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The warmer spirits hate the Guardians because some of them were friends before the Guardians obbessed in their job and abandoned their friends. No, the spirits hate Jack Frost, or any other winter spirits. And to say, the winter spirits are a lot more powerful than others but they remained humble, not to abuse their power unless necessary. That it until Jack Frost died.


The Guardians were silent during the trip to find the winter spirits' village. They were too caught up with the news. Jack Frost pass away? Why didn't they are notify with this?

"We here." North said solemnly. They all got out of the sled. How do they even break the news to Jamie? The kid will be broken to hear this.

The winter spirits' place looked like your ordinary Disney village. Houses surround a beautiful castle. They reached the main entrance to the village.

"Halt! What's your affair in this city?" One of the guards asked them, already knowing who they are. Who didn't? The Guardians are known for being too busy to even notice the other spirits. Too proud and think they were stronger than others, so they didn't find the need to communicate with others other than themselves. Or this is what the spirits thought.

"We are here to meet General Winter." Bunnymund said. The guards are cold. The winter spirits are known for being warm, despite their origin. They always help the others, even though they are the summer spirits, the opposite of them. Now they look like they didn't give a damn about everyone or anything.

"You do not have an appointment with the King." It wasn't a question, it's a statement. "Please, we really need to see General Winter." Tooth pled to the guards. Sandy nodded his head furiously behind her. (A/N: Sorry, it's hard to include Sandy in the story.) The guards shook their heads.

Bunnymund walked up and snatched one of the guards by their fluffy light blue trench coats. This make the bunny think. Why did the winter spirits need thick coats for? Aren't they're like anti-cold or something. Anyway, back to the matter at hands.

"Look, we need to go-" "It's okay let them in." Before Bunnymund could finish his sentence, another voice cut in. Strong, cold, ancient and old? They turned around and saw Old Man Winter with two bodyguards side by side him.

"Yes, my King." The guards replied before opening the doors to let them both in. Inside, winter spirits of all kinds were there, going back and forth. The whole village was busy. But those who saw them immediately turn cold towards them, which confused them greatly.

They walked along the beautifully decorated hallway. Suddenly, General Winter stopped, so the Guardians stopped as well. He sent away his two bodyguards, not that he needed actually, and turned towards them.

"I don't see the need of going to the throne room. So, want makes you comes here?" Old Man Winter asked, his tone held not emotions. The Guardians look at each other before North decided to step up, being the leader of the small group.

"We are here because we need to know if Jack Frost is here." That name seemed to be a wrong thing to say as Winter's deep blue eyes turn cold quickly. "How do you not know about the incident?" He asked, his voice held disbelief in it.

The Guardians looked at each other. "What accident?" Bunnymund asked, a bit irritated because everyone seemed to know the 'accident' except for them. Old Man Winter suddenly looked cold, like his powers. "Jack Frost pass away last year on this day." He said harshly.

"Do you…know how Jack…died? Since you are in charge with the winter spirits." Tooth asked carefully. She had a feeling if they asked a random winter spirit this question, they will be popsicles within milliseconds.

Old Man Winter looked he wanted to shoo them away or blow them away, but he took a deep breath to stop himself for blowing up in front of them. If they don't walk away soon, I can't promise myself to not turn them into an eternal ice statues. Old Man Winter thought, mentally pinching the bridge of his nose. He glared at every single one of them, wanting to just punch them in the face for killing one of his precious spirits.

Jack Frost was the youngest winter spirits, for only 300-year-old. Most of them grown close to him, treating him like a younger brother they never had. Winter spirits are all treated badly as the other warmer spirits think of them as the bringer of destruction. So the other spirits did their best to protect their little brother.

But they can't stay with him forever. The other warmer spirits always took this opportunity to bully Jack. So they tried their best to be with him. In case, it was because of Jack so they continue to spread winter. When Jack was chosen to be a Guardian, they all are reluctant to let their little brother go. They all didn't like the uptight, too care for themselves Guardians, but seeing him so happy with the Guardians make them think they did the right decision.

After the second war with the Boogey-man, they all began to regret their decision. The Guardians only care for their properties, their people, their good for nothing s**t. They only wanted to be believe in, to keep the children believe in them for they won't have to be invisible. They don't give a high flying f**k to their youngest, the one who spent 300 years alone with only the neglected winter spirits. The day their youngest gone was the day they become cold like the other described them to be.

All the others thought winter spirits are all cold-hearted b*****ds. In fact it was the other way around. They cared for each other. They helped each other when they all are look down at. The goody two shoes Guardians need children to live, the winter spirits had each other to depend on. They are warmer than the others spirits.

