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In the grand scheme of things, Romano probably could've prevented this.

It was all England's fault. Again. The British bastard decided to bring their alternate selves back, due to a surprising amount of nations requesting it. Even Veneziano, the moron, had grown to like his knife-crazy counterpart. They had one more month to spend in this universe. However, because of some reason Romano wasn't really sure of (something to do with cupcakes and baseball bats), they were to stay in a separate building.

Romano shouldn't have cared. Yes, he and Spain had partaken in...less than innocent acts with each other's counterparts. But that didn't mean anything! It was a one time thing, nothing else.

Or at least he had thought so. Spain apparently thought otherwise.

He had gotten into contact with Flavio somehow, and the two were spending hours on the phone together, all of which Spain made a point to do in a separate room. Romano was no snoop, so he let the two have their privacy, but he was always suspicious about their conversations.

It was just wondering at first, but Romano soon grew more and more curious. Why did they talk so much? What did they discuss? Even though he promised himself he wouldn't be nosy, he listened in on one of their phone calls. All he got was a time and a place for them to meet. From all the giggling, it couldn't have been anything completely pure. Especially if that flirty blond was part of it.

About thirty minutes after Spain had left, Romano took his own car to the meeting spot, which was a small, seedy motel. It made the Italian's nose wrinkle in disgust. This kind of place only meant trouble.

He walked past the rooms, trying to find some kind of hint as to where those two were. Luckily, he didn't have to look for any clues, for the room those two were at had the window curtain parted slightly, and Romano got a view of everything.

He saw Spain, his Spain, on top of his alternate self, both of their faces red and sweaty, Flavio's legs hook around the Spaniard's waist, the bed rocking as they fucked desperately, lips connected in a passionate kiss. It was infuriating, and Romano was more pissed about why it was.

He didn't necessarily care that Spain wanted to have sex with another version of himself. Whatever, he didn't really think of it as cheating. But why wouldn't he invite Romano along? Did he want that moron all to himself? What bullshit.

"Aw, upset that SeƱor Perfecto doesn't want to fuck you?" cooed a patronizing voice. Romano jumped and turned to see a familiar scowling, scarred face. Spain's shitty parallel self, Santiago, who was leaning against a car (probably not his). Despite the fact that the two actually had sex prior to this, both were equally disgusted to see one another.

Romano pursed his lips, leaning beside him. "Upset that the blond idiota doesn't want your cock?" he retorted, smirking at how the Spaniard bristled. He seemed to have hit him hard with that insult.

They stood in silence, with only the muffled moans from within the room. Although he wanted to be calm and collected, so Santiago wouldn't be able to mock him, his blood boiled further. "Did he tell you that they planned to have sex again?"

"...No. Flavio sent me out to buy him things at the store. Except it was closed tonight." He scoffed, crossing his arms. "They fucked us both over. I guess that all we can do is just walk in and do it all over again, huh?"

"Fuck that! That's probably what Flavio wants. He wants us to walk in and do his little fantasy. I'm not playing his stupid game," ranted Romano, earning himself an incredulous look from the grumpy Spanish nation.

"Fine. Then what do we do?"

Romano thought for a moment. Then a grin spread on his face, one that was so uncharacteristically devious, it worried Santiago. "We get even."

It was easy to convince Spain to get in the car with a promise of a surprise. The moron probably thought he was getting a free dinner or something. When Romano parked in the lot for the motel, however, Spain stiffened.

"Ah...what are we doing here, Roma? It's kind of a dirty place..." He chuckled nervously, trying to step back but was kept in place by his lover hold on his arm.

"Yeah, real dirty, right? It's perfect for you," he hissed, snatching both of Spain's wrists and pulling a thin line of rope from his pocket, tying him up tight.

"Eh? Romano, what-"

He tugged his shirt collar. "Shut up and follow." Reluctantly, Spain followed his lover to the very room he had been in the night before. Romano pulled out a key, unlocking the door and pushing it open.

There was Flavio, who was kneeling on the floor in front of the bed, his wrists tied just like Spain's. Sitting on the edge of the bed was Santiago, who offered a nod of his head. "Put him next to that one. I'm sure they're comfortable being close together by now."

