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It had been a long lesson filled day and while the other girls wanted to go see a movie to kick off the weekend Ruby decided to stay at the dorm and check all her favorite fanfiction writers. Besides, the movie was not her kind of movie at all.

Just as she was sitting down at her computer she received a message on her scroll. It was from Glynda. Looking at it Ruby realized it was a mass message sent to most the school.

Just an FYI and Invitation. I have started a survival Minecraft

server, if you have the game and are willing to follow my rules

then you are welcome to join! The server can handle about 30

players at once, so please check with me before inviting friends.

My rules are simple.
#1 do not attack/kill other players, this is not a pvp server.
#2 do not steal from other players.
#3 do not demolish or disturb what other players have built.
#4 please plant a sapling for every tree you chop down.
and do not leave floating trees!
Anyone who violates these rules will be first punished by the admin.
If they are violated a second time they will be banned from the server.

Now. If you have the game and would like to join us the address
is 12 42 333 2529

Ruby shrugged, then remembered that Jaune had gotten her the game for her birthday. She decided why not and joined the server.

CookieHuntress has joined the game!
TheGoodWitch: Welcome! You are the first other than TheGreatOz to log on!
TheGreatOz has left the server.
TheGoodWitch: Unfortunately his computer hates him...
CookieHuntress: Aww, that's no good. If you don't mind my asking, is that you professor GoodWitch?
TheGreatOz has joined the game.
TheGoodWitch: Yes, And your Ruby I'm guessing.
CookieHuntress: Yep!
TheGreatOz: Hello Ruby, glad you could join us!
TheGreatOz has left the game.
CookieHuntress: Wow, his computer does hate him...
TheGoodWitch: Yes... nevermind that now though, have you ever played this game before?
CookieHuntress: Yeah, a little, I've got the basic idea.
TheGoodWitch: Wonderful, The best I can say is have fun then!
LotusHuntsman joined the game.
TheGreatOz joined the game.
LEGBREAKER joined the game.
LotusHuntsman: wow Nora.
LotusHuntsman: oh, nothing.
CookieHuntress: Hi guys!
TheGoodWitch: Welcome to the game!
TheGreatOz: Glad you could join us!
TheGreatOz left the game.
LotusHuntsman: * waves *
TheGreatOz joined the game.
TheGreatOz: Glynda help...
TheGoodWitch left the game.
TheGreatOz: Sorry everyone, my computer does not like me today.
CookieHuntress: It'll be alright.
TheGreatOz left the game.
LEGBREAKER was blown up by creeper.
LotusHuntsman: you've already respawned.

Ruby giggled, glad she stayed home. She decided to dig under the dirt shelter she'd built for the night to see if she could find anything. All it warranted her though was dirt and stone. She had spawned in the plains and doubted she'd find everything she needed there.

LotusHuntsman: don't look directly at it
LEGBREAKER died by endermen.
LotusHuntsman: …..
TheGoodWitch joined the game.
TheGreatOz Joined the game.
Time set to 1000
TheGoodWitch: There, it's day again.
LEGBREAKER was blown up by creeper.
LotusHuntsman got the achievement 'getting wood'
CookieHuntress got the achievement 'taking inventory"
LotusHuntsman: chopping down trees.
TheGreatOz got the achievement 'taking inventory."
CookieHuntress got the achievement 'getting wood"

Ruby was glad Glynda had made it day, once the mobs had burned she'd headed to the nearest forest, flower forest according to the terminal and started chopping and climbing trees. She made a workbench, getting her another achievement and Ren got the same one right after followed by two more. That done she started with a pick and sword then planks and sticks... soon she had a small tree house.

LEGBREAKER fell to their death.
LEGBREAKER left the game.
LotusHuntsman: she rage quit.
CookieHuntress: aww...
TheGoodWitch: I might show her a few things if she's willing to try again.
TheGreatOz left the game
TheGreatOz joined the game
TheGreatOz left the game
TheGreatOz joined the game
LotusHuntsman: if she will listen that'd be good..
TheGreatOz: Great fun everyone but I have paperwork, Night.
TheGreatOz left the game.
CookieHuntress: Ren, do you have any wool?
LotusHuntsman: yes, do you need some?
CookieHuntress: Yes please.
LotusHuntsman: where are you?
CookieHuntress: East of where I saw you half an hour ago, in the treehouse.
LotusHuntsman: alright.
TheGoodWitch: Have fun you two, I'm off for the night.
LotusHuntsman: night
CookieHuntress: Sweet dreams!
TheGoodWitch has left the game.

