Chapter 2: Prologue 2

Okay so last entry I went on a teeny tiny rant about my adoptive family. well sorry about that, I can let my emotions control me sometimes. So ya I'm adopted and new it. also something else I forgot to mention is the fact that I have no clue as to whom my parents are. They told me that they had found me in the middle of a burned down house, only my mother inside. People believed that I had no father, that my parents were unmarried. Most didn't want to adopt me because I have this intimidating air about me and it freaked others out. especially the kids. So this entry is going to be all about my adoption and birth parents. It'll be a continuation of my last entry just cause. Also did I tell you that it's my 17th birthday?


It's just after my "family" came down to eat that there was a knock on the door. By this time I was about to go back outside to continue my morning ride with Naka. So of course I went over to the door to see who it was. Apparently it's nobody I knew so I ask what they are doing there and he says that he needs to talk to the whole family.

I bring him to my family as they eat and ask him to sit down, telling my family that the man needed to talk to the family. They paled at the sight of him and so I turn around to get a good look at him. Well first of all he was tall, and I mean really tall. Like 7 feet tall! So yeah anyway, he had raven black, and long enough to put in a small pony, hair, was super pale, seemed to be important or something like that, and his face was handsome. High cheek bones and all that. But his eyes, oh my god, his eyes! There were the most beautiful obsidian black.

All in all he kinda looked like me except for the eyes and hair. My eyes are a deep bloody red, that seemed to glow, and my raven hair would shine red in certain lights. 'He could be like my father or something from the way he looks!' Is what I thought about him, 'he probably even takes good care of children!' I really wished he was my family instead of the hooligans.

Mentioning them, as I said they paled at the sight of him and he grinned back, 'sharp teeth, like a vampire', and said that he had come to take his child. Now while the other kids and I were confused at this the adult Christows(my family) seemed to perfectly understand and start shouting for the strange man to "Take her! We never wanted her in the first place! The only reason we even kept her was so that we would have somebody to do the chores around here!"

Now I can be naive in some things, but I know when somebody is talking about me. It hurt, I mean ya I knew they didn't like me, but still giving me to a complete stranger!? Come on, who does that!? 'Though he did say that he's come to take his child. So does that mean I actually do have a father?' I may be 17 but I could still be excited about leaving that god awful place and going with someone who really does care! 'But if he does care why did he leave me? Does he really not care about me?' I look at him and ask him exactly what I'm thinking. He smiles sadly and says "I'm sorry my child but I could only come to you once you came of the proper age, so that I may take you to your new home." Though I didn't quite understand what he was saying, I just nodded and went to get my things, including my horse. I'd be damned if I let him take her from my.

I come back down and he's waiting for me at the door. He I reach him he looks down at me, a measly 6 foot 5 inches compared to him, and smiles. Then he walks out the door beckoning me to follow him. I follow after him smiling. We're standing in the shadows in front of my house, or should I say my old house, and he tells me "We have a lot to talk about Kariya."

Then all goes black.


So yeah, you'll figure out everything next entry, about the black and who he really is. Though he actually is my father. God even years later I love saying that. Let me just tell you back then it was the early 1800 so yeah. You'll understand everything next entry. It'll even explain my new home and my whole family. I may just have a blood related father, but I get lots of adopted brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews. You're gonna love it. Well see ya next time.


Okay so I'm only going to update once a week, maybe twice on weekends cause of school. Sorry if this seemed a bit choppy, I didn't get it pre-read before I decided to post it so ya. Whats gonna happen is that there will be one more chapter like this one, which explains ever thing and the back ground of the main character, and then it'll do a major time skip to when Harry is about five Okay?

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