The trees were screaming to her as she ran past. They were in danger from the cold Winter Fey and their royal family. But she couldn't stop to comfort them; this, they knew. If she stopped now, all could be lost, because the only way to save them of the pain was to get rid of the source of it; The Winter Queen, and every instinct was telling her that the Winter Fey were in her home. Her second father's court; Summer Court.

So knowing that her father, the Summer King wouldn't be able to fight the Winter Fairies off alone, she'd rushed from her mother's nest to help her Father's Fey. Her Fey. Usually it wouldn't take her long to get there given her vampire and Archangel abilities combined with her Summer abilities. But with the changing of season still weeks off, her summer powers were subdued and her vampire abilities were half bound. So her speed and perception were both off and if she killed herself before she got home, it wouldn't help anyone. So she took it slow, better late than never.

As she got closer, Ezekiel could not only see and hear the battle raging, but feel it too. The flowers that usually thrived even through even the harshest winter months were dying and calling out for help. The Summer Fey that were not already frozen by winter chill were fighting to keep the Winter Fey from their King. And alone, not causing any chaos like his mother was the youngest Winter Prince; Uriel.

Unnoticed, Ezekiel made her way over to him. "What are you guys doing here? What happened to the truce?" The Prince shook his head. "I don't know, Princess Ezek. All I know is that mother declared war and dragged everyone here. The Winter Fey under her's and Rowan's rule are so loyal, they didn't hesitate to do her bidding. They attacked." He swallowed thickly." But I'm loyal to your Father and to you, as I've always been." Ezekiel tapped her foot, not understanding at first. If he were loyal to her and to her father; why wasn't he fighting against his mother's army? Then she got it. For the same reason she wouldn't fight against her own mother's army, only reason with her mother, when Zadkiel asked her to fight for good with his angel army. Somewhere within Uriel, he knew he could never hurt his own mother, even for a good cause. "I understand Uri." He nodded once." I could stand guard at your father's side though, Ezek."