After receiving the wool from Ren and making a bed Ruby got her spawn point set to her treehouse, which was already a two story little thing that spanned the space of two trees. She had furnaces and a fishing pole, more picks and even an iron sword and a chest. She was starting to feel accomplished and enjoyed playing knowing Ren was only a few score blocks over. That was why she had not played the game long she realized, it had felt too lonely.

She was completely absorbed when the rest of her team returned from their movie, Blake complaining that they slaughtered the book. Weiss had little to say and Yang mentioned it should have had more action.

All of this at once plus the returning members of team JNPR across the hall was enough racket to scare poor Ruby right out of her chair.

"You ok over there, little sis?" Yang asked.

"Yeah, I just wasn't expecting you guys so soon that's all." Ruby replied.

"What do you mean, the movie was standard length and the theater is only a fifteen minute walk." Weiss snapped.

"I was playing a game, ok?" Ruby said defensively.

"Oh that one Professor Goodwitch messaged us all about?" Blake asked.

"Yeah that one. You should play, it's fun." Ruby smiled.

"Sure." Blake said.

"Whatever." Weiss grumped and headed off to get ready for bed.

"Maybe tomorrow for me, I don't have that game." Yang said with a shrug.

Blake sat down at her computer and booted it up, she had to update the game but was soon online with Yang watching from her bed.

Ruby returned to her game to find it raining.

DeepestApology has joined the game.
Gamerdude has joined the game.
LotusHuntsman: I'm in the big forest to the north.
Gamerdude: Awesome.
Gamerdude was slain by DeepestApology.
DeepestApology: I'm sorry!
LeaveMeAlone Joined the game.
Gamerdude: Whose Leavemealone?
LeaveMeAlone: It's Blake.
Gamerdude: Oh.
DeepestApology: hello friend!
Gamerdude: Is Weiss joining in?
CookieHuntress: I don't think so, Blake, I'm Northeast of you.
LeaveMeAlone: It's ok Ruby, I've played before, I'm heading for the river.
CookieHuntress: What's on the river?
LeaveMeAlone: Sugar cane.
LotusHuntsman: aka paper. Blake if you get a decent book factory going will you share a few with me?
LeaveMeAlone: sure.
Gamerdude: I've never found a use for those.
DeepestApology: they must have a purpose...

Everyone played for a few hours, Blake farming sugarcane and hunting cows.

Ruby braving the shallow cave by her treehouse in search of coal.

Jaune dying repeatedly, and Phyrra helping Ren with his hidden tree base.

CookieHuntress: Hey guys, I've had an idea!
DeepestApology: What is it?
CookieHuntress: We should all put a chest outside our bases so we can leave each other gifts!
LeaveMeAlone: Things Like food and tools and things players requested of each other?
CookieHuntress: Yes exactly!
LotusHuntsman: sounds good.
Gamerdude was slain by zombie.

With that chests were added to all of the bases, Ren's seeming to just be plopped randomly on the forest floor. Blake's next to the door to her underground river base. And Ruby's at the base of her tree.

Nearer to early morning than late night everyone started logging off. Yang had fallen asleep and Blake was only barely awake. Jaune was dying constantly so Ruby guessed he'd dozed off before logging off.

Ruby was about to logging off when she saw another user pop up, she didn't see who it was before the game went to the title screen though. She shrugged and headed off to bed herself.

The next morning was a Saturday and, having no school assignments, most everyone who'd played the night before was sleeping in.

Ruby woke before most her team, only Weiss was already up.

"Good morning, Weiss." Ruby smiled, trotting over and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Weiss only huffed in response.

Ruby sat next to her pale girlfriend. "I've made you mad again..."

"I invited you, not everyone else, to that movie last night and you totally blew me off!" Weiss snapped.

"Sorry Weiss, I didn't mean to-" Ruby was trying to explain but Weiss cut her off.

"You never mean to but you always seem to! Yes you're sweet but you need to pay attention to things if you're going to be with me!" Weiss stated.

