Baymax: I have some concerns…

Hiro: Such as?

Baymax: Why do you not have powers for yourself?

Hiro: Because I'm working the controls.

Baymax: What if you fall off mid-flight and break your neck on an airship?

Hiro (-_-): You'll catch me.

Baymax (finger in the air): Yes! But what if I am not fast enough?

Hiro (-_-): You go six-hundred-miles-per-hour, I don't think it's going to be a problem.

Baymax: What if I have to choose assisting between you or one of our friends? I cannot let either of you perish!

Hiro: You wouldn't worry about us, you would defeat Yokai.

Baymax (very much serious): Say you fell mid-flight, one of our friends was injured, I had to defeat Yokai and both of you died because I was defeating Yokai, only after the fact being able to assist you and our hypothetically injured friend. You would already be dead and I would be sad, plus I would have to kill Yokai in the process and we would lost our leader.

Hiro (-_-)

Baymax: (…)

Hiro: Yokai would be defeated and our hypothetically injured friend would mend with time, so what's your point?

Baymax: I am placing you on suicide watch, please hand me your cellular phone.

(Hiro jumps off and Baymax flies down to catch him, Yokai appeared and Fred gets a splinter. While Baymax pulls his splinter out while safely placing Hiro on the ground, Yokai dies from uncontrollable laughter)

Baymax: O_O

Hiro: ^^

Baymax: I stand corrected. -._-. (sees Hiro grinning) -_-