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Chapter I

Dimension 27/Earth/Paradise Gardens

"Brothers and sisters of the Forever Empire," General Maraxus stood on a platform overlooking the massive crowd of humans and aliens all gathered for this occasion, "We are here to bid farewell to my daughter Carina Omega who made the ultimate sacrifice and died in the name of our empire."

The crowd bowed their heads respectfully as six uniformed soldiers carried the casket across the lush green grass to the prepared hole surrounded by pink roses.

A funeral for a robot had been scoffed at by the Board of Directors but Maraxus outright demanded that his creation had been a living mind within that robot body and as such deserved the same respect due all members of the Forever Empire.

Carina Alpha and her twin sister Carina Beta slowly walked up to the casket. They were both wearing black dresses and their hair was short and likewise black, which was a large contrast from their usual vibrant colors.

"Our sister fought the great fight to serve the empire." Carina Alpha declared, "May she rest easy knowing her sacrifice will not be in vain."

"We commit you to the home world of the Forever Empire." The twin raised a hand over the coffin, "For eternity you shall remain with us all."

Maraxus swallowed as tears started to trickle down his face, "Long live the Forever Empire." He announced.

The entire crowd saluted with military precision, "Forever shall we reign." They replied.

As the casket was lowered into the ground a soldier approached the general, "Sir, we have a situation."

"What is it?" Maraxus rubbed his eyes, "It better be important."

"There's been an intruder detected."

(Forever Empire Designs Station Exodus)

As the funeral continues, a masked female figure appears at the Forever Empire base against the wall. She looks around at the complex, looking for any entrance inside. When she found none she moves her hand down to her belt and activates a button that begins cloaking her. She phases through the wall undetected and carefully enters the complex.

The complex was large and it was lined by high walls and guard towers dotted along the perimeter. The base was mostly deserted as the troops were at the funeral but a few soldiers still patrolled amongst the barracks and parked war vehicles. In the centre of the base was a silver platform that was placed beneath a massive metallic cube that hung over the complex. The platform was the only way in or out of the cube.

A squad of six human soldiers and three robotic wolves stood guard at the platform, though their weapons were holstered and they seemed very relaxed. After all, no-one had ever tried to infiltrate the Forever Empire's homeward in their entire history, it was considered impossible.

She smiled underneath her mask knowing history was about to change. She flew out of the wall and phased through the outer wall of the cube.

She stays hidden near the ceiling and heads towards the vault, passing by several rooms that have the ray shields up keeping them off-limits. She passed by the cameras, but wasn't worried about being spotted until finally she made it to where she needed to get a guard to give her access inside.

She spotted a squad of troops nearby. 'I could kill them, but I can't risk doing if someone spots me.'

So she pulls out a small round object and carefully floats down to the floor. She then slid the object near the troops without making a sound. The object opened and released an invisible knockout gas, putting the men to sleep. She floated over and grabbed the access card.

"Thanks for the help boys," she paused as she heard a growling noise nearby. Turning her head she saw a robot wolf nearby, growling at her. "So you can see me, pity."

The robot wolf charged at her, but she fired a small dart at the wolf, hitting it in the chest. It fired off an EMP shock that deactivated the robot.

"Play dead."

She walked over towards the knocked out officer and plants a small device in the back of his neck. "Time to wake up."

Pressing a button from her wrist gauntlet caused the officer to wake up, under the control of his implant. They walked to the door where she used the access card, which also alerted the control center.

"This is base control to vault. Identify yourself and reasons."

The officer, under her control replied, "Captain Rogusta, orders from my superiors to make certain all items are secure."

"Standby, vault door will be opened momentarily. Your visit is noted in our logs."

The shields and security around the door deactivated and it swung open.

She made her way inside with the officer and looked around at the room looking for a specific item in a vault full of rare and unique designs and blueprints. When she found it she had the officer pull it out for her in case it will alert anyone. Nothing happened so she took it and quickly looked over it as she inserted the disc in a computer nearby.

Once she confirmed it was the right item she ejected the disc it out and put it in her belt. "Now it's time for me to leave."

