Chapter 12 of Better Not To Breathe Than to Breathe A Lie by t0bemadeofglass inspired these two scenes.

"Is that a trick question? Loyalty requires love, love is weakness, and weakness is, as you have so carefully taught us, worthy only of death."

"Don't bother lying to me. Or perhaps you are lying to yourself? Your people aren't giving immortality to humanity as any kind of gift."

She tilted her head and looked Thor in the eyes. "Those other realms you conquered?" Her voice was idle and inquisitive. "You came in - you shattered their bodies and wounded their souls and drove any hope of ever living their lives for themselves out of them? After that they were no further trouble to you, for centuries."

Her smile turned cold and grim now. "But not us. You crush one generation, and the next rises. You crush them and the next rises again. How difficult it must be for you!" She said in mock pity. "Every generation is born in new hope and dreams. How tedious, how boring, how draining on your resources and credibility it is.

Our mortality means that you must reconquer in every single generation. After a time even the Aesir must grow tired of slaughtering children"

"This is for your own Good!" Thor proclaimed, "with immortality you will come to understand a better way, be joined with the other realms, and protected from the coming danger."

"Then there is the other matter. The timing of your invasion. Asgard is the same now as it was when you were a child a thousand years ago." She met his eyes, talking past his proclamation as if it were irrelevant, "and a thousand years from now you and your children will likewise be similar. Not us. In the last 150 years we have gone from trudging the surface of our world to flight, space, and instant communication. We are cracking our own genetic code and in not many more years we will create ourselves as we wish. You had to stop us now... while you still could.

"That is what you seek to put an end to with your gift of poisoned fruit. No gift, Just another weapon.