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Dementors and Demigods

Chapter 1

"Chiron wants to see you."

Will looked round, lowering his bow. Travis Stoll stood there, looking at him expectantly.

"Why?" Will wondered if there had been another major accident, one that meant he would have to practically live in the infirmary. Travis shrugged,

"Dunno, he did say to get there ASAP." Will sighed.

"Okay." Placing his bow in the weapons shed, Will meandered along the path to the Big House. When he reached it, he heard a kindly voice saying, in an urgent tone:

"…We must protect the boy!"

"I know." Chiron answered in a weary voice, "Black certainly is a threat-"

Tentatively Will knocked on the door, and walked inside. Chiron was standing in centaur form talking to an iris message of an old, old man with a long white beard and twinkling blue eyes.

Chiron turned to him.

"Ahh, Will. This is Albus Dumbledore, Son of Hecate. Albus this is Will Solace, Son of Apollo." Dumbledore smiled at him.

"Nice to meet you, dear boy." The man had an English accent.

"And you, sir."

A knock on the door interrupted Dumbledore just as he was about to speak, and a young boy, with haunted dark eyes walked in. Nico.

"Hey Neeks, you too?" Will asked, a smile curling the corner of his mouth upwards.

Nico nodded, rolling his eyes as if to say obviously.

As Will looked over at Dumbledore he saw a small smile on his face, his eyes twinkling violently.

"Nico. This is Albus Dumbledore, Son of Hecate. Albus, This is Nico di Angelo, Son of Hades."

"Nice to meet you. Are these the two Chiron?" Will and Nico shared a confused glance.

"They are, Albus. We will need to explain Hecate's world to them."

"Of course." Dumbledore had a pensive expression on his face, before starting.

"A long time ago, Hecate blessed a group of mortals with magic. These mortals spread until they had a large community. But there is a great threat looming over our world. A man named Tom Riddle-"

Nico hissed. "Oh yes. I know about him. My Father has very strong opinions on that man." Why would the lord of the underworld have strong opinions on a mortal?

"As he would, my boy, as he would." Dumbledore didn't seem surprised.

"Well, Tom tried to kill a boy, Harry Potter, but his mother died to save him, leaving a lasting protection. Tom's power broke, and he had been in hiding ever since. But recently a mass murderer, and supporter of Voldemort (Riddle's preferred name) has escaped from prison, and seems to be hunting Harry. I called Chiron and asked him to recommend two teenaged demigods to help in his protection. You are those two."

Nico and Will shared a glance, and Will saw the acceptance in Nico's eyes, and nodded slightly. Nico looked up at Dumbledore,

"We accept."

"Come on, Nico! We've got to be at the Big House in ten minutes!" Nico frowned, rolling over, away from the harsh light assaulting his eyes.

"Wake up, we don't want to be late for this!" Nico sat up, rubbing his eyes.

"Will, is that you?" Will's face loomed above his coffin- sorry bed- and Nico groaned as the healer poked him in the shoulder.

"Okay, I'm getting up!"

"You better," Will made his way over to the door where he turned and said,

"And no Underworld-y stuff, Doctor's orders. You have to walk to this meeting!"

With this, he laughed and shut the door before Nico's pillow could hit him in the face

Nico strolled down the path to the Big House, wondering who was going to greet them. When he arrived he saw Will chatting easily to a mountain of a man wearing a moleskin overcoat. The man's back was to Nico, so all Nico could see was a mass of tangled black hair. Will spotted him and called out:


The Giant man turned at this and Nico saw that most of his face was obscured by a busy black beard. When Nico reached the porch the man held out his hand.

"Nice t' meet yeh. My name's Rubius Hagrid, but you can call me Hagrid, everyone does." Nico studied Hagrid for a moment. Although his initial appearance was formidable, his beetle black eyes gleamed with kindness. Nico took his hand.

"Nico di Angelo."

A woman in a black dress appeared behind Will, and Nico bowed.

"Lady Hecate."

Will and Hagrid turned and bowed as well. Hecate inclined her head.

"Nico di Angelo, approach." Nico approached the Goddess warily, but she just raised a hand and placed it on his forehead. It felt as though he had an intense ice-cream headache for a second, before Hecate remove her hand and stated.

"It is done. William Solace: approach."

Will did so and she repeated the process.

