The Gift of Celebration

"Let Us Celebrate the Occasion with Wine and Sweet Words"


Chapter 1


Night is falling on Vulcan. Darkness will soon cover the planet's harsh desert landscape. Although Vulcan has no moon, it is locked in a double orbit with the smaller planet T'Khut; and so it is that every night T'Khut seems to rise in the Vulcan sky with a pure radiance and its bright orange glow slowly begins to cover the hemisphere. The barren stark landscape is softened and muted by T'Khut's light and takes on an ethereal beauty. The hot daytime temperatures begin to drop and become bearable to off worlders.

T'Khut's light also casts mysterious shadows on the distant Llangon Mountain range and on the Mountains of Gol, home of the Masters who attain Kolinarhr, and the visitors who go there in search of ancient knowledge. The light makes the distance to both mountain ranges deceptive; neither is very close to ShiKahr, the large capital city of Vulcan on the edge of Vulcan's Forge. The city shines like a jewel in the vastness of the desert. ShiKahr sits over artesian wells and through the use of solar power, water is readily available and there are many fountains, green spaces and thousands of bright lights throughout the city. Yet even ShiKahr's thousands of lights are not enough to dim the brightness that is T'Khut.

Vulcan is home to 12 billion inhabitants, most of them possess an endless and insatiable curiosity; they want to know more, they want to find out all they can about everything. It is this curiosity which will drive them into space by the late 21st century and early 22nd century. Vulcan space explorers soon come in contact with Tallarites, Humans, Cardassians and Klingons. Vulcan begins diplomatic relations with all these worlds except the Klingons. After a time, Vulcans find themselves strangely fascinated by the incomparably beautiful, watery blue planet, Earth; so different from their own desert word, but mostly they are insatiably curious about Earth's inhabitants, the illogical, compelling Humans.

Vulcans freely offer their philosophy of peace and logic to all the humanities, and soon it finds it self in a position of leadership as a founding member of the Coalition of Planets and later the United Federation of Planets. Because of this, Vulcan is in many ways, considered "first among equals." Despite some recent very conservative and very vocal elements on Vulcan who argue that too much contact with off world affairs (especially those strangely compelling Terran affairs) is culturally dangerous, Earth and Vulcan enjoy a close, mutually valued and politically satisfying relationship. Both are core members of the Federation. Thus it is, that Sarek, distinguished Vulcan Ambassador to United Earth, husband of the human Amanda Stemple Grayson, and father to S'chn T'gai Spock, Commander, Star Fleet, attains deep respect, great prestige and rampant popularity on Earth. Every Vulcan citizen and the Vulcan elders who serve on the High Council know of Sarek's fame and acclaim. It is even well-known on Vulcan that on Earth, there exists a large group of women known as the Sarek Fan Girls, whose main purpose in life is to catch a glimpse of the handsome face and well-built body of Sarek of Vulcan.

Amanda Grayson sat at the large window of her office and contemplated the message she had just received from Admiral Heihachiro Nogura, Commander-in-Chief, Starfleet. The face of T'Kut, large and full, almost filled her entire window and cast its light on the small pleased smile that crossed her lovely face. Plans were slowly coming to fruition.

Sarek disavowed and mostly ignored all evidence of his popularity on Earth. Vulcans had no ego that needed to be assuaged and therefore felt no need to receive accolades or strive for popularity. Amanda accepted this; but this plan was important in many ways to Earth and to Vulcan, and Sarek had to realize that certain events in life needed to be acknowledged in deference to Earth customs. He was after all, the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth, married to a human, and he had a son who was half human. Amanda also knew that he would not be pleased with her and Nogura's plan. Sarek did not agree with the necessity of what Amanda and Nogura wanted to do. Amanda was largely untroubled by this for she was as stubborn as he and she knew she would prevail. Vulcans, for the most part, celebrated very few life events, but as Ambassador to Earth, Sarek had long ago become accustomed to Earth/human idiosyncrasies and he now tolerated and sometimes even enjoyed some of the celebrations he had to attend. The Vulcan High Council and others might consider this unseemly and frown on his participation at these events, but Sarek did his duty regardless of criticism.

Soon, she and Nogura would have to share their joint plan with her husband and she was not looking forward to that confrontation. Amanda sat back, deep in thought for a few minutes. She drew in a breath, composed her response and began to type her letter to Admiral Nogura; her fingers flew over the keyboard. Amanda disdained composing letters by voice command; she liked to feel the keys under her fingers as she wrote. She finished her letter to Nogura and sat back, thoughtful once more.

Before too long, she would have to write to Spock. Her lips twitched in a wry smile as she contemplated his reaction when he read her letter. She thought it might be prudent to write to Jim Kirk as well and perhaps to Dr. McCoy too. Yes, she thought, she would forewarn them; she might need a very different type of support than that which Nogura had planned for, and they would be the ones to approach for help.

Through her window, she heard Sarek's shuttle coming home from his High Council meeting. It was time to think about dinner. She put away her padd, got up and went to meet her husband.

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