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I apologize. I really do. I'm sorry. Seriously, I am. I just can't. It's weird. The entire story has been planned out but I simply can't put words down. So instead I'll give you everything (enough for four seasons worth of content) in a sort of half narrative that one would use when explaining a story to a friend.

Sum up to this point: Kath Carsen Wayne has officially received the mantle of Black Bat, the staff wielding crusader. She's eleven when she first receives her kit. It's been three years since she first arrived on Earth. But at the same time, a new villain has debuted alongside Cheshire: Lynx, the twin sword wielding assassin. Similar to her mentor, Lynx was trained by the League of Shadows and wears a darker version of her mentor's uniform.

Season 2 time: It's been two years since then. Kath has now become a reputable member of the Bat Clan and the Team, bringing in the new Robin Tim Drake and the new self-proclaimed Batgirl, Barbara Gordon. She's never been happier. School is fine, she's got close friends in Stephanie Brown and Miley Huang, and she's comfortable on the Team. But then she faces a near duplicate of herself: Lynx.

Lynx always seems to be able to stay two steps ahead of the girl, something thought to be impossible for the unnaturally perceptive Black Bat. Time after time, Black Bat fights off the Kroloteans only to find Lynx at their center. Add on the fact that Master Taro seems to be quite distant from Kath at a time she really needs his help. When Impulse arrives from the future, he brings the heavy news that he doesn't recognize Kath from the future, immediately bringing suspicion on the small caped hero. Frustrated with everything going on around her, Kath grows closer and closer to the Dark Side. It finally all falls apart when Miley breaks the news that she's moving back to China to her father.

Kath snaps, raging around Mt Justice only to be captured when Kal'dur and Tigress attack the base. The Reach seem awfully interested in her, and their rage only increases when they figure out she's a Force Sensitive…though they won't be sharing that with the Light. However, what they don't count on is Lynx betraying them. In the midst of the surprise attack, Lynx betrays the Reach by attacking the troops guarding Black Bat. Upon freeing her, Lynx berates Black Bat for her anger at towards her friends, calling her a coward who wouldn't face the truth. If she truly wanted to end their conflict, she was to meet her in two days' time at the top of Wayne Tower for a final showdown.

Kath returns to the Bat Cave, where Nightwing berates her and tells her just how much she's been making him worry. Broken, Kath breaks down on her brother's chest, tears falling from her cheeks. It hurts so much. The pain of never knowing your past. The pain of never being trusted completely. Resolved, Kath leaves Nightwing, promising to return when she put her final piece in its place.

Atop Wayne Tower, Black Bat awaits her opponent, only to find her standing on the opposite end. The rain pours down fiercely as the two exchange few words. The two clash amidst the pouring rain, however Lynx begins pummeling Black Bat with her continuous stream of attacks. She kicks Black Bat to the edge of the building, taunting her, demanding to know where her strength lay. That she would never accept Black Bat if she was weak. Finally, Kath realizes what she need to do. Her strength lay in herself. She wasn't dependent on other for her strength and measurements. She didn't need to wallow in her past but press forward for her future, regardless of whatever anyone told her. Achieving a form of Battle Readiness, Black Bat readies herself in the Force, letting Lynx come at her with no restrictions. But instead of weakening her, Lynx is amazed that her blows only seem to reinvigorate the Black Bat. Before she can respond, the revived Black Bat knocks back Lynx with a spinning kick. However Lynx only seems to grin behind her mask readying herself in into a more focused center of Zen. The two charge at each other ready for a final blow only to be thrown back by a powerful Force Wave.

It's Master Taro and he's mad. He immediately demands that they stand down, causing surprise from Black Bat as Lynx bows to her master. Taro apologizes to Kath that he couldn't have been there sooner to resolve the issue but it is now imperative that the Reach be stopped before they revealed Kath's secret. Lynx grins as she reintroduces herself…as Mia Carsen Nyuen, Kath's older twin sister.

