jeez, you're so weird sometimes." I said.

"Look the bus is here. Go get the luggage." Maggie said pointing at the door.

"Fine. And you're lazy too." I said rushing to the apartment to get the luggages. I grabbed my rose-colored luggage and Magenta's purple luggage and head out for the door.

I took a glance at our apartment. Too bad we won't be able to see it again, even if it's so dark. As I exited the apartment I realized that Magenta was no longer standing in this spot. She might have gone in the bus.

"Excuse me miss, but are you going to board the bus?" A koopa similar to Magenta asked.

"Oops. Sorry sir." I said as I entered the bus and tried to bring the luggages in.

As I continued to make my way into the isle way, an arm pulled me to sit next to them, "Maggie! What was wrong with you?!" I said. "I was sitting right here you idiot. You passed me." she said.

The bus started moving and are luggages were falling backwards in the isle. Maggie and I managed to place them in front of us.

"Why didn't you wait for me out there? " I asked.

"Because I'm tired of standing and you took way to long." she replied.

I looked at my pink watch. It read 4:00. I have a feeling this day is gonna take forever once we get there.

After about what seemed like an hour, the bus stopped. I watched as everyone packed up their things. "Pinky, what are you doing? We need to get packed and scooter outta here." Maggie said.

We were like the last ones to get out of the bus. The driver turned to us and said, "Next time, you two need to hustle up." Then the doors closed and he drove off.

"Maggie you have the tickets? I asked. "Yeah here's yours. We don't need another spot for the luggage so we'll pass that. " Maggie said as she pointed to the moving conveyor belt which leads to the trucks that takes them to the aircraft. "Let's go present our passports. " I said as I inserted my ticket in my passport. Then we went on ahead to the guard.

As soon as we presented them, we went straight for the security check. "Miss you need to take of the shoes and the jewelry and please place your mini-luggages in the containers." the lady in front of us said. We did as we were told and we took off our jackets as well so they would check them too. "Dang, I hate being on an airport." I whispered to Maggie. "Yeah same here."

As we rushed off to the seats in the assigned gate we quickly took the seats that were left and checked the time.

"Hey Pinky what time is it? My watch isn't working anymore."

"30 minutes to 6:00 which is our flight. Why?"

"Because I felt like we took forever to get all of this done." Maggie said.

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Name: Magenta (Maggie) Joyce Velvet

Age: 16 1/2

Race: Koopa

Appearance: Long, magenta hair and eyes. She mainly wears a yellow jacket with a purple/pink striped shirt underneath it. She wears purple shorts and she can always forget to match her earrings.

Other stuff: She can be mean or nosy in one way (Like the part when she says "Whatever with a capital W.") But in other ways, she can be nice. She is not against Mario, nor Bowser. She is basically in the middle, like her best friends: Shy Guy and Pink Gold Peach.