Hiro [reading]: 'I'll meet you at the alter'. 'I'll be the one in white.' I smiled at how-,
Baymax [looking over the teen's shoulder]: Hiro?
Hiro: BAYMAX! [He hides his book behind him] Uh... da... I thought. Uh... I thought you were in... the, the kitchen. With... uh... with the aunt person.
Baymax [leaning away]: What are you reading, Hiro?
Hiro: Oh, it's... uh, it's nothing it's...
Aunt Cass: THERE'S my copy of Breaking Dawn. [His aunt picks up the big, black book and drops it into a box she's picked up] Hiro, I thought I told you to collect all my old books while we get ready for the summer book and bake sale and-, [Pauses, looks down at book, then up at Hiro]
Hiro: O_O
Baymax: o-o
Aunt Cass: Hiro... were, were you reading a Twilight book?
Hiro: Um... I gotta get the rest of those books, Aunt Cass.
[He takes the box from her grasp, slowly backs out of the room while all the time watching his family, then zips off]
Baymax: I can download any e-books you and Hiro might like.
Aunt Cass: I've... gotta finish those cupcakes.