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Otaku Tyrant

Chapter 1: The 3-tailed Scorpion

Earthland, a world where magic flourishes with every breath. Where fantastical things can happen that are impossible to comprehend. We have all seen Fiore's story, but there are many other countries in Earthland, and each has a tale to be told.

For now, we will enter the country of Minstrel, and the legend of its dark history will be shown, with the light of its most unruly band of heroes.

Year 790

This tale begins in the Province of Oakenshire, at the northern border of Minstrel. A slim 16-year-old girl with her dirty blonde hair in a braided ponytail sighed on a bench in the park. She wore a black jacket lined with red down the sleeves, a dark red top underneath that, and a pair of tight blue jeans. She had heard rumors of the dark guild Girtablilu operating in the area, but nothing had shown up in her search. She sighed once more.

"Come on, Katerine. you can do this! It's just one measly band of assholes... you can do this..." she reassured herself.

But even in her mantra, she was at a loss. She'd been in town for a whole week and nothing had shown up, even with her asking around the haunts and joints. The only thing that came up was a man in a strange coat with a tattoo on his neck depicting three stingers wreathed by claws, the dark guild's emblem. Naturally, she started looking for anyone that was out of the ordinary, but with Oakenshire being a harbor town, that was a broad subject range.

Such is the life of Kat Dream, independent mage.

She groaned as she laid across the bench, arms across her face to cover her embarrassment from the public eye.

When she looked ahead, she saw a boy her age with black hair wearing a long black coat with a strange metal backing and a black scarf.

'Waitaminute...' Kat's blue eyes flashed. If the guy was trying to hide in plain sight, a scarf would hide his mark. She had the guy! Jumping off the bench as subtly as possible to not cause any attention, she hid behind a tree to get a better look at him. He was reading over a pamphlet with an image she couldn't make out. He folded up the paper and slipped it into his coat as he walked away.

"Oh shoot!" 'I can't lose him now!' Kat panicked slightly as she followed him.

Throughout the day, Kat tailed her target, watching his every move and interaction. Surprisingly, anyone he came in contact with was polite, no fear or worry in their eyes. That was concerning as there should have been... unless...

'Maybe his magic makes people at ease!' she thought. Trying to remember more about the information she read about, the guy was known for a form of Memory Control magic. She remembered stories of a mage that slipped into a guild without anyone realizing it. Oh boy... this got difficult.

When the guy left after paying his meal at a diner. She went over to the cashier.

"Excuse me, ma'am, but have you seen that guy that was just here before today?" She asked with a determined expression.

"No, actually. First-timer. Big bill, though." the cashier pulled out the receipt to show Kat. Looking at it, Kat's eyes bugged out. The guy had a literal boatload of fish for his meal! If she was a crude person, she'd even say he cleaned out the diner's stock. Thanking the cashier, she left and tried to find him again, seeing a coattail in the distance. She quickly followed after it.

'No way am I losing a dark guild member! Not again!' she echoed in her head.

Kat followed the trail to the docks. She felt something off around the area. The warehouses were... too quiet. Even in late afternoon, there should still be SOME life around, but... nothing.

'There's gotta be SOMEONE around here...' she thought, looking around. She figured she'd get a better view from the roof. Looking from there, she saw flashes coming from the warehouse skylight two buildings down. Going over to that warehouse and looking through the window, she saw two mages fighting out against each other, but both had Girtablilu's mark, so they must be fighting over some personal dispute. Then she saw the containers inside:

Captured women, that explained the missing persons' report she saw. These guys were going to sell them off.

"Not on my watch," she said to herself, as she opened the skylight with a magic charge.


The members inside had placed bets on the two fighting, and it was pretty close, but their focus turned upward to the ceiling at the sound of breaking glass, any more reaction was halted by several lavender daggers flying down and stabbing them through their ribs and shoulders.

"What the- Gaah!"

"Isome, wha- AHH!"

"Who the hell- Ghh!"

That and may more fell to the daggers, but they soon disappeared after they punctured the skin, leaving the wounds open and flowing.

"Dark mages," a voiced called from above, "Your time has run out."

Looking up, they saw a girl with blond hair descending down on... wings? Yep. Translucent violet wings in the most basic of distinction unfurled, carrying her down to the floor.

"What kind of magic is that?" one thug asked.

"Some kind of Take Over magic?" another guessed.

"Nah, not flashy enough..." yet another commented.

"Bah, dumbasses! What does it matter?" said a man in the shadows. "It's just a bitch stupid enough to waltz in here."

Kat glared at the shadows as he appeared. He was a tall, slender, almost gaunt man, with oily black hair with the bangs coiffed to resemble a scorpion's stinger.

"I'm surprised someone was stupid enough to come after us. What Guild are you from, girl?"

"None." Kat stated. "I'm just doing a public service cleaning up trash like you."

The members that weren't injured laughed at her proclamation.

"You really are stupid, brat." a large bodied man walked into the light. He had a shaved head and a wide nose.

"Alright! Murkac's gonna fight!"

"Take her down, Murkac!"

"No mercy for a bitch!"

Kat glared at her spectators, subconsciously forming more lavender daggers, precariously aimed at them.

"Oi, brat!" Murkac slammed his fist into the daggers, dispersing them. "Your fight's with me!"

The blonde had leaped from the piledriver as her daggers dissipated, forming a translucent halberd in her hands. On the sidelines, the peanut gallery muttered again

"Another weapon?"