"Take care of my world, demigods. Do not fail me." And with those words, she disappeared.

"Righ'" Hagrid said, rubbing his hands together. "Ready to go to Diagon Alley?"

As the days slipped by, Harry started looking wherever he went for a sign of Ron or Hermione. Plenty of Hogwarts students were arriving in Diagon Ally now, with the start of term so near. Harry saw Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan, his fellow Gyriffindors. He also saw Hagrid, and the meeting puzzled him.

He was sitting outside Florian Fortiscues ice cream parlour, doing his History of Magic homework, when he spotted the familiar figure towering over the crowd.

"Hagrid!" He shouted, standing up and weaving his way through the crowd to the half-giant. Hagrid turned.

"'Arry!" Hagrid beamed in delight. When Harry reached Hagrid he saw that Hagrid wasn't alone. Standing next to him were two boys around Harry's age. One was blond, and chatting animatedly with the other. Suddenly the other boy's head snapped around, and Harry saw that he had a long fringe that fell into his eyes. Eyes that looked broken, as if he'd seen too much. He hit the blond boy's arm to get his attention, and the boy stopped mid-sentence, furrowing his brow in confusion.

"Nice to meet you! I'm Will Solace!" The Blond boy held out his hand, speaking in a heavy Southern drawl. Harry took his hand.

"Harry Potter." Harry braced himself for the negative reaction, the glance at his scar, but Will's smile didn't falter. The other boy didn't react to his name, but he was holding tightly to Will's arm, as if it was the only thing keeping him upright. He seemed to regain his balance, and stood up straight. Will shot him a confused and concerned look.

"Nico di Angelo." His voice was quiet, and not entirely American. There was a hint of –Italian? - there, a certain lilt to his words.

"Oh yea! 'Arry, these are two transfer students from America, joinin' yer year!"

Harry was surprised, he didn't know Hogwarts accepted transfer students.

"Well we better be off, lots to do today!" Hagrid said. "See yeh. 'Arry!"

As they walked off, Harry saw Nico pull Will aside, and say something to him, hands moving rapidly as he spoke.

Nico pulled Will aside as soon as Harry was out of earshot.

"Are you okay?" Will asked before Nico could speak, "You looked like you were about to faint." Nico waved his hands dismissively.

"Fine. I was just surprised. You saw his scar?" Will nodded.

" It's not all that it seems." Nico continued "There is a fragment of soul attached. It felt eerie to me. Unnatural." He shook his head "But that is Thanatos' domain, the reaping of souls, I cannot interfere."

Hagrid doubled back, realising they weren't with him.

"Only yeh wands left, let's go teh Ollivanders!"

They came to an old shop with peeling paint looking very run down. Will struggled to read the words on the sign but managed to make out Ollivanders: Makers of fine wands since 382 B.C. the only display was a dusty old wand on a cushion, looking like it had been there since the shop first opened.

Stepping inside Will saw rows upon rows of boxes, all looking as if they had been there for half a century.

"Ahhh… What have we here?" A pale man stepped out of the shadows, observing them intently. He turned to Will.

"Which is your wand arm?" Will thought for a second.

"I'm right handed, if that's what you mean."

"Yes, yes…" Ollivander was now browsing through the shelves, and when he returned he was carrying several boxes. Opening one, he handed it to Will.

"Ash, seven inches, springy." Will waved it hesitantly, but Ollivander snatched it back almost instantly. This process was repeated several more times, until Ollivander drew out an oddly twisted wand.

"Willow and unicorn hair. Nine inches." Will took the wand, and as soon as it met his hand, a wonderful music filled the room, speaking of healing and light, though there was a bittersweet tinge of loss.

"Ahhh… You've found your wand boy. Willow… Good for healing. Use it well." Ollivander turned to Nico.

"As for you…" Nico tried many wands, to no avail, until Ollivander pulled out a stock straight wand, very plain with no design.

"Beech and dragon heartstring. Twelve inches."

When Nico held the wand, The music started again, but this time it was low and haunting, invoking feelings of loss and wounds never to heal.

"My dear boy…" Ollivander surveyed Nico with piercing eyes.

"Beech woods are most suited to those who are wise beyond their years. I see that this one is well matched." Nico met the wandmakers gaze with the same intensity, and seemed to come to a conclusion, because he nodded sharply and looked away.

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