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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

Gotham City, Secret Lab near the Docks
August 16, 22:45

Batman groaned as he pulled himself up only to see Vanguard fixe his rifle towards him. "They told me that you would be tougher, you know. Here lays the mighty Batman, taken down by a Spec Force trooper."

"No!" a young voice calls from behind. The two look up to see the girl slam the metal bo-staff into Vanguard's chest. He falls back, only for the girl to press the attack. She slashes, jabs, and hacks with startling speed and accuracy. The soldier takes blow and blow as he struggles to block the child's staff with his rifle. He knows this isn't any ordinary kid, but he's still surprised that an eight year old could strike so fast.

The Dark Knight took advantage of his weakness and slammed his fist into the soldier's back, throwing him forward. Vanguard stumbled back from the vigilante and child. He takes in the situation…then aims his rifle towards the ceiling.

"Now it seems that a tactical retreat is necessary." He said as he let loose a series of mortar shot into the roof, causing debris to start to fall from. Batman and the girl rushed forward only to be struck by an electrical shot. Vanguard took advantage of their stunned condition and ran out of the room.

Batman quickly rushed to the semiconscious Robin and scooped him into his arms. He turned to the girl, aiming her staff at the door. "We need to get out of here." He ordered.

"Right!" the girl nodded, running towards door, leaping from rock to rock with pure ease. Batman could help but wonder where she got such training. She was so young, about as young as Robin was when he first recruited him.

Quickly, the three of them exited the building. They barely made it before the entire building collapsed.

Batman turned to the girl. She was panting from running but still held her staff ready. "So who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Batman." A short, but simple reply that got most people shaking in fear.

"Hmm…sounds familiar but I don't really recall much." She scratched her head in vain. "Honestly, I barely remember anything, just a few flashes of memory."

"Do you have a name?" he asked.

"Hmm…let me think about that…was it…no. I think it went something along the lines of Kathrine. Yeah, call me Kath."

"Any parents, family, do you know how you got there?"

She scratched her chin. "I think…my parents died…they trained me…but they're gone." The girl began shivering in the cold. Batman wrapped his cape around her.

"Come with me…you can stay with us for now."

Kath looked up at the imposing dark knight. "Really? I can stay with you? Thank you!" she smiled.

Gotham City, Elsewhere
August 16, 2300 hours

Without either of the heroes knowing, Vanguard watched the two introduce each other. He turned to the young boy standing next to him.

"What do you think?" he asked.

The boy put down his set of electrobinoculars. "Are you sure these are the allies we need? The Batman does not seem very powerful."

Vanguard turned back to gaze over the Gotham heroes. "Trust me, they are the ones. I've defeated Sith before. He's not far off from them. It took all my skill to keep the two at bay. They are the ones."

He put his gauntleted hand on the boy's shoulder. "Come on, our work here is finished. The girl is deployed. Now we wait."

Vince sighed, but followed his mentor. "This is going to be a long fifteen years."

Gotham City, Batcave
August 17, 7:00

"So who exactly are you?" the Dark Knight asked.

"I'm Kathrine. You can call me Kath. I don't remember much else other than you rescued me." She replied. Kath honestly couldn't remember much. She just remembered her name and a few specific instructions. Instructions? Hmm…what were they? Something about concealing, but at the same time, trusting. She didn't remember much else.

Robin watched her closely. "I have just one question for you. How did you learn how to do that wicked staff fighting?"

Staff fighting? Kath tried to recall staff fighting. But when she tried to think about it, she got a sudden jolt of pain. She tired a few more times, only to be met with stiff resistance. It was almost as if she wasn't allowed to know how she had obtained her training.

"I don't really know…" Kath stammered, trying to think of some sort of answer for now. "I think my parents might have taught me."

"Parents" Batman cut in, "Who are your parents?"

Kath tried to recall that but was met with a similar pain. "I…don't know. Every time I try to remember I feel a sudden pain."

Robin quickly put his hands on her arm. "Are you alright?"

Kath brushed his hands aside. "Yeah, although it sucks to not remember anything."

Batman pulled off his cowl, revealing a handsome young man in his early thirties. "Kath, my name is Bruce Wayne. This is Dick Grayson."

Robin pulled off his mask to reveal a boy around 13. "It's totally aster to meet you."

"Aster?" Kath asked.

Robin just cackled. "Well, in the word disaster, dis means opposite of, so aster is the opposite of disaster. So meeting you is not a disaster."

Kath didn't get it, but smiled. "Cool."

Bruce smiled at the two, already getting along fine. "You seem to be without parents, so if you're interested, you can stay with us."

Kath's eyes went wide. "Really? That'd be asterous!"

Dick smiled. "Great usage!"

Bruce had to laugh, "Come on, let's show you around, Kath Wayne."

Sorry, I just wanted to make Bruce for this scene a kind man who sees a child in need. A little OOC. Hope you enjoy.

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