"Sorry..." Ruby said, standing to leave and get a snack

"Oh don't pout, just be more considerate." Weiss said as Ruby left the room.

Food in hand she returned to find Weiss playing the game as well.

"I thought you said it was stupid." Ruby said.

"Yes well if everyone else is playing it I might as well try it out." Weiss answered matter of factly.

Ruby shrugged and went to her own computer, Blake and Yang were still out cold.

Ruby logged on to find Weiss had traveled and found snowy land and started building an ice palace. How fitting, Ruby thought.

After a few hours playing and traveling in the opposite direction of Weiss, Ruby found a road. It was cobble and glowstone so she knew it wasn't generated by the game itself and decided to follow it. It was a long road but it lead to a very large structure that was under construction. Looking at it from a distance she noticed two other players flying about, knowing that most everyone was restricted to the survival rules she guessed it was Glynda and Ozpin. Heading closer to inspect, Ruby realized they were building Beacon.

CookieHuntress: Looking good you guys.
TheGreatOz: Thanks, It's going to take a while but It's going to be neat.
TheGoodWitch: Admin's need a base too.
CookieHuntress: Can I help?
TheGoodWitch: No need, we've got it.
CookieHuntress: Okie, have fun.

Ruby headed back to her treehouse and sat back in her chair, watching the camera spin around her avatar, which she had designed to look like herself.

After a few minutes of watching the screen she realized Ozpin wasn't being logged out every few minutes.

CookieHuntress: No computer problems today?
TheGreatOz: I'm borrowing Glynda's laptop.
CookieHuntress: Oh, I see.

Ruby went back to staring at her screen. After a few minutes more Blake and Yang stirred, not wanting to disturb the gamers they slipped out for breakfast quietly.

Gamerdude joined the game.
Gamerdude was blown up by creeper.
Gamerdude: I really gotta learn to run from those...
DeepestApology joined the game.
Gamerdude: What are you trying to do?
IceQueen: Build with it, but it keeps melting around the torches! If this keeps up I won't have any!
Gamerdude: Yeah, that's what ice does... Just use stone, it's cold too.
CookieHuntress: Use packed Ice.

"Ruby, don't tell me what to do!" Weiss snapped out loud.

Gamerdude was slain by zombie.
IceQueen: pfft.
Gamerdude: Hey CookieHuntress, you wanna help us in the mine?
CookieHuntress: Sure, where is it?
TheGoodWitch: I can teleport you to him if you like.
CookieHuntress: K, Just gimme a minute to grab some picks.
Time set to 1000
CookieHuntress: Ready!
CookieHuntress teleported to Gamerdude.
CookieHuntress: Whoa.
DeepestApology: I know right?
CookieHuntress: This place is huge!
Gamerdude was slain by zombie.
Gamerdude teleported to DeepestApology.
Gamerdude: Thanks!
TheGoodWitch: No problem.
Weather set to clear.

Ruby explored the massive cavern, which was open at the top, with Jaune and Pyrrha for a while, finding lapis lazuli, some iron and coal.

Blake and Yang returned, each with a coffee in hand and parked themselves on one of the beds, sitting back to back and booting up laptops.

"You'll show me how to get the game right?" Yang asked.

"Yes, it should be easy, I bought if for you last night before shutting down." Blake answered.

"Aww, you didn't have to do that!" Yang said, delighted.

"It's no trouble, the game's not that high. That book you bought me the other day was more expensive." Blake said.

Ruby sighed, wondering why Weiss had stopped acting that way around her, just, happy to be in each others presence. She shook her head, going back to the game.

Jaune and Pyrrha were fighting mobs and Ruby joined in.

