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Chapter X

Soul Society

"We have considered the possibilities and outcomes. We believe that the time for a truce between us has arrived. In the face of this new enemy by Savage and Galatea we must work together."

Hanako leaned on her desk, "Keep talking."

One of the Board moved forward slightly, "We believe that enough time and resources has been wasted on this insignificant dimension. We wish to focus our efforts on conquering more valuable worlds."

"So what is stopping you from doing so?" Hanako asked ignoring the conquering part. "I take it something or rather someone is keeping you from moving on?"

The five figures nodded in unison, "General Maraxus. His obsession with revenge on your species has cost us more resources than any other war. As the Supreme Commander of the Forever Empire he is directly in charge of the military and can do with it as he sees fit. We can give him orders and as the Board he must obey, but in matters of war he outranks us."

Hanako begins to recall meeting the general and how he was involved with the crazy clone they dealt with long ago. "So, what do you want me to do about it? We're not exactly buddies last time we met."

"That is not required." the Board replied, "We have a plan that will benefit us both. By doing this you will remove one of your most determined enemies and we shall assume full control of the Forever Empire, which will lead to a truce between us."

"I will need to run this by with my other captains," Hanako replied. "You understand, especially because of the history between both sides."

The Board nodded again, "We understand the situation, we felt you would be the most suitable candidate to contact first. Make whatever arrangements you feel are needed. We will contact you again in twenty four hours." the figures vanished.

Hanako sighed as she begins going over the proposal from the Board. Soifon however felt different about this deal.

"We shouldn't associate ourselves with these people. Not after everything they have done. We should just tell them where to take their deal and handle this Maraxus guy ourselves."

Hanako wanted to agree with Soifon, but she knew what they would have to do. "We might need their assistance, especially after what has happened."

"But head captain…" Soifon's protest is interrupted when Hanako spoke again.

"I don't like it any more than you do, but we need to look at any possible way to end this conflict we have with the Forever Empire. Too many innocent people have lost their lives and we can't risk another war to break out again," Hanako looks over at an old picture of her with her grandfather, Ronin and their two students. "Not after everything we have lost as well."

Soifon looks over to see the picture and her expression changed to sadness. "Do you really believe he would agree to doing something like this?"

Hanako began to chuckle. "If he was still alive he would probably tell me to go with whatever I felt was right, and then he would go someplace nice to sleep."

Soifon couldn't help but crack a smile and small laugh. "It does sound like something he would do…but do you believe that doing this will feel right?"

Hanako took a moment of silence before she gave a small head shook. "No, but that is why we will talk to the world leaders before we make a decision that could affect the fate of both worlds."

Earth II

Kara is at a hospital in Metropolis where she is resting up after their fight against Galatea and the Elite. Nathan brought her to the hospital to make sure she is okay and whatever the Elite did was found. They found nothing and that she'll need some time off to rest. Michael came by to inform them that they couldn't find where the Elite or Galatea disappeared to so that means they might return.

Of course Kara knows Galatea will be back. There was no question in her mind that she will return and will try to kill her like she tried to do in the past. Except now she is more dangerous than she ever was before. She was stronger, faster, and was superior.

It made Kara realize how much training she'll need to get before she can go up against her again or against another enemy. She was tired of being unable to protect the people she cares about and being captured. She told Nathan she wants to get stronger and asked him for his help. Nathan agreed to help, but with the time limit they might have if the Forever Empire comes back there was only one place Michael knew where they could go to train.

"It's an old place my grandfather trained his student in. It should still be there, but it's back at Earth one."

"Earth huh?" Kara asked while letting out a small sigh. "Well, I guess I should let Bouncing Boy know where we're going. You sure it will help?"

Michael nods in response. "I can't guarantee that it will help you since only those with a strong will, mind, and body will be able to survive inside. You up for it?"

Kara was silent unsure if she should go through with it or not. Nathan noticed the look on her face and placed his hand on hers.

"You don't have to do this. We'll find another way to help you get stronger."

But Kara shook her head in response and knew what she had to do. "I'm tired of sitting on the sideline while everyone fights my battles for me. I want to get stronger, I want to protect everyone I love, and I want to make Clark proud. Michael, send us the coordinates. We're going on a trip."


"Ugh," Sierra held a hand to her head as her eyes started to open, "What happened? Where am I?"