Romano nodded, shoving Spain onto his knees next to Flavio, who looked both amused and curious. To spite the hotheaded Italian, he greeted Spain with a long, lustful kiss, grinning deviously after. He was surprised to see, however, that Romano didn't fume at this action. He only smirked and sat next to Santiago on the bed.

"So, you two fucking morons thought you could sleep together without us knowing?" he began, with a tilt of his head. "That was a big mistake."

Flavio stuck his tongue out. "Oh, you two are such sticks in the mud! We didn't invite you because you would've just complained about it!" He batted his eyes. "But now, we can all fuck and be happy. Okay? Untie me."

"Nope," chirped Romano. "We're gonna fuck. Maybe after we'll feel generous and let you fuckers lick our cum or something. But I think you've two been well acquainted already." He glared at Spain. "So, enjoy the show. Not much else you can do." Still glowering at his lover, he cupped both of Santiago's cheeks, before leaning in and crushing their lips together.

He was surprised at how...nice it was. He could feel the Spaniard's scar beneath his lips, and it made him tremble. Hands caressed his hips, fingertips just barely brushing against his bare skin. It was so much better than the messy fuck they had the first time. As much as Romano would've liked to linger, just kissing wasn't going to teach those assholes a lesson. They had to speed things up, and fast.

Luckily, Santiago seemed to understand without Romano having to say anything. He broke the kiss, nimble fingers undoing the buttons on his shirt. The Italian stole a quick look at their partners, who were both beginning to look just a little antsy under their restraints. Good. Once his shirt was completely off, Romano sat in the Spanish nation's lap, his back pressed against the other's fit chest, facing the two cheaters with a smug smirk.

His satisfied expression fell, one of ecstasy replacing it, when he felt two calloused thumbs press flat against his nipples. The Italian gnawed at his bottom lip, lifting his chin to allow his partner to latch onto his neck, emitting a soft whine when he felt a tongue at his throat. He momentarily forgot they were doing this to punish their boyfriends, and allowed bliss to coarse through his body.

He felt one sinful hand slide down to undo his jeans, and he was pulled into another passionate kiss. He could feel Santiago's scorching tongue tangle messily with his, saliva dripping from their mouths. The moans Romano released were far too needy to be fake, especially when a hand brushed ever so lightly against his already straining erection. Instead of being a good person and jerking him off, Santiago stayed true to his douchebag nature by pulling down his own pants, at an unbearably slow pace. It took a lot for Romano not to punch him in the face, especially when he was so fucking turned on. Unfortunately, even when their bottom halves were bare, Romano received no handjob. Instead, he was lowered until the tip of Santiago's cock pierced inside him, making him gasp out.

Oh fuck. When Spain was inside him, the bastard usually waited a good minute for Romano to get used to the feeling, even if the Italian was in need of a nice, hard fuck. Santiago, on the other handed, barely waited a second before slamming his hips up into Romano, forcing tears out of his eyes and down his cheeks. Did it hurt? Yes. Did he adore it? Also yes. The pain mixed with the pleasure had his head spinning, and it was enough for him to let out sharp moans and sobs, all in the same.

He opened one eye to look at his Spain, and was delighted to see the jerk rub up desperately against the ropes, eyes glued to Romano's body, and how he rapidly bounced up and down onto Santiago's length. Flavio was the same, whining loudly, trying to get his boyfriend's attention with no success. Both were turned on, and eager to fuck, no matter who it was they were hooking up with.

Santiago was the first to address their horniness, and did so by pausing in his rough movements. "They're already so turned on. How pathetic...think they've suffered enough?" The two bounded nations nodded eagerly in agreement, looking at Romano pleadingly.

Romano rolled his eyes, standing up from the bed, a small noise escaping as he felt Santiago's cock leave him. "I guess. They still have to work for it, won't be that easy, you know?" He chuckled maliciously, before approaching Flavio, untying him slowly before pushing him to the ground. "Do whatever you want to the other one. I don't care. This one's mine for now." With that, knelt down, his legs on either side of Flavio's head. "Suck me, since you're so desperate, huh?"