Gamerdude was slain by skeleton.
Gamerdude teleported to DeepestApology.
CookieHuntress was slain by enderman.
CookieHuntress teleported to DeepestApology.
CookieHuntress: Thanks!
DeepestApology was slain by zombie.
DeepestApology teleported to CookieHuntress.
IceQueen: Wow you guys suck.
IceQueen was slain by spider.
Gamerdude: Look who's talking.
IceQueen: You shut up!
TheGoodWitch: Now now children, that's enough.
LeaveMeAlone joined the game.
SunDragonofAwesome joined the game.
Time set to 1000
LeaveMeAlone: Wait there Yang, I'll come get you.
SunDragonofAwesome: Alright.
CookieHuntress: Guys, my inventory is full... Maybe we should head out?
Gamerdude: Mine, too. Glynda any chance you can teleport us out?
TheGoodWitch: Only if there is someone who doesn't mind you all popping up.
SunDragonofAwesome: I'm in the middle of a field...
Gamerdude: That's the spawn point, that would work!
Gamerdude teleported to SunDragonofAwesome
CookieHuntress Teleported to Gamerdude
DeepestApology Teleported to CookieHuntress.
DeepestApology: Thanks so much!
TheGoodWitch: No problem.
CookieHuntress: I'm gonna need another chest lol.
Weather set to clear
IceQueen: Aww, I liked the snow...
TheGreatOz: It causes too much lag, I'm afraid.

Once Ruby dumped all her new things into a chest she sighed, still not wanting to play at the same time as Weiss.

CookieHuntress: I'm gonna get a snack and maybe a catch a nap, see you guys later.
TheGreatOz: I love a good day off.
CookieHuntress left the game.

Ruby left the room, not a word to anyone, she was feeling oddly alone even around everyone else. So much so that it hurt. The halls were fairly quiet on her way to the cafeteria to hit the vending machines. Nora was there, munching a candy bar and enjoying a soda while talking nonstop to Ren, who listened patiently. They were adorable, Ruby decided right then. Even though many people would find Nora annoying Ren seemed to always enjoy her company.

Ruby got some chips and soda and started back out but Nora spotted her.

"Why so down?" Nora asked.

"I'm not." Ruby said, offering a smile.

Ren sneezed and distracted Nora so Ruby hurried out of the room, not wanting to talk right at that moment.

Wandering to the fountain Ruby sat down and nibbled at her snack while considering some things. She knew she had angered Weiss by not going to the movies but there was more than that, Weiss had been getting colder lately. Ruby wondered if there was something under the Ice Queen's skin and she was just taking it out on her?

Ruby sighed, not sure what that would be or what she could do. If that was the case it was unfair of Weiss to take it out on her, it wasn't her fault.

"Consider other peoples feelings..." Ruby huffed quietly. "Like she does that for anyone else."

Draining the last of her soda Ruby stood to return to the dorm but realized she didn't really want to. She found herself not even wanting to be at Beacon at all. Playing the game was a good distraction but only when Weiss was at least quiet.

With a sigh Ruby forced herself to return anyway. She arrived to find everyone absorbed by the game so she climbed into her bed, adjusted the hanging sheet to hide her from view and dozed off.

It was much later that Ruby woke from her troubled sleep. She slipped out of bed to find herself alone, the others having all gone off somewhere...

Glancing around Ruby spotted a note, it was in Blake's handwriting.

We decided to go catch another movie, didn't want to disturb you.

This one is a double feature so we will be out really late.

Ruby sighed, sitting down at her computer, she started the game.

CookieHuntress: Anyone else online?

There came no immediate answer so she assumed not.

After a few minutes playing, though, someone did respond.

RomanEmpire: Hello Red.

Ruby stared at the screen, not sure who this was, or how they might know who she was... Only one person ever really called her Red...

CookieHuntress: Torchwick?!
RomanEmpire: Yes?
CookieHuntress: The same Torchwick that robbed that dust shop and is working with the White Fang?
RomanEmpire: Nothing confirmed or denied.
CookieHuntress: Stealing is wrong you know! You should feel bad, and return everything you've stolen!
RomanEmpire: How about 'no'?
CookieHuntress: Grr. How did you get on this server? Why are you playing this game?
RomanEmpire: I have a... uh... Family member who attends Beacon, they don't know about my criminal activities but know I am rather fond this game so they invited me to play.
RomanEmpire: Now how bout you hush about the past for now and come help me build my tower.

Ruby stared at her screen in disbelief as Roman Torchwick sent his ingame location and insisted she come help. With a sigh, realizing she had nothing better to do, she decided to go ahead and help.

CookieHuntress: Fine.
RomanEmpire: I knew you'd come around!

It was a long walk to the east, through a winter forest, then some savanna, then finally to some extreme mountains. She was nearing the location he'd sent and she was looking at a tall mountain, working her way around it she realized that it was split down the middle. There she saw Roman's avatar, running about and placing cobble in a very strange manner, it looked like the skeleton of a new skyscraper the way he was building it, with ladders running up the main beams.

