Author's Note: Just thought I'd try this idea after stumbling upon things on the internet about "Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School". It's just too bad that there are so few Ghoul School fics on here. Was it not that popular? I remember when the old Cartoon Network would play that one on occasion (along with "Reluctant Werewolf")… Classic childhood memories, am I right?

Anyways, I'm thinking of having this be a Shaggy/Sibella. Although, I bet Winnie and Tanis would also like a piece of "everyone's favorite stoner". Maybe Phantasma too? Not really sure about Elsa, but then again… Hmm…. Monogamous pairing or harem-anime style? Harem might be considered cliché by now. "Ooh, typical male fantasy. Big whoop, perv!" Right? Ah, I'll just see where my mind takes me! Also, keep in mind that I haven't seen Scooby-Doo in ages, so some of the newer stuff is unfamiliar to me. I hope that can be forgiven.

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Bringing The Graduation To You

The moon was high overhead as the quiet of the night presided in a small town that would be considered a perfect descriptor for "Anytown, USA". Just your standard-fare place, nothing really special about it. Although, there's always something good to say about a place where you can live peacefully without much worry over crime or famine. Quite picturesque…which was something quite unsettling for at least a couple of passengers within what looked like a broken-down school bus, rumbling down the main road.

"Hoooowwwww can these people live like this? So many confining structures…" howled a guttural-yet-feminine voice of one of the bus' occupants as it followed the relatively slow (for them) speed limit through town.

"Winnie, we can't all be about nature, outdoors, and the hunt." replied a soft, alluring voice, the owner of which sitting behind the first occupant. "Humans, for example, do not have the enhanced senses and capabilities that you do, especially during full moons…"

"Whatever, vamp… When did you become teacher anyway?" the animalistic Winnie grumbled.

"Hehehe! Since Ms. G entrusted our fates to her, of course!" giggled a hyperactive, almost-ethereal voice, belonging to a particularly bouncy spirit.

"I can't believe we're actually doing this…" a new voice piped up timidly. "An actual field trip… in the human realm! To see Shaggy again…" a short figure finished in a wistful tone, the sounds of rustling cloth audible anytime she moved.

"Well, this was what we wanted to do as our graduation gift, after all. Still can't believe we got permission" the fifth and final occupant said as she drove the bus. Slight sparks of electricity could be seen shooting out of the sides of her neck.

"Well, thank Sibella for that, Elsa. If it's one thing vampires can be, it's insistent. Can't say I blame her, though. We get to see Coach again! Aaaoooooowww!" Winnie cheered with a howl (which she was technically about to let loose anyway, due to the full moon). The others had to cover their ears as Winnie's full-moon howls tended to be somewhat louder than usual…

"Yeah! One would almost think the poor girl has a thing for our dear Coach." Phantasma added with crazed giggle, floating around the aforementioned Sibella. The purple-skinned vampire huffed and passively swatted her away, knowing that her hands would just go through the ghost anyway.

"Phanty, come now… That's... personal."

"Pfft, personal? More like 'obvious'. Whenever he sends a letter about whatever adventures he and his friends were up to, you always make sure YOU'RE the first to read it." Winnie said, crossing her arms and wearing a smug smirk. On her, the 'smirk' seemed more like a predatory baring of teeth. Although, once again, the full moon might have something to do with that this time…

"I'm always the last to read dear Shaggy's letters…." mumbled Tanis. Oh, the woes of being the youngest and smallest of a group… Granted, she had grown, as did the rest of the girls, but she was still the shortest, no matter how many times she outgrew her bandages. Presently, her bandages did seem a little tight on her, revealing a lot of her petite figure and even a little skin (which was a darkish-gray, undead as she was). She had replaced the bow on her head with a bandage 'hairstyle', done up into a braided cloth ponytail with a jeweled ankh-shaped brooch hanging at the end of it.

The others couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt for their timid Egyptian friend. They always thought it was so adorable how Tanis got along with Shaggy and his talking dogs when he was their Coach. Usually, her shyness made it quite a task for her to get out of her shell and actually get to know people, as each of the girls had found out when they first started school together. But, Shaggy seemed to help with her nervousness quite a bit during his time there.

Probably because he seemed to be a nervous person himself… Takes one to know one, the girls all figured.

"Aww, hey. Cheer up, Tanny." said Phantasma in an eerily-positive tone. "We're going to be with him soon! Very soon. It's the next town, right Elsa?"

The giant homemade teenager grinned. "Yup! Can't believe ol' Grimwood had us track him down 'the human way', though. But it's worth it!"

