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Plot: He's determined to tell her everything, without any reserve. Truly, all those experiences were essential to be the current 'them'. Together, they face challenges that they have to through and fight... believing in their own possibilities. It's already impossible to deny it... the inevitable reality where fate continues to make it's own way.

Chapter 16 - Fast Forward

It was Yappa Kimagure Rock's 5th anniversary and by far, the show was an established variety show. Many viewers look forward to it every night and the ratings have been pretty stable and secured. One of the main aspects the viewers look forward to in the show except for the Ishibashi trio was one mascot. Bo. Speaking of which, the original person who played the iconic mascot was one of the show's main guest.

She was accompanied by the most desirable man in Japan, who was also guesting in the popular variety show for the very first time. First off, the show started with a mash-up duet between Sho Fuwa and Ruriko Matsunai - who were respectively the top male and female musician in Japan.

They were interviewed shortly after as they both promoted their hit singles that were clashing for the top spot in the music charts.

"Fuwa Sho-san! I'd be so damn happy to be in your place as Japan's most popular musician and one of the most desirable men!"

"Yea, yea"

"And I bet the girls would want to be in Matsunai-chan's place as well because she is one of the most popular pop idols and her acting works recently received a lot of positive reviews as well!"

"Thank you."

As the interview went on, the guests played the show's new segment: 'How compatible!'. The segment involves the hosts asking a pair of their guests a variety of questions out of ten. At the end, they would add up all the right answers and see how compatible they are. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, or being the compatible a.k.a "match in heaven".

Before the segment started, the Ishibashi trio suddenly joked about a certain person being linked to Sho.

"Fuwa-san, are you sure Nanokura-san wouldn't mind this?" Yuusei joked, in a teasing voice.

"Yeah.. she might go and ambush us tomorrow, y'know?" added Shinichi.

"Stop it, you guys.." replied Hikaru, who was looking at Sho who had an unpredictable expression on his face.

Surprisingly, they garnered a response from the popular idol. He wasn't mad and he replied in a normal tone, as if the matter was not a big deal at all.

"Nah, she's all good. I'm sure she wouldn't."

At the end of the segment, Sho and Ruriko got 0 out of 5 questions right… which means they aren't compatible at all. It was to expected anyway because two people who both have aggressive personalities have the tendency to clash. Well, Sho basically confirmed that he was with Mimori and Ruriko was in an off-on relationship with a popular model.

After Sho and Mimori's guesting ended, other guests were introduced which included veteran actors and newbie actors together. The show ran for 3 hour-long since it was their 5th anniversary and it was a special episode.

And so, finally, after two hours and a couple of minutes into the show, the main guests were introduced..

It's been around four years since their hit drama 'Endless Love' ended but people still clearly remember the drama. It was still very popular because after being aired and dubbed in other Asian countries.

"And finally… our main guests for tonight, Kyoko and Ren Tsuruga!"

Ren and Kyoko took the cue and sat down into the chairs in the chairs in the opposite side of the Ishibashi trio.

"It's good to have you back, Kyoko-chan! Not many people would know but Kyoko-chan was the original actress behind Bo. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, Yuusei-san! I actually miss being in that mascot from time to time.."

The crowd was full of loud murmurs because they still couldn't believe that one of Japan's top actresses once played such a mascot.

"Well, obviously, everyone couldn't believe it but Kyoko-chan was with us from the from the very start so she will always have a very special place in all our hearts! Alright, let's get started with the interview, shall we? It seems like we're not including Tsuruga-san very much.."

"By the way, Tsuruga-san, congratulations for your Best Actor award! It's back to back, right? 3 times in a row? That's amazing!"

"Thank you, Ishibashi-san. I'm flattered."

"Ehhhh? Us three and everyone else would get confused if you call us all by our last names. I'm Hikaru."

"I'm Yuusei."

"I'm Shinichi."

The crowd bursted into laughs because the Ishibashi trio introduced their selves one by one and shook Ren's hand as if he never met and know nothing about the trio.

"All jokes aside, Tsuruga-san. But, is it true that you're going to have a movie that will be released in America?"

"Yes. Although, that is what I could only reveal for now.."

"Oh, I see.. so it would be another Actor X movie, eh?"

"Not at all. It is different this time."

"I see.. we're looking forward to what you have for us and the rest of the world, Tsuruga-s-"

Shinichi did not finish his sentence when a certain chicken mascot came up in the stage.

"Oh, it seems like Bo is here! With the eggs as well!"

Bo quickly handed the bowl of eggs to Shinichi and he passed it over to Ren and Kyoko.

Ren read what he got out loud and showed it to the audience: "Sing Hikaru-san's part in the band's single, "Vain Butterly".

Kyoko did the same thing and what she got was "Show off your special hidden talent no one knows about."

