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"They're standard issue Liv. The lab managed to get an imprint of the shoe print and it was enough to confirm that the shoe prints are from shoes issued to uniformed police officers" Fin's voiced sounded exhilarated on the phone. The detectives often get this when an important clue is discovered, but it was even more exhilarating as it was helping the detectives get closer to finding out who harmed someone very important to them.

"Wow. Thanks Fin. I need to tell you some things too, can we meet?"

"Yeah sure, would it be easier if I come to you?"

"Yes please Fin. I can't leave Amanda by herself at the moment. Please bring Nick too, this is important."

About an hour later, Fin and Nick knocked on the door. Olivia rose from the couch, dropped the notebook on her coffee table and opened her door. There in front of her were the faces of two exhausted men. Their faces looked exhausted, but their eyes didn't. Their eyes were wide and ready to catch this bastard.

"Hey, come in" Olivia said in an exhausted but kind voice.

They all sat down around Olivia's coffee table. This setting was very informal and different to how they usually collaborated and worked on cases, but this was a unique situation. Amanda was important to them and this made the situation unique. They were not only detectives working the case, but friends supporting their friend. Olivia was both the lead in charge of the case and the friend in charge of Amanda's wellbeing, and that meant working the case in Olivia's living room around her coffee table.

"Ok, I am going to lay out what I have got. Nick can you please note down everything? Then you share what you have, and we will collate it all in one document, so we can see what we are working with here. I can type this up formally tonight, but I just want to get it all down, so we have all the information in one space.

"So, this is what Amanda has told me:

She has been getting calls from different numbers every day. Likely untraceable disposable numbers. He never speaks, just breathes into the phone. Well, until yesterday when he called again and finally said "Goodbye". Then today she got a text from another new number which contained a photo of Amanda's naked and beaten body."

Olivia stopped talking after this to take a moment. Nick and Fin clearly needed this pause to take in this information. A sad silence hung in the air.

Olivia then continued "She recognised his accent as from her hometown and where she previously worked. She saw his face and said she did not recognise him. It was dark, but she seems certain. Ok, What have you got?"

"Okay" Fin gave a cough before starting and Nick was poised with the pen.

"Basically, we've got two key things. The shoe print and the palm/finger print found on the lamp post. It is confirmed the shoe print is a standard issue police shoe and a size men's size 10. The finger and palm print are still being processed but are being fast tracked. Should be here by tomorrow."

"Okay" Liv said. She thought for a few seconds, then sunk back into the couch, frustrated.

"We seem to have got some good evidence and leads, but I just don't know where to start. At all. Her gambling? Family past? Work past? Childhood? Did you guys find anything going through her old cases or workplace?"

Nick and Fin exchanged an anxious look. "What is it?" Olivia said quickly. "Tell me, please".

Nick inhaled deeply. "In terms of cases..well, we've put a lot of people away Liv. There are a lot of angry families out there. We can't check every case, so we narrowed it down to when people may have personally blamed Amanda or sent any threatening letters. We've narrowed it down to about 15 cases and are still combing through, but as we have the new information of the threatening phone calls and a man with the same accent as Amanda's previous home, it seems more unlikely that it is related to a case we've worked here."

"Uh-huh, go on." Olivia said as she sensed something more important was about to be said.

"So, we were looking into her past job Liv. We spoke to her previous commanding officer. He's weird Liv. I know this isn't a professional judgement on my part, but the way he speaks about's just off. And I know she had some issues there that led to her leaving. She won't talk about it, but something happened there. I think we need to focus more on her previous work place and the people she worked with. The accent and shoe print clearly indicate the perp is likely from there. We need to find out who from her past life before us would be unhinged enough to come all the way here to viscously attack Amanda like this. We need to go to Atlanta."

Before Liv had a time to properly digest and respond, a phone started ringing. Nick, Fin and Olivia all checked their phones, then all looked at each other with a shrug. None of their phones were the ones ringing. The ringing stopped and there was a few seconds pause, followed by a scream from the guest room.