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The Unknown Allie

Chapter 1: Where it Begins

Before Present Day:

It was late afternoon. In one of the outer, scarcely populated districts of Konoha two women of great friendship were in the middle of a silent, leisurely stroll through the small forest within the walls after just having had a break for one when suddenly one of them spoke up with a soft voice slightly laced with something sounding like worry.

"Hey Mebuki, can you promise me something?"

"Sure, anything Kushi, you know that." Came the response with a suspicious tone to it.

"Well, I have an ominous feeling and I don't know why. I just feel like something really bad might happen soon." Was the cautious reply.

"And? You're not making very much sense here and you still haven't asked what you wanted me to promise."

"Well, what I'm getting at is that if anything happens to us." The soft voice cut off suddenly when she reached down with her to rub her clearly pregnant stomach. "Please take good care of him for me." The rest of the response came out kind solemn, as if the speaker knew something no one else did… and that nothing could be done about it.

"Don't talk like that. Everything will be perfectly fine. You know he wouldn't let a single person lay a finger on you or his son in there. If it will make you feel better though, okay. I will make sure to take good care of him." Came the forceful sounding response before it gradually softened.

"Thank you. You have no idea how much of a relief that is." The soft voice finally sounded relieved for the first time in this short conversation.

With that said the two then made their way to a bench not too far off for the now known heavily pregnant lady to sit for a few minutes as this close to birth exercise of any kind becomes difficult.

"God Kushi, is this how I'm going to be in another eight months, both physically and mentally?" More thoughts along these lines happily strolled through the only slightly pregnant ladies head as she helped her friend towards the pre-mentioned bench.

Present Day:

To the surprise of many villagers a little blonde boy runs by quickly, being chased by a mob of villagers. Since it is the 7th anniversary of the Kyuubi attack many of the villagers join the mob in their hunt only worsening his situation.

Trying to lose some of them he quickly shoots off into an alley way. He knows this particular alley way well so doesn't have to worry about running into a dead end but unfortunately, so does the mob.

After seeing that he won't be able to hide here he yells out in a terrified voice "What did I do? Please, tell me what I did to ever deserve this. I promise I won't do it again, I promise!" In his haste he steps in a hole and falls only for things to end suddenly.

"HUUGGHH!" Was the only sound to come out of a certain blonde boy's mouth only to end up screaming in pain at the result of a fist to his head.

"Naruto, class is over and you slept through over half of it again. How are you going to pass your graduation exam if you keep this up?" Asked a very irked Sensei, Iruka Sensei to be exact. The teacher of the class Naruto was in

"Ugghh, I'm sorry Iruka Sensei. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night." Came the half asleep response from everyone's favorite blonde knucklehead.

"Naruto, you say that every time and it's not even the first time this week. I'm tired of hearing excuses from you. I want to see effort and improvement. I know your capable of great things."

"I'm sorry Iruka Sensei… again. I will try to do better tomorrow. Can I just go home now?" Was the solemn response that came out of his mouth.

"Hey Naruto, why the solemn response? I wasn't that hard on you this time." Asked Iruka Sensei with a hint of concern for his student.

"Well, you see, today is my birthday. I'm 12 today."

"What? Why didn't you tell me? I understand why your sad now. Come on, I'll treat you to some ramen today then." As Iruka said a look of understanding crossed his face as he too knows the pain of being alone as an orphan on ones birthday and he proceeded to place his hands on his hips.

"WHAT?! REALLY?! Then what are we waiting for? Come on already then!"

"Wait! Naruto, hold on! Stop dragging me!" The look on Iruka's face as he was forcefully taken from the room would have broken raucous laughs out of his even class.

"No time sensei! Ramen is on the line here!"

In a round room with a nice oak desk an elderly man was enjoying a short break and taking a relaxing draw from his pipe just enjoying the silence and peace with another whom was also taking the moment after finishing a rather important conversation when it was suddenly broken.


"Hahaha, I guess Iruka decided to treat Naruto to some Ramen today as that was definitely him screaming" Instead of being annoyed the old man was very amused by this event

"Maybe, I should go for a walk and happen to 'stumble' upon them and treat Naruto to a few bowls myself. I need to give him his present anyway."

"Since we've already covered everything Kakashi, would you like to join me?" Was the question asked by the old man as he gave his attention back to the man standing before him.

The man identified as Kakashi who was looking out the window with a far away look in his single eye slowly turned to look back at the Hokage with a rather irked look in his eye. "I've been forbidden to have any contact with him before outside of keeping the mobs off despite my requests. Why invite me now?" While his voice seemed to remain the same the irritation in it was apparent to the old man.

"You know that wasn't of my doing Kakashi." The old man suddenly grew tired and leaned his elbows on the desk with his head also leaned over.

"It might not have been directly but you were the one who gave them that much power in the first place. If I've waited this long to meet already I can wait until team formation. I'll be taking my leave now"

"Goodbye Kakashi."

Kakashi preceded to leave then leaving the old man alone in the office.

Talking in a low voice to himself more than anything else the old man began to speak with his head still down . "Maybe it is time I finally do something about all the meddling the civilian council and elders do. They've cost me the respect of several of my Jonin and ranking Anbu in the last few years."

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