Upon crashing on Earth Mia had been captured by the Shadows before Taro had gotten to her. By the time he found her, she had already entered training under them. All he do was provide her with her memories back and offer her more advanced Jedi Training in addition to her ninja training in exchange for being their spy in the Shadows. Kath is quite shocked at this new development, which Mia had been aware of the entire time. Mia agrees to help the Team betray the Light as long as she isn't directly involved in the plan. Just before she leaves, Lynx tells Kath that she needs to catch up on training especially since Taro isn't equipped to give her the more advanced training she needs.

Black Bat eventually takes part at the summit, having received Lynx's aid in infiltrating the island. When the battle begins she engages Lynx in almost a mock duel, since their battle was over. The two of them work together with Vince (I haven't forgotten him as well) to take down the weather machine based in Gotham, making them not present during Wally's passing. While the Team grieves the loss of Wally, Kath reflects upon the need for proper training from a Jedi Order rather than just the homeschooling she's received from Master Taro. However, Mia brings up the rumors she's heard concerning an ancient monastery in the Himalayas where the Monks were rumored to use mystical powers. However their order would only reveal itself to one of their own, one who walked the path of 'Force'. Kath keeps that idea in mind before bidding Mia farewell. Later Lynx, being promoted after her success at protecting Raj from capture, receives her own protégée in the form of Miley Huang, whose father worked in the Shadows.

Between Season 2 and Season 3: possible funny fluffiness between Kath and Mia as twins. Some of the following might happen: Kath and Mia are cooking and babysitting Lian Harper with Mrs. Nyuen when members of the Shadows ambush them. Using a combination of the Force and cooking ware, the two fend off the attack all while Lian giggles at their battling. Kath and Mia enjoy some funny antics of torturing Vince. Lieutenant Keri'daso (working as a school teacher) has an interesting adventure with her students involving her using her rifle to blast a defective Krolotean mech. Lynx and her new acolyte Bobcat discuss philosophy of power…the Force. Sargent Corymac, having played Assassin's Creed Unity wants a wrist launcher type weapon. Kath discusses the Force and her metagene powers with Bruce, asking to leave and expand her powers but promises to come back when she's ready.

Season 3 time: Three years have passed and world is much different. Within the annex of the Shadow's compound, an explosion breaks out and the Shadows find themselves under attack from a team of white armored commandos led by a warrior with two glowing blue laser swords. When the warrior confronts Raj, Lynx immediately offers to fight him to regain her honor. Raj agrees and Lynx dashes into the fray as Bobcat and the rest of the Shadows observe their duel. However, at the last moment, Lynx betrays the Shadows, striking down several before asking Bobcat to go with them, offering to train her in the ways of the Force. Scene ends.

Two years have passed and Kath sits in the center of a stone room, clad in nothing but a plain brown tunic and cloak. Her eyes are shut in concentration, completely unseeing of the number of brown figures moving towards her. Just as they strike, she leaps up and blasts them away from her. The monks draw lightsabers and charge towards her, sabers raised high. Kath pays no attention to them, choosing rather to draw the hood over her face and vanish into the shadows. She dances between the monks, her saberstaff blocking strikes from the numerous sabers. Finally she finishes back in the center of the room, before the grandmaster of the monastery. She had found the Order of Mikal, an ancient Jedi cult that had focused its masteries of the force around practical uses rather than just strict saber combat and philosophy. And now, five years later, she had mastered their arts and come out a fully trained Jedi Shadow. As she looked out into the frozen mountains, she remembers her promise to come home.

Upon returning to the Appalachian base, Kath and Mia duel once more, but this time Kath comes out the victor, thus showing that she was ready to rejoin her sister as a Jedi. She was surprised to find out that her old best friend Miley had come under Mia and Taro's eye and had received Jedi training as well. Taro reveals that it soon will be time for them to make their own debut as superheroes, but not just any superheroes, Jedi heroes. Unbeknownst to them, in the wilderness of Maine, a teenage girl with blonde hair chases a white haired teenage boy. The girl seems quite angry and keeps sending tendrils of blue electricity out towards the boy. However the boy only raises his hands and blows attack after attack, a small field protecting him. Unfortunately this only seems to anger the girl who continues screaming at the boy to stop and face her like a man. Mark Grell groans and complains of his misfortune in having to put up with this weirdo Mikoto Revel.