RomanEmpire: What do you think?
CookieHuntress: Looks like the start of something ambitious.
RomanEmpire: But of course! Go big or go home.
CookieHuntress: So where do you need help?

Giving her some supplies and instructions they got to work with minimal chatter. Looking at the design Ruby had to admit he had quite the mind for this sort of thing.

It was a couple hours later and they had finished the frame work. It was near as tall as the mountains it sat between, hidden from two sides, somewhat hidden on the back by a mountain further away but obvious from the front. Roman really didn't seem concerned about that though, considering it faced south and everyone was west or northwest of here.

With the frame done Roman gave her more supplies and instructions. They started working on the first floor, only the inner walls though, Ruby noticed, He was leaving the outer ones untouched. Upon questioning him about it he only said he didn't have the supplies yet but he would.

Halfway through working on the second floor Ruby noticed the time.

CookieHuntress: I should probably go back to my own base and log off, my team will be back soon.
RomanEmpire: Alright Red, just leave those supplies in the chest over there.
CookieHuntress: Alright.
RomanEmpire: And Red.
CookieHuntress: Yes?
RomanEmpire: Thanks for your help.
CookieHuntress: No Problem... it's been fun..

With that she left and returned to her own tree house, which seemed very small and low to the ground now. After doing a few small things, shearing sheep, harvesting wheat and planting more seeds, she logged off and went back to bed.

When the rest of her team returned she pretended to still be sleeping. Weiss climbed up to look at her, Ruby could practically feel the disapproving glare Weiss was giving her.

"Still asleep, how lazy geeze." Weiss said, not all that quietly as she climbed back down.

Ruby wanted to just log back onto the game. While playing with Roman she had forgotten about her problems for a while and he was surprisingly enjoyable in game to be around, unlike Weiss.

Once her whole team was asleep, and finding she'd had more than enough, Ruby decided to get up. It was late, extremely so, and she figured no one else would be out and about. With a small sigh Ruby silently slipped from the room to go for a walk. It was a full moon that night, looking at it Ruby noticed a blood red ring around it. She knew it was caused by moisture in the air or clouds or something but still, it gave her a bad feeling, like it was trying to warn her of bad times ahead. She felt like she should heed that warning but wasn't sure what exactly it was warning her about.

Disturbed and not having much luck clearing her head, Ruby sat by the fountain and watched the clouds pass overhead.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard a familiar voice.

"You are up awfully late.." Ozpin said.

"So are you." Ruby pointed out.

Ozpin motioned at the spot on the fountain next to her, she nodded and he sat. Ruby noticed that there was warm milk in his mug instead of coffee.

"While coffee can keep a man running all day with a job like mine, it also is the best friend to insomnia." Ozpin said.

"You must need to pee a lot." Ruby said.

Both of them were silent for a moment before Ozpin started to chuckle. "I suppose that's true."

They fell into silence as they watched the clouds together.

"You seem very awake for this time of night." Ozpin said.

"I fell asleep around like, before lunch I think." Ruby explained.

"Is something troubling you Ruby?" He asked. "You can tell me, if you like."

"Well..." Ruby sighed. "Weiss..." She trailed off.

When she didn't resume for a few minutes Ozpin spoke up. "Not that I'm a man who pays any heed to rumors but, are you and Weiss dating?"

"Kinda... well we were but... She's just so mean sometimes..." Ruby admitted.

"Ruby.." Ozpin took a sip from his mug. "There are only two things that come of dating a teammate. One, and the most common, you will find you are not right as that type of partner and it puts a strain on the team as a whole. The second and less common, you find that your relationship works and it strengthens your team. That, too, can be a weakness." Ozpin explained, sounding as if from personal experience.

"So what should I do?" Ruby asked.

He took another sip from his mug, thinking it seemed. "I think you should try to work things out as best you can. Weiss will still be your partner for the remainder of your time here so you need to try to get along. Whether that means swallowing your pride and letting her be mean to you, though I would not take that kind of abuse, or trying to settle things and break off that sort of relationship. Either way it is up to you."

Ruby sighed, thinking.

