"When you live long enough, you see the same eyes in different people."

- Maz Kanata (Star Wars: the Force Awakens)


"So what's with the crystals and stuff, anyway?"

Dani's new roommate, Sam, was the type of girl that had probably never worried about anything. Some sweet farm-girl from Nevada who had a picture of her horse on her desktop and one of her family on her bedside table. After a few years in the dorms she'd gotten used to these questions, and heard everything from condescension to awe.

Her newest creations were hanging in the window: black onyx and colourful agate caught in a chain of silver, with a semi-transparent crystal on the end. Every movement of the charms sent colourful flickers of the light dancing around the room. Beautiful and subtle, something that even her most sceptical friends and customers might like.

"I sell them online," she explained, "These ones are for protection."

"What, like from evil spirits or something?" After sending Dani a questioning glance, she picked up one of the bracelets on her desk, running the beads through her fingers (Jasper in woven leather cord, she'd made it just before her last exam period).

"Or something." Leaving the other girl to her curiosity, Dani flipped a page in her newest gem-lore book. Maybe she'd do something with moonstone next.


"Aidan, buddy, c'mon. We talked about this."

The nine year old stubbornly pulled the blankets over his head, avoiding his mother's tired gaze. Sure, they had 'talked'. They always 'talked'. He was too big to crawl into bed with her, too old for night lights.

She'd forgotten Mattie. That must be it. His brother had been taken away by the shadows and she forgot, just like in that movie his friends at school were talking about.

His mother sighed, giving up like she always did.

"Mom's too tired for this." He could mouth the words as she spoke. She was always too tired for his 'moods'. She'd take the light with her but leave the door cracked, and he'd find it while she was at work. She never put it in the garbage.


"What about this one?" Ellie twisted the laptop so that Mila could see her newest find. Good computer sciences program, nice campus. They had a German proficiency requirement, but they had a few years to learn. Except…

"Are you looking at German schools because you want to go there, or because you want to tour haunted places on the weekends?" Her friend looked sheepish, taking her laptop back.

"Both?" Mila suddenly poked her in the side, prompting a startled squeak from the other girl.

"Bad, El. No. Ghost hunting is a bad idea."

"It seems to be going alright for the Ghostfacers," she said, an embarrassed flush rising in her cheeks. Mila stared at her blankly before falling back on the bed.

"Say it with me: those guys are full of shit. There's no way they've ever seen a real ghost." Ellie pouted. For some reason, she believed that those idiots were the real deal. Thankfully, they heard her mother's voice from down the hall before Ellie could argue.

"Mila! Elizabeth! Dante! Dinner is ready!"

"He's probably passed out over his notes. We can leave his there, cant we?" Ellie have her an unimpressed look. Not fair. When did her best friend start learning expressions from her mama. "What? More food for us. He doesn't even need all that studying, he's going to be a cop." A detective, but still.

Mila stuck her arm out with a long suffering sigh, allowing Ellie to pull her to her feet with a smile, smug brat that she was. Out of habit, they made sure to close the window and open the closet before leaving the room.

Dante was just where she expected him to be, passed out at his desk. They had him halfway out of the room with the promise of food before he was awake enough to form sentences.

Why did they want to go to college again?


"And what are you children doing out so late?"

Yuki beamed even as her brother and sister jumped. An old woman sat on the porch, beckoning them closer. Her arms and part of her face were covered in burns, a stark contrast to her pale skin and even paler kimono.

"We brought you some vegetables, Obasan," she said, holding out the bag of cucumbers she helped her father pick that morning. They had so many he wouldn't notice a few had gone missing.

The old woman came closer, seeming to float over the ground ("She might actually be floating," Kai had pointed out once, "You can't see her feet." Yuki thought that she might simply be that graceful.) Before she could touch the bag however, the small grey cat at Kanade's feet bristled and hissed.

"There's no need for that," Obasan chided gently, but Toshi's tail lashed restlessly as he watched her. Yuki set the bag on the porch instead, keeping her distance from the yokai woman to not agitate the cat further.

"Thank you, child," she said, picking through the bag with a smile. Yuki had never been sure what Obasan did with anything they brought, but she always seemed happy to receive them. "And what shall I gift you in return?"

Kai spoke up, as he always did, bowing respectfully.

"We ask that you share your wisdom with us, Obasan."

The former hunter smiled and gestured for them to sit.


"If there is a spirit here, please speak to us."

"This is stupid."

"Shut up, Mads."


"These ouija board things don't even work."

"Whatever. You're just scared."

Who are you?

"Arden, I think it's moving!"


"Um, Spirit, please tell us your name."

"M… A… T… T… Matt? Is that it?"

"That's… less than impressive."

Who are you?

"Stop playing around!"

"That wasn't me!"

Who are you?

"I think you made it mad!"

"It's not real, don't let her scare you."


"I told you, I'm not doing it!"

"Well, jokes on you. I'm not scared!"

Aren't you? I can taste your fear… I can take it away…

I want your fear. Give it to me. I want to eat your fear. Your fear… Give it to me - IwanttoeatitgiveittomeIwanttoeat!

"What the hell is that!"




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