It's been several months since the previous episode and school year is well in session. Tim Drake is training Stephanie Brown, the new Batgirl while Nightwing and Oracle are tutoring their newest addition to the team, Cassandra Cain, the newest Black Bat. Batman interrupts them with an emergency in London a city where untrained vigilantes are looked down upon. The Team arrives in London to find out that a trio of vigilantes have been roaming London, shutting down several major mobs but the Mayor wanted the League to stop them before they got out of control. The Team agrees to take the case, unaware that the very vigilantes were watching them as they spoke.

Guardian aka Miley Huang impatiently watches the Team figure out a plan to trap the vigilantes. Sentinel aka Mia Nyuen shakes her head, telling her old student to calm down. Their leader, Shadow aka Kath Carsen, tells them that she's got a plan. Quietly, one by one the trio incapacitates the Team, Black Bat falling to an electro dart from Shadow. When Batman finally sees the trio engaging head on the rest of the Team, he immediately recognizes Kath and calls her and her team out. Kath, never having wanted to actually hurt the Team agrees and asks to be tried by the Justice League to which the Bat agreed.

The next morning Alfred is surprised to see three young women at the entrance of Wayne Manor. Bruce finds the women wanting to speak with him first before they are tried. Kath has a tearful reunion with Bruce, her "father". Upon being tried by the League, they petition to be recognized heroes of the Justice League. With much hesitation and influence by Batman, who prior was informed of their true goals, Shadow, Sentinel, and Guardian are accepted as members of the Team for probationary measures. Kath reunites with Dick while Miley and Steph meet each other for the first time in a long time. Kath promises not to let him down. Meanwhile, in the plains of Scottland, an X-70B Phantom-class prototype lands undetected. A young man wearing nondescript clothing and a sports bag slung over his shoulder walks into town, his communicator instructing him to blend in with the locals and "loose the accent". Upon meeting a real local, the man discovers he has no need to lose the accent.

Greenwhich England, the center of the space exploration in England is quite protected but still peaceful to gain the most undisturbed view of the stars. However, as the guards in the facility are about to find out, it's about to get quite loud. On the outer gates of the facility, a van drives up to the front. Before the gateman can react, a dark strikes his neck and he slumps over his seat. The rest of the guards pay no attention to the van as two dark grey clad figures exited the vehicle. They snuck past guards with little resistance until they reached the main doors. When the two enter, an alarm sounds, causing the two to panic slightly but only for a moment. They sear blaster bolts into any guard that tries to stop them. The younger one carrying the smaller rifle points out that the older one was getting slow and should have stayed in the van. The older one carrying the sniper rifle mutters that the younger one should treat his elders with respect before he sends two sniper rounds into a guard. They finally reach the entrance to the main laboratory. Sending a grenade in first, the two dash in, shooting up everyone and thing they can find. The older man begins fiddling with the computer, while the younger one holds off the guards, though he beckons for him to hurry up. When they finally leave, they find several military grade helicopters chasing after them. The two dash into the van, which was driven by a middle aged woman. The van speeds down the highway, pursued by two copters. The woman yells at the men to stop bickering and get the copters off of them. The older man gestures for his son to open the doors of the van and then takes aim with his sniper rifle. Three shots later, all the copters were crashing down into the grounds below. Raina Temple berates her husband and child for their bickering and tells them to do a better job cleaning up or else they'd be in trouble.

I'll keep writing more tomorrow. Hope you enjoy this poor excuse for the Young Republic story.

May the Force of the Lord God Almighty be with you Always!