Chapter: 7

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Breakfast was very fun, Grandmother told me to call her, well grandmother, and when grandfather didn't say anything she hit him with her elbow to get him to respond, he was so focused on his food. I think I know where mum gets it from now. I ate the food that mum put on my plate, and I'm now happy she prevented grandma from putting any more on my plate when she wanted to. When grandma asked why, she said that some of my past punishments had been no food for a period of time, so they needed to keep the amount of food light so that I don't get sick. Grandma got this really scary look on her face, but the next second it was gone and she was smiling sweetly, nodding her head in understanding, it's as if her anger was never there! Confused but happy, I ate my food, loving it oh so much! I just never wanted to finish, though I also didn't want to go see the Dursleys either, but sadly breakfast finished to soon. Mother was done and it was time to go.

I thanked the house elves for the meal and rushed to keep up with mum, who had started to leave as I was saying thank you. I catch up with her, and hoping she won't say no, holding out my hand I grab her's. She looks down at the joined hands and then looks at me. She smiles and the next thing I know I'm up in the air being placed on her hip like a little kid. I look at her curious, and she just smiles at me. "We need to walk through the shadows to get us up to where I left the car last night, then we can drive it to the Dursleys, so they don't think I'm not lame and boring normies like they are okay? The house that is on privet drive is gonna be directly to here. Your room here is going to be connected to your room at the house. You just have to travel through any shadow in your rooms. I'll teach you how to do that later. Okay?" I nod my head back and she starts walking towards a random shadow, and this time I actually see the change in light as we arrive on the surface. It's sorta like a very short tunnel leading to the surface, maybe like passing through an doorway but a tad longer.

We walk out of the alley we arrived in and across the street was the restaurant we went to last night. Our car was parked out in front of it, people just passing it by. I was just happy that they had not asked for it to be taken away. As mum starts to head to the car she looks at me, still on her hip, "Do you want to sit up front or would you like to sit in the back darling?" I say, "Up front please." She nods her head at me and opens the passenger side door. As she sets me in the car she kisses the top of my head and I look up at her, shyly. She just continues to smile and heads to the driver side of the car. As she gets into the car she starts to talk, though I'm not sure if it was to me or herself. "I will never get used to what side you drive on in England. I spent a majority of my time learning how to drive in America, so this is still weird to me. I mean why would they have us drive on different sides of the roads? Why not just have one world wide side of the road to drive on? Like everybody either drives in the left or the right? It would make it so much easier for people going to different countries that drive on the other side of the road than they are used to. Really now!" As she says this last sentence she turns to me, "What do you think cupcake? Oh I hope you don't mind the pet name. I have a tendency to call people different names and stuff, sometimes food names. Don't be surprised if I call you angel cake okay? It's a habit that can't be broken. Anyway we're going to the Uglies house to get your items and for them to legally sign over the adoption forms and to give them mum's gift. You okay with that honey?"

I look at her and nod my head, as she was talking I just started to continuously nod my head to what she's saying, I'm still trying to figure out what she was talking about with the other side of the road. By the time I look out the window I see the sign saying that we were entering Private Drive, and I couldn't help but shiver a bit. Even though I had nothing to fear with mother with me I couldn't help the sliver of fear, and a voice in my head saying that she was going to give me back to the Dursley's. They would tell her how horrible a child he is, even though it's not true, and she would give him back to them.

The car stopped and mother turned to look at me. "Don't you worry my little angel heart, whatever fear you hold, it's not gonna happen. I love you and care for you, and I will not give you to them, no matter what they tell. I know for a fact that your smart and caring, sweet and innocent, but also shy. You are also very special and nothing will ever change that. Your heart is pure and kind and full of love for all." At this last part she gently puts her hand up against where my heart then drags her finger up to my nose and lightly taps it, "Boop." and she smiles. Then she gets out of the car and quickly comes over to my side. She opens the door and picks me up again, after she unbuckled me of course. She sets me on her hip and walks up to the front door. "Let's get this over with, K?" She knocks on the door and we wait for it to open.

The door opens and I see Aunt Petunia as she opens the door, and she looks at us with a sneer. Mum just gave her a cold smile in turn, "What are you d-" "We are here to pick up my sons stuff and to have you sign the adoption papers. That is all, the sooner you get it done, the sooner we get to leave this hell hole. Now aren't you going to let us in before your neighbors see?" Annoyed at the fact that she had been interrupted, Aunt Petunia scowled even more and opened the door to let us in. She leads us to the living room and we all sit down. Uncle Vernon is out at work, and listening to the sounds upstairs, Dudley is in his room playing on one of his game consuls. Aunt Petunia glared at mum, "Well, isn't the boy going to go get his stuff? It'll be good to have his freakishness out of the house. My poor little Dudikins won't have to worry about catching It's freakishness anymore." After she stopped talking the got really cold, and I looked up to mum to see what was going on. She was glaring heavily at Aunt Petunia, "Well, go collect your stuff Hun, I'm gonna have a little chat with Mrs. Dursley, okay?"