"It was a test to see how we would adapt to human ways, Elsa. Good thing the Calloway Cadets agreed to let us use their strange technology." Sibella added, before immediately frowning. "Although I have half a mind to believe that they helped us only because they noticed how we're 'filling out'…" she grumbled, her hands indicating her developing body. Being a vampire, she had quite a fetching figure on her. Shapely waist, decent-sized chest, and so on. Winnie had apparently turned out to be quite an attractive draw for the Cadets also, even though she was quite hairy… The werewolf did keep her fur relatively clean and tangle-free, though. Then again, immature boys like the Cadets were always drawn to big breasts, no matter what the species, it seemed…

"This 'inter-net' thing… Damn, was that confusing… How much do those Calloways need to see naked females anyway? Pisses me off…" Winnie said, beginning to snarl as she thought about what she had stumbled across on a Calloway computer in an internet tab marked 'Favorites'. Subtlety was not the boys' strong suit, that's for sure. (Perhaps there was something to the fact that they were trained to be like loud-and-flashy 'soldiers', not quiet-and-unseen 'spies'. Winnie liked the human concept of 'spies'. 'Snipers' too. They reminded her of hunting prey.)

"They're just naturally 'turned on' at their age. Part of the human libido. Humans are said to be 'sexual beings', after all." quipped Elsa. Being scientifically created from human bodies herself, it certainly didn't hurt to be proficient in most things science and anatomy.

"Whatever. Humans are…strange. But their technology can be quite fascinating too. Amazing how one can find information of all sorts of worldly things. All we had to do was type down 'Mystery Inc.' and there it was. Articles of the human creeps that Shaggy, Scooby, and their friends had defeated. It certainly made our task harder. It's like they travelled all over the country!" Sibella prattled, her voice growing fond upon bringing up Mystery Inc. The vampire was certainly glad for Shaggy's heroic deeds. Not only did they help out other humans against the criminal element, but they had done the realm of monsters a huge service by preventing the majority of these frauds from horribly misrepresenting them. There was a reason why monsters kept themselves separate from humans, but the last thing they certainly needed were assholes mocking them.

Elsa could always remember her father's grumbling rants whenever he heard of another human that perpetuated the myths that he was nothing but a bumbling oaf that could speak slowly, one word at a time, or a silent golem with a horrible case of rigor mortis when it came to walking…

"Hey, least we found them. Thank that human idea of investigative journalism for that Mystery Inc article." Winnie chortled. If it wasn't for that much-maligned TMZ site giving away the hometown of all 5 members of Mystery Inc, the girls would've thought them literal nomads with no place to call home.

At that moment, their clattering bus rumbled past the outskirts of "Anytown USA" as if it was passing through "Parts Unknown", Elsa having glimpsed a road sign proclaiming the next couple of towns and the number of miles left to go to each. The teenage golem only paid attention to the first town listed on the sign. Indeed, it was their destination, only 17 miles away.

Although a part of her hoped that the name was some sort of joke or perhaps the town's official nickname or something. It certainly didn't sound like many of these other human civilizations, such as New Orleans, Chicago, or Syracuse.

Who had the gall to actually name a human town "Coolsville"?

The next morning, in Coolsville…

"Dearest Shaggy,

I do hope this letter reaches you. It's simply fang-tastic to actually write you a letter for a change. You never bothered to leave any return address for us to write you… I figure it has to do with all those adventures you tell us about. A man and his friends, constantly on the road and seeing what the land has to offer. How intriguing. It would certainly fascinate Winnie, of course. But pleasantries can be exchanged later. In fact, much sooner than you would think, dear Coach. As you might know, we are graduating this year and Mrs. Grimwood has granted us anything we would want as a graduation gift, seeing as we're all practically family at that small establishment.

I knew what we had to do, it might seem batty, but… I feel like this is best for all five of us. We are coming to visit you, Shaggy! Isn't that just… fang-tastic?! I do hope your friends and family won't mind. Oh my, now that I see this written down, I really do say 'fang-tastic' a lot, don't I? Is that weird of me? But moving on, I am unsure of when we will arrive, but I am certain it shall be within the next couple of days. Please do keep a look out. Our vehicle shouldn't be too hard to notice, based on what we've come to understand about the human world.