Flavio was obviously shocked that his counterpart was demanding this from him. Then again, he did want some action, and this was good enough, whether it was technically with himself or not. He opened his mouth, allowing Romano's cock to slide inside, closing his lips around him and bobbing his head rhythmically. Romano let out a low moan, leaning down to do the same to Flavio's length, lapping at the side and smearing his lips lazily against the tip. It was a strange experience, but not entirely unpleasant. He wasn't sure what Spain was doing, but he heard a few breathy moans from the asshole, so he was fine. Probably.

Romano focused on the task before him, fitting as much of his counterpart's cock into his mouth as he could. Flavio seemed to be doing the same, and the mixed sensation of his length being engulfed and having the hot, pulsating flesh in his mouth made the normally grumpy Italian moan around Flavio. This was so fucked up...yet he really didn't care.

He was startled when Spain suddenly appeared in front of him, and he pulled away for a moment, a string of saliva still connecting him to Flavio's tip. Spain kissed his cheek briefly, making him grumble, before sliding two fingers inside of Romano's parallel self. He could hear the blond cry out, and his hips suddenly jerked up, his cock oozing precum that dripped against Romano's cheek. Spain leaned in to lick it off, and suddenly they were connected in a heated kiss. It was much more meaningful than the kisses that were shared with Santiago. The fact that he was fingering Flavio throughout the entire kiss made it even more erotic, enough for Romano to moan into his mouth.

All too soon, Spain had pulled away slightly, on his knees, now pushing his erection into Flavio with one quick thrust. Romano was all too quick to help his lover, licking at his cock whenever it pulled off briefly, his hand working on his counterpart's length. He felt dizzy with lust and overwhelmed pleasure, even though Flavio had suddenly stopped sucking him. However, this soon changed with a new feeling.

Santiago had been watching this play out, carefully choosing how he could add to this unholy, hot scene before him. He decided to lean down to his panting lover, whose normally neat hair was a mess around him on the floor, unable to speak from the sensation of being jerked off and fucked by two different people, all of whom weren't Santiago. With a brief kiss to his hand, the Spaniard grabbed his boyfriend by his hair, forcing his face up against Romano's entrance. In an instant, he saw his little pink tongue lap at the hole eagerly, his delicate fingers fondling his grumpy counterpart's balls. There. Now the sight was complete. Santiago grabbed Flavio's other hand, guiding it to his cock, groaning as it immediately began to stroke him vigorously.

The four of them moved against each other desperately, and the question arose to who would hit their orgasm first. The answer came after a few long minutes of moans and whines, with Flavio squirming a bit. "Ah...wait, I'm gonna...!" He came without a real proper warning, all over Romano's face, who wrinkled his nose in distaste. This expression soon molded into one of ecstasy, as he bucked his hips eagerly and released as well, embarrassed that he managed to orgasm without any real action on his cock. Oh well, at least Flavio had to deal with his cum too. He let out a startled cry as he was suddenly pulled off of his counterpart by Spain, who was spilling his fluids into the oversensitive blond. Romano found himself kissing his beloved for a second time, much less messy than the last one.

All that was left was Santiago. Flavio thought about just jerking him off into his climax, but thought of a much easier way to finish him off. He tugged Romano away from Spain, smirking briefly at his lover before beginning to lick at his cock. Romano soon got the idea, and went down on the Spaniard as well, kissing and biting very gently on the tip, both Italian enjoying the strangled moans coming from Santiago.

After a few minutes, he seemed to be getting close to a release. Romano lapped up the base of his length, startled when his tongue suddenly met Flavio's. They looked at each other for a moment, before they both leaned in more to deepen the dirty exchange, releasing matching moans that made Santiago completely lose it. Cum oozed out of his tip, coating both of the Italians faces, the white liquid seeping onto their tongues and being mixed between the two. After a moment, they finally pulled away, and were immediately approached by their respective boyfriends.

The night was still young, and they still had so much stamina left in all four of them.

Romano and Santiago concluded one thing. They were both terrible at revenge.

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