It was almost 10pm, and Amanda was still at her desk finishing off some paperwork. She looked up from the report she was just finishing to see that every other desk was empty, except Olivia Bensons. Amanda could see the brunette pony tail of the woman she had been working with for the past three years bobbing up and down as Olivia viscously scribbled down the last of her reports. It had been a long day and a tiring case and everyone was exhausted, the boys all headed to the bar at 6, but the girls opted to stay back and finish the paperwork so as to lessen the load for everyone else.

''Liv'' the young blonde called out hoarsely. She hasn't spoken to anyone for at least two hours and her voice was croaky. Amanda coughed and cleared her throat and yelled a more audible ''Liv!''. Olivia turned her head quickly, she appeared to have been pulled out of a trance, paperwork does that to you. ''Are you almost done? It is like 10pm, I am just about to head home. Want to walk out together?''. ''Sure'' Liv replied, ''let me just finish this last sentence''.

And with that Amanda packed her stuff away, put on her beige jacket, wrapped her scarf tightly around her neck and made her way to Olivia's desk. Amanda leaned on the desk with a playful smile. ''The boys owe us for doing all this paperwork!'' the blonde said, eyes glinting. Olivia smiled, ''yes they definitely do. Come on, let's get out of this place! I spend more time here than at home!'' ''Tell me about it!'' Amanda agreed. Olivia smiled at Amanda, packed her stuff and they made their way towards the elevator.

''Got plans for tonight?'' Olivia asked as the elevator went down. ''Umm..does sleeping count as a plan!?''Olivia laughed in agreement with the young detective.

They had a rocky friendship, Amanda admired Liv and Liv thought of Amanda to be a headstrong, wonderful detective, however Olivia knew Amanda had a troubled past, and this had affected her job a few months ago. Olivia was fond of Amanda, but her trust had been shaken. However, Amanda seemed to have got back into the swing of things as of late and Liv enjoyed having the happy young detective back.

The two detectives walked out of the double doors of their work place and right into the brisk winter air. ''I had to park over the other side, it was quite busy before! I will catch you tomorrow!'' Amanda yelled.

''What!? There is no way I am letting you walk all the way over there by yourself, at night in the middle of this city! I will drive you round'' Liv said with concern in her eyes. The mature detective knew what was out there in this city, and although Amanda knew too, the younger detective was a lot more careless and a lot more naive than the mature detective, and the mother inside Liv always came out with the younger detective, especially Amanda and her careless nature.

Amanda was already speed walking down the street ''No, no I am fine. I am a big girl Liv, thanks for the offer though! You worry too much! See you tomorrow!'' The blonde grinned and turned the corner.

Olivia stared with concern, there is no way she would catch up to Amanda now, and maybe the young detective was right, Liv did worry a bit too much, but it was late. There was no way Liv could catch up, so she made her way to her car and drove home.

As Amanda turned the corner, she was aching to get home and climb into bed. Just as she turned the next corner, she began to hear footsteps. Was it her own footsteps echoing? Was it some innocent person just trying to get home like she was? Amanda felt the hair on the back of her neck stick up and she began to speed up her pace. You're just being silly Amanda, she told herself. Amanda could hear the footsteps closer now, and she heard the breathing of someone directly behind her. Amanda turned around and suddenly a large hand was at her neck. The hand squeezed her neck and Amanda struggled to breathe. Coughing, spluttering, Amanda was panicking. The hand finally released her neck, only to pushed Amanda violently into the wall. Darkness began enveloping Amanda's view, and the last word she managed to hoarsely whisper was ''Help''.