It was Ren's first time to sing in national television so everyone was looking forward to how he will do it. Especially since the earlier guests, Sho Fuwa and Ruriko Matsunai were legitimate singers. Speaking of which, the two were currently in the audience watching along with the other guests.

Ren quickly took the microphone and just sung..

"The crime is that everything I touch falls in love

It's completely not your fault

The punishment is that I infinitely offer up love

Nevertheless you'll still touch me, right?"

The crowd was in awe and shock after he sung the simple verse. After he finished it, everyone was clapping for him. His voice wasn't good as Sho's but because his voice was very husky and deep, his singing actually was pretty decent and he was on-tune.

"Woah! We didn't know you sing that good, Tsuruga-san!"

"I'm flattered but no…. I'm not a singer and never will be."

"That's a shame! Look at all the the maiden faces in the audience! It seems like they want you to release at least a single…"

"We'll see but I really doubt it.."

"Well… now, it's Kyoko-chan's turn! Do you mind telling us what's your secret talent, Kyoko-chan?"

"Well… it's actually not that special. I would need a daikon and a knife though, so I probably can't show it because the show don't have any."

"Radish and a knife? It sounds very interesting, Kyoko-chan.."

"And actually, you guessed wrong. We might not have it but there is a cooking show that just finished shooting next door and they're letting us borrow the equipment you need!"

The crewmen walked into the stage with a small trolley containing a chef's knife and a big daikon

"So, Kyoko-chan, will you able to show us now?"

Kyoko nodded and walked up to the trolley. She got the knife on her left hand and radish on her right. And quickly, without waiting for any signals.. she started. Everyone couldn't keep up with the speed she was going.. it was only near the end when they realized what she made.

"That's amazing! Kyoko-chan knows how to do the Katsura technique!"

And finally, after a few seconds, Kyoko finally finished. This time, her final piece actually resembled a rose rather than a cabbage unlike the last she did it, in the LME auditions. Again, the crowd was in awe and shock.

"You never fail to amaze us, Kyoko-chan! How did you know how to do this? When was the last time you did this?"

"Actually, I grew up in a Ryokan for most of my childhood so I slowly taught myself how to do this.. Then, the last time I did this was about five years ago, for my audition at LME."

"Eh? Really! So this is what got you in to LME, hmmm?"

"Haha, kind of. I didn't know how to act back then.. how to even do anything relating to the showbiz industry."

"Well, it's definitely worth it! We only have a short amount of time left so why don't we do the "How Compatible!" with you and Tsuruga-san, eh?"

"There's no more time so let's get started straight away!"

Question 1: What is Tsuruga-san's favorite part of Kyoko's body?

Kyoko: "Eyes!"

Ren: "Back"

After they answered, Kyoko lightly hit Ren's shoulder and murmured, "So my back, hmmmmph!"

Everyone definitely noticed this and Yuusei even commented, "No point for you two, lovebirds!"

Question 2: What is Kyoko-chan's favorite part of Tsuruga-san's body?

Kyoko: "Shoulder"

Ren: "Shoulder"

"Okay, one point for Tsuruga-san and Kyoko-chan!"

Question 3: What is Kyoko-chan's dream role?

Kyoko: "Princess!"

Ren: "A fairy!"

Question 4: What is your favorite project together?

Kyoko: "Endless Love"

Ren: "Endless Love"

Question 5: Hug or Kiss?

Kyoko: "Kiss"

Ren: "Kiss.."

"Alright, so at the end, Kyoko-chan and Tsuruga-san got three out of five right. That means they are balanced for each other and compliment each other.."

"Also, before the show quickly wraps up and we all take a moment to invite the earlier guests in the stage once again, here is one question everyone has been dying to know.."

"Are you two engaged?"

Kyoko quickly answered, "No."

Ren replied as well and said, "If we were, we would surely share the great news to everyone."

"There you have it, folks! Kyoko-chan and Tsuruga-san are not engaged.. yet!"

Right after that, the earlier guests, Sho and Ruriko along with the veteran and new actors, came up to the stage to greet the audience and celebrate. When the show finally ended, Kyoko and Ren quickly packed up in their dressing rooms, with Kyoko noticeably wearing a silver diamond ring in her left hand. And while Kyoko and Ren were walking in the hall, they came across a certain someone.

It was Sho. The popular idol quickly looked down at Kyoko's left hand and took it, looking at the ring. He quickly put it down and patted Ren's shoulder, "Congrats, Tsuruga. Wish you two the best."

Right after that, he walked away before the couple could even say anything.

Well, those two can't hide it forever, could they? In the right time, everyone would surely find out about it..

Ren and Kyoko continued walking towards the end of the hall, hand in hand. They were both products from the magic of fate.. those two made each other aware of their own purposes in life.

And for those two, it was fate - making it's own way.

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