"In the hospital," said Kat who is sitting nearby in a wheelchair. "Sorry about the restraints. Your mom tried to attack the doctor while you slept, but I knocked you out with a frying pan…several frying pans."

Sierra glanced down at the restraints, "Typical. Once again I'm locked up as a monster just because my mother possessed my body and tried to kill a group of heroes. They really need to stop trying to tick me off. Can you let me out of these things?"

"I would, except…" Kat replied as she moves near Sierra. "You hurt John, you tried to take him away from his home, you tried killing Aeon and Supergirl, and you even had your friends attack me. Hell, I'm not even sure if who I'm talking to can be trusted or won't stab me in the back."

"The Elite had no intention of hurting or killing you." Sierra assured her, "You and John matter to me, they know that. At most they would stun you until things had settled down. That's it. Aeon and Supergirl deserved to die and I'm not going to say otherwise. As for John..." she hesitated, "Well, I'll talk to him about what happened."

"Aeon and Supergirl are my friends. If you had killed them then…" Kat stops herself before she loses her temper. "As for John, he is in his room still unconscious after Galatea punched him. I've been ask to tell you that you are not going to see him, until the others figure out what they are going to do with you."

"Do with me?" Sierra blinked in surprise, "They can't do anything to me. They brought me to this world after opening my stasis pod and now they want to lock me up like I'm an animal for them to experiment on."

"They're not going to experiment on you and they aren't going to lock you up," Kat begins moving towards the door. "But, you are going to stay here until a decision is made. So until then, don't cause any trouble and I'll be right outside."

The sorceress closed her eyes, "I'll see you later."

Before Kat could do anything Sierra's body vanished in a flash of green light, leaving the bed empty.


Hayami and Aeon are in the back of the room watching Hanako speak with the president about the decision the Soul Society agreed on about the offer the Board of Directors made to them. Hanako explained the offer they made and how the other captains have come to an agreement. She wanted to also inform the president about it to weigh his opinion on this decision. Once he came to a decision he asked to speak with the Board of Directors, which they accepted.

The president gets up from behind his desk and stands next to Hanako. "We have come to a decision. Hanako has told me the Soul Society will agree to the truce, so long as I agree to it. After talking to the other leads and to my advisors, we agree to the truce. However, we want your word that you will never again harm our worlds or any worlds in our universe."

"We accept these terms." the Board answered, "However we have terms of our own."

"Which are?" Hanako asked.

"Your word that you will not seek revenge for past actions. Your word that you will not interfere in any of the wars we are fighting in other dimensions." the Board stopped, "But the most important term is the one that will allow us to make this truce."

"What is the important term?" the President asked.

The Board answered carefully, "You must eliminate General Maraxus."

The president turns towards Hanako, who nods in response. He then turns back to the Board. "That might be a problem, since how do we know killing him won't be used as a way for you to continue war on us?"

"Not to mention the loyalty Sierra has for him and who her mother is," said the President.

"We rule the Forever Empire." the Board explained, "But Maraxus commands the military and they are loyal to him. If he were to die under certain circumstances the military would remain within the Forever Empire and be loyal to us. What we require is for you to kill him and provide false evidence that it was this third faction of Galatea and Savage that done it, like they did to Carina Omega."

The President sighed. "We will think about this. The idea of assassinating someone and fabricating evidence is not exactly our thing."

"But we will think about this," said Hanako who again asks the question the president mentioned before. "However, what do you want to do about Sierra? I thought she is part of the Forever Empire?"

"Sierra is a dangerous and insane creature. It would be safer if you eliminate her as well, but we recommend that you do it after Maraxus is gone. Should Sierra perish before him he will undoubtedly launch a new wave of attacks against your world for revenge."

"Very well, we will inform you about our decision involving Maraxus," said Hanako.

Dimension 27/ Earth/ Elite Headquarters

General Maraxus and the Elite sat around a large conference table with a small mountain of reports gathered.

"So," he leaned back in his chair, "Savage and Galatea were behind what happened to my daughter."

"Yes, sir." Alpha Two sighed, "But either way the heroes did attack her so we were justified in retaliation."

A silence fell over the group as they reflected on the recent events.

"Sir," Bravo One leaned forward, "What are our orders?"