That was when they decided to be cold to the warmer spirits. They become cold toward them. They stopped spreading snow. Every state only have a thin layer of snow, some to suppose to have snow end up not having any, causing what mortals said 'greenhouse'.

The four Winds are no happy with this. They do not obey to anyone now. They caused unnecessary tornadoes whenever they can. Mostly at where the warmer spirits are. Not even Mother Nature can stop them. They only one they listened to are the Winter Spirits.

"You Guardians are the cause of Jack's death! You left him there to die!" Old Man Winter said after they kept on pestering him for the truth. The Guardians looked shock, which only makes the anger within him boiled. The winter spirits are known for being the calmest of all. Now they unleash their fury against them all. (A/N: LOL! What did I type?!)

"What do you mean by that!? We didn't even saw him!" They kept on denying. Is it really them that kill Jackie? They kept on raking their brains. Their eyes widened when they remember one memory, and instantly turn guilty, stopping any excuse to deny their crime.

General Winter looked at their guilty faces. Still, he was still angry at them. Winter spirits are rare as Mother Nature only make one when she wanted to. The winter spirits are the smallest tribe of all four elemental spirits. Their job of killing his youngest winter spirits made every winter spirits stop caring about anyone but themselves. Show no mercy to anyone but their kins.

"Now you know how Jack Frost died and add a side of who the killer, or should I say killers are, please get the f**k away from here before you all become a permanent resident here aka ice sculptures." General Winter said coldly and the beautiful ice door greeted them in the face.


The Guardians flew back to North Pole with stone hearts, or in Sandy's case, sand heart. They all had no idea how to break this news to Jamie and his friends, as they are the main believers of them.

Still, they told the kids. The girls cried their hearts out and the boys let a few tears fell. They told them guiltily about what they had said towards Jack and got shout in the faces by kids. Bunnymund got a few snowballs to his face for saying most insults toward Jack.

The kids were heartbroken. Jack was their favorite Guardian and friend. Jamie wore the snowflake necklace around his neck every time for he would not one day suddenly forget his best buddy. A few years, though they had stop believe in the Guardians, they could still see the Guardians as they were the cause of Jack's pass away and they did not want to forget him. Every time one of the Guardians came close to them, they get to taste the snow in their face or a hit. So this makes the Guardians guilty and sad.

The winter spirits often paid visit to them, mostly Jamie as he was the one closest to Jack Frost. Even though the other countries suffer global warming, Burgres get the most snow during winter and the mortals had no theories to explain this 'strange' phenomena. Jamie and his friends often laugh silently at this.


Jamie looked at his snowflake necklace that Jack have to him. "I hope you are happy up there." Jamie said softly after his 14th birthday. He was looking out at the stars after his birthday when he caught something sparkling at his corner of his eyes on his bed. He turned to see what's that and his eyes widened.

Sitting on his bed, was a neatly wrapped box in light blue wrapping and a big sparkling white bow. Next to it is a piece of note. He quickly rushed towards it and snatched to note up. Jamie opened the box quickly. Inside is a beautiful necklace with a shepherd crook dangling on there along with a neatly craved crystal bracelet that would have cost billion of dollars in the mortal world. Picking up the note, he read it silently.

'Hey Jamie,

I'm sorry for not able to skate with you anymore as I am no longer alive.

You must be wondering how I manage to put the note here while trying hard not to find me and punch me for scaring you.

As you know, I am dead, a year ago actually.

I am dead, so don't not be sad. (A/N: I f**king rhyme one without even trying! Oh gawd!) You should forget about the past and move on.

This might be the last time I am able to write to you.

The angel was annoyed to have me writhing to you as I was dead, and saying something about it's against the rules.

So, don't be sad if I'm not here anymore.

Like they always said,

Even as I am not there,

I will always be in your heart.

Goodbye and take care buddy,

No more crying when no one's there, talk to your friends and they might able to help you.

Your buddy,

Jack Frost


Jack flew towards a beautifully structured house surrounded by flowers of all kinds, huming quietly under his breath. Yin, the angel, was standing there, as if waiting for his arrival.

"Did you sent the gift?" She asked the ex-Guardian. Jack nodded his head. "Yep! But it'll be better if you just let him see me..." Jack said pouting at the last sentence. Yin smiled sadly at him. "You know why..." Jack still pouting.

"Well, why don't you come with me to recruit others? So, you won't be alone with me?" She offers. Jack beamed. "Let's go!" He said happily, walking towards a portal with the angel in tow.


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