I get up off the couch and walk over to my old cupboard. It's amazing to think that yesterday I was sleeping here and being forced to cook and do chores, and just in one night, I now have a new mum and family, my own room, and people who truly cared for me. I reach in and grab all my things that I want to keep. My broken army soldiers that Dudley broke and so they gave to me, and my stuffed wolf that Dudley threw away and I took from the trash when they weren't looking and stuffed under my baggy shirt. I would have grabbed the clothes, but mum said that we were going shopping and that she would burn them. I turn back to go to the living room when I hear stomping coming down the hall.

I look up to see my cousin Dudley coming down the stairs, "Hey Freak, what're you doing? Shouldn't you be making my lunch! If you don't I'm gonna tell mum!" As he said this he ran into the living room where mum was talking to Aunt Petunia. I walk in behind him and he's yelling at her, "MUM! The Freak's not making my lunch like he's suppose to! Make him do it and punish him!" Before she could get a word out mum turned to him, "Hun, what did you just say about my little Harry being a Freak? Has your daddy and mommy taught you to call him that?" "Well yeah, dad calls him that all the time before he gets punished! And mom is always telling him to shut up because he's a worthless freak!" Mum nodded at this and then turned her head to Petunia, "Well then, we are going to have a lot to talk about, aren't we Petunia? Maybe we should wait until your husband gets home? He should be home shortly shouldn't he?" As she says this her eyes darken to almost completely black and Petunia starts to shake. "He shouldn't be home for quite a few more hours. If you wish to come backā€¦?" "Hmmm, no I think he got out of work early today for some reason and is on his way home right now, maybe he was given the day off or something?" As mum says this the sound of Vernon's car is heard in the driveway, then the groaning of a great weight being taken off of it.

He enters through the front door, voice yelling, "Petunia, my sweet! I'm home early!" He enters the living room to find all of us either standing around or sitting. He looks confused for a moment before he sees me standing next to mother. His face instantly starts to turn prune colored, and I can't help but flinch in that moment. I feel mom put a reassuring hand on my back before she starts to speak up, "Ahh Vernon, just the man we've been waiting for, why don't you have a seat so that we can talk about Harry, hmm?" The way she glared at him though, it didn't seem that she was giving him an option. He opens his mouth to start yelling when all of a sudden it looks like he's choking on air. I turn to mum to see her holding her hand up towards him, "ah ah ah, I didn't say to speak you filthy vermin, I said to SIT DOWN!" As she says that last part she moves her hand over to the couch and downwards. As I look back at the 'Vermin', I see him following the movement, but mostly with his neck seemingly to being dragged to that position.

She smiles at that. "Good, now we can talk like civilized people instead of yelling, don't you think? Now I came here to discuss you handing Harry over to me, I just need you to sign the papers and we can be on with our lives, don't you think?" Once she's done talking she puts and an obviously fake smile and raises an eyebrow to Petunia and Vernon. Petunia is quick to nod her head at mum, but Vernon seems to turn an even darker shade of purple, and not from lack of air sadly. 'Huh, Mom must have already started to rub off on me.' Mum slowly puts her hand down, looking ready to put it back up in an instant, and Vernon starts to yell at her. "WHY SHOULD I LISTEN TO YOU YOU FREAK! You don't belong with us normal people and need to get out of my house right now! And NO you can't take the freak! I get payed to abuse him, like I would give that up anyway! And the old freak told to do it in the letter he gave us!" As he goes on, mom's face starts to look more and more evil, and the air slowly starts to get colder, it looks like the shadows are also starting to stretch out more in the room.

"Now you listen to me, and you listen to me now! You are going to sign the adoption forms and you are then going to leave me and Harry alone for the rest of your miserable lives, or I'm going to put in hell and torture you myself, got it!" All her words seem to be very close to hissing and her eyes are totally black, no white of other color whatsoever. She had also put her hand back up in Vernon's direction and was slowly closing it, appearing to choke him oh so slowly. Finally it seems Petunia couldn't take the thought of him dying, "Okay we will sign the papers, but please just don't kill him and don't send us to hell!" Mum smiles at this and opens her hand at this, putting it down. As she drops her hand Vernon drops to the ground as well, panting for breath. Mum pulls out some papers from her pocket and hands them over to Petunia, along with a pen. "Sweet, I'll just need both you and your husband to sign where the X's are and we will be on our way." Petunia shakily takes the pen and signs her name on one of the Xed lines. She then hands the paper and pen over to Vernon and he signs it as well, still shaky. "Oh good now we can leave, Harry do you have everything you wish to keep?" I nod my head and she smiles at me, "Then let's get out of this horrid place." We stand to leave, but as we are about to leave the living room she turns back to the Dursleys, oh and here a present from my mom for how you took care of Harry, Cognosce alias dolor. Try not to die too early, okay?" She waved her hand at the Dursley's as she said the strange words then turned, picked me up, and walked right out of the house.

We get to the car and she puts me in the passenger seat. She then goes around to the driver's side and gets in. She frowns, seeming to stare at nothing for a second before turning and looking at me. "Hey you up for some ice cream my little Parvulus?" I nod my head and she smiles at me again, then turns the car on and drives out of the driveway and away from the Dursleys. I can't help but smile, I was leaving behind a past of hurt and driving towards a more fun appearing future.

Off of google translate;

Cognosce alias dolor: Latin for Know the other's pain

Parvulus: Latin for Little One