"Glynda and I were on the same team." Ozpin said after a bit. "And we dated for a while but both agreed that our relationship put the rest of our team at risk so we agreed to stop. I thought maybe we might go out again after graduation but we didn't." Ozpin yawned. "Yet when I got this job I knew there was no one better for the position she holds than her. So, I asked her and she accepted, we are still friends."

Ruby sighed but nodded. "I think that might help..."

Ozpin yawned again. "Glad I could help, I think I'll go make another attempt at that thing called sleeping. Good night Ruby."

"Goodnight professor Ozpin." Ruby smiled as he rose to leave.

"Good luck Ruby." With that Ozpin left Ruby to her own decision.

It was nearing dawn when Ruby finally wandered back to the dorm. She was almost back to her room when she got a message on her scroll, she dreaded the thought that it might be Weiss. Still, she got out her scroll and looked. It was from an unknown number.

Hey Red, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your company

and help on the game. If you wanna play with me again I'll be on

really late most weekdays.

Ruby just stared blankly at the message a moment. Rather than asking how he got her number she sighed, shrugged and put her scroll away.

When she pushed the door open to her room she was immediately met by the icy glare of an angry Weiss.

"Where the hell have you been?" She demanded.

"I went for a walk." Ruby replied, keeping her town even, Weiss was making it hard to even talk to her.

"This early in the morning?" She demanded.

"It's good for you, you should try it sometime." Ruby said, going over to her desk. She pushed her computer aside and spread out her study materials for tomorrow's test.

"Don't you try to avoid me!" Weiss snapped.

Blake and Yang glanced at each other then left the room. Ruby took a deep breath, trying really hard to keep her anger under control.

"Weiss, you are reading too much into things. I don't know what has you so on edge but stop taking it out on me." Ruby said, as calmly as she could manage.

"The only thing that's bothering me is you!" Weiss snapped again.

"I don't want to fight. We have a test tomorrow and we need to focus. So why don't you go for a walk and think about some stuff? If I really am what's bothering you then we can work it out after that." Ruby said, turning to face her partner with a smile and adding. "'K?"

Weiss huffed and stormed out of the room.

Ruby tried hard to focus but Weiss's attitude bothered her still. After what seemed like forever of staring at a blank paper with a pencil in her hand she set it down and picked up her scroll. Without really thinking about it she messaged Roman.

If your girlfriend had something troubling her really bad and

it was causing problems, what would you do?

She sent the message before she could change her mind but quickly felt silly because he didn't respond.

Trying again to focus on her homework she managed a few notes and to memorize a few things and nearly jumped out of her skin when Roman finally answered.

I don't have one, too much trouble.

She sighed, putting her scroll back down. She was once again focused on what she was doing when her scroll buzzed again and scared her again.

Of course if I did I guess I'd try to find the problem and help

her though it.

You having girl troubles Red?

She hesitated a moment then replied.

A little. Weiss is really grumpy and holding everything against me.

Sounds like the Ice Queen has a major case of PMS.

Give it time.

I'm sure she'll get over it.

I bet you're right, thanks.

Anytime Red.

Feeling somehow slightly relieved she set her scroll back down and went back to what she was doing, having more luck with it this time.

The next two days went by somewhat uneventfully. The tension between the two was still thick enough to cut but Weiss had started ignoring Ruby rather than let her know what was troubling her.

Having passed the test Ruby decided to reward herself with some late night Minecraft.

She logged on after the rest of her team was asleep.

CookieHuntress: Anyone on?
RomanEmpire: Yep.
CookieHuntress: Still need help?
RomanEmpire: Sure.

Ruby made the somewhat long journey to his tower, now with several of the floors done on the inside and a sort of temporary frame on the outside of the main framework.

It was getting dark by the time she arrived so they headed down into his "temporary" Hideout to wait for day.

CookieHuntress: I took a slightly different path to get here this time.
RomanEmpire: See anything interesting?
CookieHuntress: Yes, actually. There's the entrance to a cave, it looks like it runs really deep.
RomanEmpire: Lava?
CookieHuntress: And water.
RomanEmpire: This sounds like a place we need to investigate.
CookieHuntress: Sounds good!

Roman set to work making Ruby a set of iron armor, sword and some picks.

Ruby got into her own supply of food that she'd brought and used his furnace to cook it.

With the two working together they were ready to go by the time dawn broke over the blocky horizon.

