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Santa Prisca, Caribbean
December 12, 1000 Hours EST

Batblade slowly regained consciousness. She opened her eyes slowly again to find herself lying comfortably against a cavern wall. She glanced around curiously. "Hello?"

"You're awake! Finally, I was getting worried."

She turned her head to face Commissioner Gordon. "Oh you're alive! That's great! This mission didn't entirely go to waste!"

Gordon stared at her. "How's that shoulder?"

That's when a sharp pain struck her in the shoulder. She glanced down to notice her bloody shoulder. "Ouch, how did I get that? Dad's going to kill me."

"Your father?" Gordon interrupted. "Who are you anyways?"

She looked at the man surprised. "I thought I made it quite clear. I'm Batblade, the staff wielding sidekick of the Big Bat himself."

"Really? Batblade? That's sort of a cheesy name and honestly, I didn't get any heads up about a new sidekick. How old are you anyways?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "Sorry, the name was made on the fly. But I am Batman's sidekick, he just won't admit it yet. He's my dad and all and…"

"Wait! You're Batman's son?" Gordon jerked up in surprise, then mused to himself. "So he's a family man then."

She threw up her good hand in frustration. "I'm his daughter! I'm a girl! Why people can't see that is beyond me! I'm eleven years old, older than Robin when he started and he still refuses to let me work with him." She raved on, "I tell him I want to be his sidekick; he turns me down. 'You're not trained!' he objects. Well I go and spend two years training! And what does he say? 'I can't trust you. You'll never be my sidekick.' Well, I've had it! So I spent another six months making a uniform and take out the Penguin. I wasn't rash! I took my time! I spent weeks keeping tabs on them and prepping my raid. And still he says I can't."

"You are eleven. Shouldn't you be more focused on school and your friends?" Gordon pointed out. "You know, like normal kids."

She jerks around from her rant. "Me? Normal? I'm not normal. My dad is Batman and my brother is Robin! Can you be normal with that? School isn't that hard and I still have time for my friends as well. I'm not normal! I can't even remember…" She caught herself, quickly thinking of something else to replace it, "…I can't even remember the last time I called myself normal! But still he refuses to accept me! He won't even give me a chance! It's not that he thinks I'll get hurt, it's the fact that he freaking won't trust me!" She screamed before slowly laying herself down on the cave wall.

Gordon quickly rushed to her side. "Kid, settle down, I've got you." The poor girl. She had been denied her dream. He could understand Batman's side of not wanting her to get hurt, he felt the same way about his daughter Barbara's wish to join the police force. But this was just brutal. Apparently Batman didn't even acknowledge his daughter's wish. This kid had grown up different from everyone else and wasn't allowed to participate in it. The fact that Batman and Robin and she were a family had changed the way Jim saw them now. Now this child lay in a cave with a bullet wound in her shoulder crying her heart away, feeling rejected. "I've got you, it's going to be just fine." He cooed.

He held her what seemed like hours, letting her sob in his arms. "And now look at me." Batblade sobbed, "I've failed. I rushed in without thinking, got cocky, and now we're in the middle of nowhere and I've got nothing but this stupid shoulder wound to show."

Gordon thought for a moment before squeezing her tight. "Kid, you did great. I know at first I was tough on you because I thought you were in over your head. But look at the situation! I'm alive. You fought your past dozens of Bane's goons to get me out. You showed bravery and courage that I've only seen in Batman himself. Most officers, let alone kids would stand before such a group and not cower in fear.

"So don't let this feeling of worthlessness get to you. You did rescue me and save my life. And now I trust you to get us out of here."

The girl looked up at her companion. "Really? Even after I almost got us both killed?"

Gordon nodded. "Now let's work on a way to escape this dammed place. But first," he gestured to her shoulder. "Let's get this patched up."

After an hour of pain and near death injuries, Gordon had managed to remove the bullet from Batblade's shoulder and bandage up her arm. "Now that should hold as long as you don't overdo it."

"Thanks sir, but now we should focus on how to get out of here."

"Good thought kid." Gordon nodded. "First we need to figure out where we are."

She scratched her chin thoughtfully. "Hmm, well if this is Bane's personal island then this must be Santa Prisca. That complicates things. How do we get out of here?"

Gordon shrugged. "Perhaps they have a boat or something."

"Perhaps, I remember reading a report that said there was a helicopter or something around here. Perhaps there might be one near the docks." She recalled. "You stay here, I'll scout the area."

"Alone?" Gordon asked worried.

"Simple, I'm smaller, faster, and have more training at these sort of things." The Batblade reasoned before leaping out of the cave. Gordon watched her form disappear into the forest before turning back, muttering. "If you're sure about this"

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