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"What's wrong with ya!? Why can't you do anything right!?" Bunnymund yelled at the frost spirit. Harsh words were thrown toward Jack Frost as he did nothing but to listen them and putting pressure on his broken arm. He felt dizzy, yet he can fully understand what the Pooka was yelling at. He silently took in all the anger, all the blame because he knew he deserved it.

Tooth was crying because Jack failed to catch one of her fairies from her death. North was silently fuming because Jack had caused one of his favorites yetis to sacrifice himself to save Jack. Sandy is openly glaring at him for not able to prevent Pitch from twisting the children's dreams into nightmares. And Bunnymund was yelling at him for not able to save them from this disaster.

But, is it his fault?

No, it's not.

It's not his fault that Pitch was holding him when the Nightmare kicked one of Tooth's fairy into the dark abyss. It's not his fault that North and Jack are having an argument that North started to fail to see an poisoned arrow was sent flying to his way. It's not his fault that he's only a kid that has no more strength to pull himself up when Pitch destroyed the children's beautiful dreams. And it defiantly not his fault that Pitch had violated him and the Guardians only took notice of their oh-so-important belief that they failed to notice Jack was trying and trying hard to warn them about Pitch.

Jack bit back a scream when North pushed him too hard on his broken ribs. "You're are a disgrace to the Guardians! You failed your job! Just playing all day long and do nothing!" Tooth also joined in the yelling. It hurts when they said this to him. It hurts so bad he wanted to act like this was all a frikkin' nightmare that he will wake up to see the Guardians, his family smiling at him, not yelling. But, so times life picks you to be his toy.

He was bleeding so hard that blood was falling down all over his body. Pain on his head, his ribs, arms, legs, everywhere. He as so dizzy that he had a hard time keeping up on what they're saying. Finally taking no more, he summoned his faithful wind to take him anywhere far from the Guardians, far from the one that he had just started to trust.

Jack's breath hitched when he suddenly put too much pressure on his ribs. Blood was pouring all around him. He coughed out some blood from his mouth due to the internal damage he was suffering. Jack was laying on his pond, the place he died as human, and will also be the place he died as an immortal. He as aware that his blood was decorating the thin ice of his pond in Burgress. Jack was absolutely sure he was dying slowly, painfully. The wood nymphs will surely spread the good news of their most hated elemental spirit past away. He would careless though. He was too tired to get his first aid kit. Even if he somehow managed to got it, those things were useless anyway. Jack numbly felt blood flowing out from his body, blood loss making his vision blurry. He would care less that the other spirits were probably laughing at his downfall after joining the ignorant Guardians, or so they said. The wind was trying hard to keep her winter child awake. Did they not know that her howling was begging them to help her winter child? Oh the irony that only the invisible winds care for him. Maybe, maybe they think he's the same as them, invisible to all, just something that had no emotions. Oh how they're so wrong.

The tears that he cried, froze over. They blamed him for something he had no power to control, the energy, the power to help them. The other spirits must be very happy that he was dying because they thought winter is something useless. Oh the level stupidty they had were so high. So far, only the winter spirits are treating him good, but now they had their job to do. Oh how ignorant they are. Jack laughed weakly through his broken ribs. He could fell death coming closer and he didn't care.

He just wanted everything to end. He ended up dying for saving his beloved sister, yet somehow the Man in Moon repays him by pulling him back to life, giving only his name and left him for years, all alone, mocked by the other warmer spirits and now ended up dying again eventhough he helped saved everyone from Pitch the second time.

'This is not fair,' thought Jack as he looked to the sky. Jack tried hard to reach his hand out. "Thanks *cough* winds, *cough* for helping me *cough* for all this *cough* years," Jack coughed up blood after saying that. He pulled out a small smile as he felt the four winds caressing his outstretched hand, desperately wanting him to stay to hang on for the help that will never come. Eyelids slowly closing up =, covering the blue snowflake-like eyes that had known the world isn't so bright after all, and will always remember the dark, cruel world.

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