Setting off on this little adventure made Ruby's real life problems fade away for a while.

It didn't take long to reach the cave.

RomanEmpire: Remember to only put your torches on your right side. If you need more light, put them on the ground not the walls, got it?
CookieHuntress: Yep!

With that they dove in. Roman using buckets to pick up water source blocks anytime he spotted one.

Realizing he'd been playing the game a long time she didn't question him, just watched his back.

Roman let Ruby have most the coal and all the lapis they found. He seemed quite set on seeing how deep this cave went. After a while, and a little digging they hit a massive ravine.

RomanEmpire: Perfect.
CookieHuntress: ?

He dumped one of his water buckets at the edge and they watched as it vanished into the dark.

RomanEmpire: Stick close to me Red, this could get rough, I'll do what I can to keep you safe. Ready?
CookieHuntress: I think so?

Roman gave the water a moment more then, climbed in and let the water take him down. Ruby was a bit impressed, she hadn't thought of doing that.

On the ride there were a couple arrows that whizzed past and they could hear all sorts of things in the dark.

CookieHuntress: This is really deep.
RomanEmpire: I know, be careful, keep your sword and torches ready.
CookieHuntress: Right.

Once at the bottom Roman threw down a dirt block then a torch so they could see. They were surrounded. Without a word the two started the epic battle, dropping torches here and there to reduce the number of monsters spawning. They stuck close to each other and covered one another quite well. Ruby was surprised by how well they worked together, she was sure that her and Weiss would have died a ways back even on a good day.

In some places Roman quickly put up walls of three blocks high to section off the monsters and soon it was decently quiet. Now they could start mining, it was then that Ruby saw all the diamonds.

CookieHuntress: Whoa...
RomanEmpire: YESS

After a few minutes of mining Roman stopped.

RomanEmpire: Hey red.
CookieHuntress: Yes?
RomanEmpire: I'm hungry.
CookieHuntress: Don't tell me you ran out of food already!
RomanEmpire: No, I mean IRL.
CookieHuntress: So?

He didn't answer so she went back to mining, then a message came on her Scroll.

So I was thinking of ordering some Chinese takeout.

Want some?

What? Are you teasing me?

No, I'm being nice. Now if you want something send me

your dorm number and I'll have it sent over. It's on me.

She sat there a moment, wondering if she should or not... He seemed sincere... With a quiet sigh she sent him her dorm number and told him to instruct the delivery person to be quiet.

Wait, what Chinese place is even open this late?

Yummy Wok is open till three am.


Yep. Ok, you good with spicy?


After a few more minutes he resumed playing the game so she guessed he made the order. Once they'd mined all of an area they moved on to the next walled section. As it turned out they had dropped down near one end, so they worked their way across, finding lots of diamonds, lapis, redstone and more. They had to be careful though, as there was lava not but three blocks under them as they quickly found out, Ruby fell in and almost burned to death. Luckily Roman was fast, place a dirt block where she could get on and dumped a water bucket.

RomanEmpire: Careful Red! Never mine under yourself!
CookieHuntress: Trust me, that won't happen again, thanks for saving me.
RomanEmpire: I'd rather not have to finish this alone.

Food arrived soon after, the delivery girl just barely tapping the door.

CookieHuntress: brb
RomanEmpire: Mmhmm

Ruby hopped up, answered the door quietly, tipped the girl and scurried back to her computer.

The food was spicy but not overly so, and it was really good.

CookieHuntress: This is awesome thanks.
RomanEmpire: No problem.

Finally they were nearing full inventories. That is when Roman made a beeline for one of the lava pits they'd found earlier. He gave Ruby one of his buckets of water and told her to be quick if he fell in. Carefully he placed cobble and water here and there and soon had lots of obsidian.

He made a crafting table and a diamond pickaxe then set to work, careful not to fall in the lava. Several hours had passed since they had entered the cave and now they worked their way out, loaded with a great many goodies and with more for the mine to yield.

CookieHuntress: That was awesome!
RomanEmpire: Yes, good find.

Once things were put up and Ruby returned to her tree house she bid Roman good night and logged off.

Realizing the time and that she had school no longer tomorrow but in a few hours she quickly disposed of the food and hurried off to bed, setting her alarm and hoping she wouldn't sleep through it.