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Plot: He's determined to tell her everything, without any reserve. Truly, all those experiences were essential to be the current 'them'. Together, they face challenges that they have to through and fight... believing in their own possibilities. It's already impossible to deny it... the inevitable reality where fate continues to make it's own way.

Chapter 1 - Welcome Back, Tsuruga-san

When Ren finally arrived in Japan from the lands of Guam, he couldn't get his mind off his lady love... He was eager to see her as quickly as possible.

A van from LME picked him up from the airport. He greeted Jelly Woods who was inside the van, who already seems to have all the things she needed to style him back to his usual gentleman look. His soft hair was dyed back to dark brown whilst the dark blue contact lenses he was wearing was switched into dark brown ones.

When the van finally arrived at LME, Ren could not get eagerness he was feeling away. Jelly failed to notice his eagerness as she was also eager to see her 'darling'.

Ren and Jelly walked to separate ways. Jelly goes to Lory's office, wanting to tell him the things she observed while assisting the 'Heel Siblings' in Guam. On the other hand, Ren, walked towards the pathway to the Love Me door. The room he even considered to spent some leisure time alone without being disturbed by anyone.

As if the gods have decided it, the person he had been wanting to see all along was right there.

Kyoko was on the Love Me Room packing her stuff on her locker until she heard the sounds coming from the door. She looked over to the direction of the door and saw her beloved senpai, the same man who unlocked the last lock within her pandora box.

Ren walked towards her and greeted, "Hello, Mogami-san... I have fulfilled my promise. I got back here before the stamp on your hand vanished." Kyoko smiled at him and looked at the pale stamp on her hand. She truly felt happy and relieved that Ren was back.

When he was away, she found out that her mother contacted the Fuwa's from that bastard Sho and that his parents would be coming to visit her anytime.. And then, her co-Love Me member, Chiori, got into an accident.

She finally answered, "Yes, Tsuruga-san. I just finished all my work today so I am heading home. I'm glad you had a safe flight."

Ren smiled at her. Kyoko tried to cover up the blush that is coming on her face but have failed. A small blush slightly appeared on the latter's cheek.

Ren said, "Well, Mogami-san, if you don't mind, I would like some company tonight... I would like to show you the video tapes I have promised. And truthfully, I have missed your cooking."

"Uh, sure, Tsuruga-san. I'd love that. You better have the video tapes clearly, okay?"

Ren softly laughed. "Of course I do. I actually ate properly while you were away."

Kyoko still not sure about what he said, "Really, now, Tsuruga-san? We will only know the truth once you show me the video tapes."

And with that, Ren and Kyoko walked together to the underground car park at the LME Building. They chatted throughout the way about Ren's trip and how Box "R"'s and Tragic Marker's shoot have went. Kyoko spoke very little about Box "R", not wanting to tell her own concern about Chiori to Ren yet.

Once they spotted Ren's sport car, Ren quickly opened the car door for Kyoko. She sat on the passenger seat beside Ren. They continued chatting throughout the way.

After about twenty minutes, they finally arrived at the condominium where Ren stays. They went to the grocery store on the first floor of the building before going to his apartment. Considering that he has been to Guam for a few days now, he had nothing on his refrigerator. Kyoko searched for ham, cheese, chicken breasts, bread crumbs, sour cream sauce, salt and potatoes. That is all the ingredients she needs to make a simple and quick dish called Chicken Cordon Bleu. The dish sounds a bit fancy but it was actually fairly simple to make. Kyoko and Ren thought that western-style dinner would be nice for a change.

Not that Kyoko got sick of eating Japanese food, but she just missed the taste of eating western-style food so she suggested this dish to Ren. After Kyoko got all the ingredients she needed, Ren grabbed some onigiri and coffee. He stated it would be for his breakfast which certainly did not please Kyoko.