Maraxus wearily rubbed his brow, "I need to be certain of what our enemies are up to. How long is left in the restoration process?"

"Alpha One sustained extensive damage from the grenade." Alpha Two tossed him a report, "His armour absorbed some of it but the internal damage will take at least a month to repair. I predict he'll be combat ready in six months."

"Understood. I cannot wait that long however, it is likely the Board will jump at the failure of my most trusted agents. They will attempt to have me replaced with an officer loyal to them."

"They can't do that." Delta Three slammed a fist onto the desk angrily, "You outrank them in this war."

"Maybe so, but that doesn't mean they can't try." he glanced down at another report, "Sierra?"

Alpha Two cleared her throat, "Empress Marrissa was able to assume control of her body at times of anger."

"The plan is working." Maraxus clasped his hands together thankfully, "It is as we predicted. With her being near those soul scum Marrissa's hatred is making it easier for her to take control."

Bravo One consulted a medical report, "She is not even attempting to fight the changes. If anything she welcomes Marrissa."

"Excellent." Maraxus stood up and walked over to the window. Outside it was torrential rain and lighting accompanied by strong winds, "Her plan was always this. Eventually Sierra will no longer have any control. Soon, Empress Marrissa will be in control of the body permanently. Then, with Marrissa returned she will destroy the Board of Directors and she alone will rule the Forever Empire!"

The Elite rose from their seats with cheers and applauded.

"With Marrissa as Empress the entire Forever Empire will rally around us. We shall destroy the Soul Reapers once and for all!" Maraxus yelled, "I will have my revenge!"

Earth II

Back at the hospital, John is in his room recovering while two guards stood outside his room. Aeon is in the room sleeping.

"John," there was a flash of green light and Sierra appeared in the room beside his bed, "Hello."

There was no response from John. She tries again, but nothing. Aeon stirred a little in her sleep, opening her eyes. When she sees no one is around she goes back to sleep.

"John, if you don't talk to me I will hurt Aeon." Sierra warned, "All I want is to talk."

When he didn't reply she took a step closer and gently put a hand on his forehead, "John?"

With still no reply she gently scanned his body and found him deeply unconscious and sighed regretfully, "I'd heal you if I could. But I don't want to use my powers until I am certain I can control myself."

"Excuse me," Sierra turns around and sees a female nurse standing by the door. "Who are you? And how did you get in here?"

"I am Sierra." she answered, though one hand clenched tightly in anger, "John is here, and so I must be here."

The woman approached Sierra, then looks up and down before she replied. "You are not related to the boy, you did not sign in, but you are one of the three people on his contact list. So you may stay, but please do not disturb the patient while he is still recovering."

"Very well." Sierra frowned slightly, "Ah, you're a robot nurse. I wondered why I didn't detect any life signatures."

"I am Iryō robot. I was made to help ensure the safety of my patients that come in my care," she replied as she finishes scanning John. "John Tano Ishida, is still unconscious after suffering a head trauma almost 24 hours ago. He will remain unconscious for another few more hours before he awakens."

Sierra pulled over a chair and sat down, "Then I will wait until he does."

For a few minutes Sierra watched John before her mind drifted back to what Galatea said. About how Marrissa was not her mother.

'I am your mother, Sierra. I created you.'

'Do not listen to her. Marrissa is not your mother. She is using you.'

'Ignore that voice my daughter. You know the bond we share. The bond that allows us both access to this body. Our blood runs through these veins.'

'She is lying, Sierra. Galatea spoke truly.'

Sierra closed her eyes tight and shook her head, "Shut up." she whispered, "Stop talking to me."

Aeon opens her eyes after hearing what sounded like Sierra. She looks around only to see the Iryō robot and her brother.

The Iryō notices Aeon has awaken and greets her. "Good morning, lady Ishida. How are you?"

"Exhausted," Aeon replied as she gets up from her seat. "Has my brother's condition changed?"

The Iryō shook her head. "In a few hours he should be awake, but for now he is still unconscious."

"Okay," Aeon can feel her stomach growling. "Is there something to eat?"

"Of course, let me take you to get some food," the Iryō replied as she escorts Aeon out of the room.

With them safely out of the room Sierra emerged from thin air, clutching her head. Invisibility was a new trick she had learned but it was a struggle to maintain it beyond a few seconds when she was weakened. Right now with two other voices in her head arguing was certainly one of those times.