Ghoulishly yours,

Sibella Dracula

Thus had been the letter that Shaggy was currently rereading for the 5th time since he had found it mysteriously pinned to the front door the previous afternoon. What were he and Scooby going to do? Sure, during the past few years, Mystery Inc had managed to stumble across more than just costumed nutjobs scaring people away from buried treasure and land claims… But most of those supernatural encounters were not exactly pleasant. That whole fiasco with the Witch's Ghost for instance. Almost ruined a few lives, including those of their musical friends, the Hex Girls. Then there was that time they ended up on Zombie Island down in Louisiana… After that particular one, Shaggy thought it'd be prudent NOT to visit Grimwood despite being in the area, something he felt guilty for as they hadn't been around Louisiana at all since then.

But he did write. No way would he fall for the old social stereotype where the longer one is away from somebody, the less one keeps contact and the more one forgets. Nope. He wouldn't stand for that. Even though, sometimes, there wasn't much to tell. Either too few cases or just more costumed goons. Shaggy would never understand why people would keep trying to play up local legends to scare people, especially after news articles about the numerous other jailed crooks started showing up… Then again, Shaggy himself was not exactly about common sense. His diet, for example… (On the other hand, his extremely high metabolism…)

But this was a shock. Not only had they wanted to keep in touch, they actually wanted to visit him. In the human world. For their graduation. Talk about being thrown head-first into the real world after school! How did they even find where he lived? And what was the Gang going to think of this? He grew concerned as he took another bite of his 20-layer sandwich, filled with random meats and cheeses. Whenever they weren't on the road, Mystery Inc had their own apartment building to themselves, their usually close-knit friendship a strong influence on their choice of home. Three of those apartments belonged exclusively to the Gang. Shaggy and Scooby in one, Velma in another, and Fred and Daphne sharing one after making their relationship official. The other three were strictly for visiting friends and family whenever they were in town. There was even a sort of office area on the ground floor for Mystery Inc to house a sort of headquarters for whenever business turns up, formerly a landlord's office.

"Rat'cha roin', Raggy?" asked the great dane that was the group's beloved pet and friend, walking toward the small kitchen table where Shaggy was eating.

"Ah, like, reading this letter again, Scoob. I can't believe they're actually coming here. Here! Oooh, I hope they aren't, like, getting into a lotta trouble on the way here." Shaggy answered. Truth be told, as concerned as he was, he was also quite touched that they wanted to see him for graduation. A part of him figured that Ms. Grimwood would've found a replacement teacher that was better suited for the type of student clientele, maybe more likeable. Apparently, that wasn't the case. No matter what, Mystery Inc was about to have a supernatural surprise come up to their door.

"Uhh… Rhat are re gonna rell the rothers?" Scooby asked before deftly taking advantage of Shaggy gazing at his letter and stealing the rest of the stuffed breakfast sandwich. The resident beatnik shrugged.

"Like, I dunno. I should tell them before the girls find us. Like, we probably should just flat-out tell them the facts. I mean, we all know monsters exist. I don't think they'd think it's too much of a stretch that, like, there'd be NICE monsters… Hey!" Shaggy said, finally noticing the missing breakfast, being chewed on by his dog.

"Rehehehe…. Rorry, Raggy…" Scooby said, unabashedly as usual. When it came to food, the duo were used to the idea that they'd sometimes nick each other's food portions. Still annoying, but normal. Shaggy stood up to gather himself another sandwich. Good thing their successful careers as investigators usually meant a fully-stocked fridge and pantry.

The sound of screeching brakes, a vehicle backfiring, and then a loud horn that (comically) bleated out the tune of "La Cucaracha" suddenly rang out, causing Shaggy to pale considerably.

'Our vehicle shouldn't be too hard to notice…'

'Please don't be them… Not yet… Please? At least not until I, like, tell the others! If Fred were to discover them first… Zoinks!' he thought, slowly walking to the window. He peered out. The street outside the front of the apartment building was easily visible across a small yard. Right in front of the walkway toward the building was the most broken-down, beat-up, trashed school bus anybody could ever lay eyes on, both the engine and the exhaust visibly smoking.

The door clunked open, almost having to be forced open. The being that stepped out first was undeniable proof as her purple skin and hair was very easy to notice in the morning light.

"Scoob…? Like, they're here…"

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1) I'm not really sure if Shaggy and the gang actually have a hometown or even a place to call home, as most shows always show them on the road like nomads. So I just figure that they have a home to occasionally take breaks from the mystery business from. I figured that the fictional town from the 'A Pup Named Scooby-Doo' show would make for a good hometown for them. If it worked for the gang when they were kids, it could work for them as adults, right?

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