Ren told her that if she's that concern, she could just stay there for the night to make sure he eats a proper breakfast. Ren's statement made Kyoko to blush, rejecting the offer since she has work to do the next morning and is sure that Ren has work too. She does not want to bother him by staying there in his apartment.

After getting all the things they needed, both argued who would pay. Kyoko thought she should because she would be the one who will be using those things, and begged if she could just pay at least for the ingredients for the dish she will make.

Ren got irritated and said, "If I want to pay for all these stuff, it is alright Mogami-san. You do not need to worry about a thing."

The way Ren said it was quite intimidating so Kyoko left no response after that. She sighed in defeat after Ren ended up buying all the purchases.

They walked together all the way to Ren's apartment. As usual, the apartment is very neat. Ren put the groceries into the kitchen. Ren excused his self and said that he will go to his room first. Kyoko said okay, then started preparing the dish.

At Ren's room, his head was filled with several thoughts. He had made a promise to his self didn't he? He was going to tell her everything. Without reserve. She was the salvation of him when everything around him was filled with darkness, when he was struggling to fight within his own self. She was the one who made him understand that all the experiences he had experienced, they were essential.

He thought 'Ren Tsuruga' was the only one getting a favorable treatment, but he was wrong. Both 'him' and 'Ren Tsuruga' were unrivalled existence in her heart. She needed to know.

To relieve his stress, he walked back to the kitchen. He watched how his lady-love cooked gracefully. The way how she was so focused on making the dish was intriguing him. He grabbed some water and then went to the living room and opened the television.

After a while, Kyoko was finished with preparing the dish. After she put that into the oven for about 20 minutes, she made the sauce for the dish and boiled the potatoes. It only took her about five minutes to get the sauce done so then, she went to the living room to join Ren.

"Uh, Tsuruga-san, something happened while you were away.." Ren looked at her, signalling her to continue.

"Go on, Mogami-san." Ren stated.

"Amamiya-san got into an accident while they were filming for Box "R" when I was in was hurt so badly.." Kyoko said.

"Isn't she the new member at the Love Me Section? So, you are her co-star as well in your new drama? Don't stress about it Mogami-san.. I'm sure, she will be fine."

"Yes, Tsuruga-san. She has been very nice to nice to me so I was very upset when that happened. She will be discharged tomorrow, so I'm really grateful for that."

Kyoko let out a deep. Ren continued to look at her whilst she refused to look back at his warm gaze.

"Is there anything else that happened, Mogami-san?"

Kyoko looked at Ren. "Well, yeah... um.. That guy... He went to the place I am staying and said that my mother has contacted his parents. He said that his parents are going to visit here in Tokyo to see how I'm doing."

Ren looked at Kyoko. His whole body raged with the slight mention of that 'that guy', he obviously knew it was Fuwa. But looking at Kyoko's eyes, assuring him that he only visited her to merely pass that message, it calmed him.

Ren thought that she must also feel uneasy about her mother contacting Fuwa's parents so he decided to not mention that woman. He remembered how Kyoko cried because of that woman when he was acting as her confidante to her 6 year-old self.

"That's good then. Didn't they take care of you when you were younger?"

"Yes, Tsuruga-san. I'm very grateful for all the things they have taught me. They've been so nice to me so I am looking forward to their visit." 'Even though they only intended me to marry their son...' Kyoko smiled happily at him.

She felt relieved that she was able to say what happened to Ren. She wanted to open up more to him, because the current 'her' is different from the past 'her'. She's not going to deny her feelings for him.. All these emotions she's having when the man is question is around, she'll make it her secret treasure.

After just a second, they heard a sound that was coming from the kitchen. It was the oven alarm. Kyoko ran to the kitchen and got the dish out of the oven. She sliced the dish into parts and put the delicious sauce over it. Both of them decided to just eat at the living room. Ren prepared the plates, fork and knives they will be using whilst Kyoko put the Cordon Chicken Bleu into the table and put another plate containing boiled potatoes next to it.