"I need to be sure." she gasped, "I need to test my blood."

'Sierra, I forbid you to doubt me!'

"Where can I find a sample of your blood, mother?"

'Marrissa's blood was tainted by her dark magic.' the peaceful voice answered. 'She used a large amount of it in several rituals. The Forever Empire archive will have a sample. If you are truly her daughter then you can simply take it and perform the test you need.'

'Don't listen to that voice!' Marrissa screamed.

"If you are my mother then the test will confirm it." Sierra reasoned, "So why are you so against it?"

There was no response but Sierra felt a powerful surge of energy from Marrissa's conscious, she fought it down, "You will not control my body until I am sure you are my mother."

She bent down and kissed John's forehead, "Be safe my love. I shall return as either the monster you fear, or the person you love."

With that the sorceress vanished in a flash of green light.

Unknown location

A portal appeared in a dark room as Galatea steps through it. She looks around noticing she is in what looks like to be an abandoned temple.

"Like the new location?" she looks over to see Vandal Savage appear from the shadows. "The master thought it was better than the last one, especially with the Forever Empire now seeking for you and me."

"I noticed," Galatea replied as they begin walking down a hallway. "This isn't a problem though, is it?"

"No," Savage replied with a smug look. "It actually amuses our master how much effort the Forever Empire is putting into finding us."

"You did kill his daughter and I killed one of their own," Galatea began to laugh. "Not to mention I embarrassed them by showing how weak they are. Still, what I don't get is why the master doesn't want us to kill them right now."

"The master feels the time is not right to do that," said Savage as they stop in front of a large door. "But don't worry, we will. Once we get the final piece we need then we will destroy everyone."

"I like that," she said before the two embrace in a kiss, which lasted for a minute before they break it. "Just as long as I make sure Kara is alive to watch her world burn."

"Of course," he replied as the door begins to open. "Come, the master is waiting for us."

They enter the dark room as torches begin to lighten up as they walk pass them. They stop in front of a throne where a dark figure is sitting on it. The two kneel down in front of the figure and lower their heads.

"I have returned, master," said Galatea as she moves her head up to make eye contact with the figure. "And everything went according to plan."

Dimension 27/Earth/Paradise Gardens

Sierra wiped a trickle of blood from her mouth. The security system had been highly upgraded since Galatea attacked the design station. Even with her considerable skill the fight with the guards had been a challenge.

The vault was a massive tunnel filled with boxes and containers all securely locked and protected. The only way to access them was with a ten digit code that changed every half hour. She had taken the code from the mind of the officer in charge and now entered it into the keypad.

Smoothly the drawer slid open with a glass phial sitting on a velvet cushion. She lifted the phial and held it to eye level.

'I forbid this!'

But the voice was silenced as Sierra focused all her concentration on the black blood. The life signature was identified.

It was not hers.

"She is not my mother." Sierra dropped the phial onto the cushion and slammed the drawer shut, "It has all been a lie."

"Not quite."

Sierra looked around frantically for the voice, "Who is there? Show yourself."

A man adorned in a silver and green uniform stepped around the corner, "Sierra."

"Maraxus." she took a step back cautiously, scanning the room for his soldiers. There was none, "Where are your forces?"

"I am here alone." he gestured around the room, "I knew you would eventually come here. The secret is out."

"Marrissa is not my mother." she felt stunned, "Everything was a lie."

He cleared his throat to gain her attention, "There is so much more to this than you realize my dear. While it is true that Marrissa is not your biological mother... does that make a difference?"

She stared at him, "What?"

"I created four AIs, only two are left. I call them my children. They called me father. They are not born of my blood but does that mean we cannot share the bond as if it were so?"

Sierra sank to the floor and leaned against a container, "Why did Marrissa do this to me? What am I? Who are my parents?"

The man walked over and held out his hand, "I will explain everything. You will probably not like the truth but you deserve to know. The choice is yours. You can accept that I loved Marrissa like my own daughter and now that has transferred to you, or you can leave and never look back on your past."

She looked at the hand being offered. She looked to the door and the way out. Learn her past or carry on as usual? Trust the man who knew she wasn't Marrissa's daughter or trust the heroes would accept her back?

She took his hand.

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