"Intruder!" a guard stood in the doorway of the vault and fired a spray of bullets from his assault rifle. One of the bullets clipped her and it was enough to damage her cloaking device.

With her cloak damaged the base security detected her. Alarms blared and sirens screeched for all forces to respond at once.

She turned towards the guard angrily. "You made a very serious mistake."

He went to open fire again, but she fired off heat beams from her eyes, incinerating the guard. More troops rushed in, but are incinerated as soon as she spotted them.

The control center was able to spot the intruder and began locking all access to the cube and put up a shield around it. A message is sent to the Forever Empire command, informing them of the situation. They then begin filling the facility with gas and robot wolves to eliminate the intruder. Unbeknownst to them the intruder came prepared.

Her mask is able to protect her from the gas that begins spreading around her and when the wolves appeared, she fired off more EMP darts, taking them down. She flew towards where the extraction point is at. A squad of masked troops spotted her and opened fire, but she used her belt to phase through the bullets and then she fired her eye beams, incinerating the troops.

More wolves appeared and opened fire with eye lasers of their own. She turned off her device and dodged the attacks. The wolves charge in and piled on her, but she surprised the people watching through the cameras when she knocked the wolves off her. She then used incredible speed and strength to rip the wolves apart and incinerate them with her eye beams.

She continued making her way towards the extraction point, when she is stopped by two humans. One is a female and the other is a male as they block her path.

"And who are you two supposed to be?" she asked, not seeing these two as much as a threat.

The woman calmly drew a purple bladed sword from a sheath on her belt to go with the purple triangular shield strapped to her arm, "I am Delta Three. I don't know what your problem is but you screwed up big time when you messed with the Forever Empire."

"I am Delta Four." the man was covered in armour with a clear visor in his helmet, and he was carrying an assault rifle in his arms with a dozen more visible weapons attached to his armour, "Now here's the deal, either you give us what you stole and pledge your loyalty to the empire, or my partner here will dissect you one piece at a time."

The masked woman laughed. "Sorry, I have no interested in working for a bunch of weaklings, and I have no time to play. So here's my deal, walk away or prepare to become ashes."

Delta Three lifted her sword to an attack stance, "You've got no chance of beating us, and even if by some chance you did there is an entire planet of troops on their way here along with more warships than grains of sand in the desert."

"You're dead." Delta Four lifted his arm left arm, "Now you become ashes."

A stream of flames fired from a nozzle on his armour. The flames filled the corridor around the intruder.

As the flames begin to die down they see the figure standing in the fire unfazed. Her eyes begin to glow as she turns towards her attackers. "My turn."

(Three Minutes Later)

Maraxus and his bodyguards arrived on the scene to find the entire cube crashed on the ground with a large hole in the side and burning debris all over the complex, "What happened?"

"An intruder managed to get inside the cube and steal designs." The base commander reported as they walked towards the wreckage where hundreds of troops were beginning to search the crashed cube for survivors, "We've got heavy ships inbound to lift the cube but we don't know what the thief took."

Two figures emerged from inside the cube and waved off assistance as they marched over to the two officers and saluted.

"Delta Three, Delta Four." Maraxus nodded, "What can you tell me?"

Delta Three lowered her head slightly, "An overpowered alien freak, sir. Strength, speed, eye lasers, flying, and some really high tec cloaking device. We cornered her but she set off an explosive that resulted in the damage you see here. She escaped."

"Appearance?" the general asked as the group made their way to the complex command building.

"Wore a mask." Delta Four toyed with a broken part of his armour, "But her cloak was disabled and the cube system got a partial DNA scan. It'll take time to restore the systems but we'll know soon enough who did this."

Delta Three folded her arms "And when we do I will find her and stick my sword-"

Her companion coughed pointedly.

"I mean, I will deal with the threat to our empire as directed." She corrected.

Maraxus tapped his wrist computer and a small hologram of an armored soldier appeared, "Alpha One."

"Yes, sir."

"Round up the Elite. All of them. I've got a special mission for you."

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