"What kind of Requip has phantom weapons?"

"Maybe it's a new one..."

Kat ignored their prattling as she focused on Murkac, her weapon trained on him as his eyes glowered at the weapon, then a smirk came across his features.

"Heh, I think I've got you figured out, brat."

"Like hell you do, Dark Guild bastard!" Kat growled through her teeth. She charged forward at Murkac, who had lowered his guard. "Just die!"

"Take Over! Scarab Chitin!"

Kat's halberd was stopped by a new armor on the man. It was a bright blue with gold lining the plates, but on closer inspection, it all looked layered naturally as of it was...

"An insect carapace?" Kat said under her breath in curious surprise.

Murkac only grinned, as did several other watchers. "My Take Over magic specializes in insect armaments. Basically..." he grasped the Halberd, "I use Nature's armor requip!" and flung it and her across the room, careening into the wall, Kat's weapon dispersing. "And your Mana Morph is no use against me."

The revelation caused Kat to stiffen and the thugs to murmur.

"Mana Morph?"

"Never heard of it."

"Is it any good?"

"So far... not so much."

"My ancestor faced that Lost Magic, but it disappeared before his descendants could defeat its successors." Murkac chuckled. "To be honest, that magic is the ancient form of requip. Never thought I'd get the pleasure of taking one down myself." He cracked his knuckles inside his shelled gauntlets.

Kat glared indignantly at the Beetle Armor mage.

No one could tell her eyes were glowing purple. The only thing that they did notice was those near her suddenly froze in place and started gasping out for air. Murkac squinted in focus and felt something that shouldn't be possible.

"The hell- get away from her, you idiots!" he shouted in panic, "she's absorbing your magic!"

The others looked in surprise and tried to pull the closer ones away, only to be caught in her field.

Kat merely chuckled at their attempt, Dark Guilds always left a bad taste in her mouth, especially their magic. She stood up, a blank glace upon her visage fixated on her opponent. An ethereal bull formed from her leaking violet aura and charged at the Beetle Armor mage, trampling over those weakened by their loss of magic, the Mana Morph mage charging close behind, a pair of katars forming over her hands.

Murkac, still in shock from what happened to his comrades, felt the full force of the aura bull's horns cratering his armor, drawing some blood in the process. In an instant, the bull disappeared as the blonde pulled her arm back in the attempt to jab his face. Murkac could only think of one plan of action.

"T-Take Over -!"

In a flash of light, Kat found herself hanging near limp off the ground, courtesy of...

"Heracles Spear!"

Murkac was now donning a bluish-black armor with a helmet bearing a long double bladed ax as the horn.

Said horn was now barely a centimeter away from puncturing her lungs. Kat bit her lip to stop herself from crying out in pain.

Murkac was doing no better, his breathing was labored from such a quick change, but he was more irritated than anything.

"Girl..." he growled through shuddering pants, "You... have really started... to piss me off."

And with that, he flung his head to the side, her shirt tearing in the process, sending her flying to the ground at the feet of their boss.

The boss merely chuckled as he looked down at the intruder, but his eyes fell to her shirt where on her chest - or rather, just below her breasts, obscured by her wound - was a mark of an inverted tree.

Not a guild mark or a birthmark, but some kind of cross between a brand and a knife scar. His eyes widened as did his smile.

"Well, well, boys. It looks like our little girl here is an escapee from one of Tarot Masque's Majora Generals."

All those present and conscious froze when he said that. Kat flinched as the words stung her. She tried to force herself to move, but to no avail, the mere mention of Tarot Masque locked any movement she could have made.

"Such a surprise to see one of you out and about, especially one of his." the man's smile didn't leave his face as he spoke. "Now it just wouldn't be fair to leave this as is all by your lonesome."

"Wait, boss." Murkac stated. "Are you actually planning on bringing one of them here?"

"Why not?" he said with a snide tone, "It's not like anyone can stop them, and allying ourselves with them is one gracious benefit."

Kat wanted to scream, she wanted to yell, she wanted to run, she wanted to get away from this psychopath. In the frail part of her mind, she even considered begging the madman to not send her back to him.

"You'll never get the chance." A voice echoed throughout the warehouse. The conscious guild members looked around the room for the source of the voice, and could only hear the footfalls of thick boots against the stone floor. When Kat heard the footsteps stop, she looked to see that guy she had been following all afternoon! Now that she could see his face, she couldn't think of how she confused him between her captor.

He was her age, had black hair, but it was a softer tone, with one long bang covering the right side of his face, and the left bangs sticking out to the side. He had fair skin, but it looked thick and weathered, but not overbearing in the sense. His visible eye was a blazing yellow that shone with the glare he sent to the boss.

The gaunt man laughed lightly at the newest intruder. "So a new boy comes to play~. So what are you here for? The girl? Or a sample of the ladies?" he said, gesturing to the women in cages. Kat just noticed, there were no cries of fear or panic with any one of them... strange...

"I only came for the same reason she did: I'm here to clean the streets of you." the boy said.

The boss seethed through his teeth as a heavy glare set on his features.

"Do you have ANY idea how dead you are, brat?" he growled in his throat. "Do you have ANY inkling as to who we are? Do you have ANY idea WHO I AM!?"

"Valejovi Serketz, moniker: Poisoned Silver. Brother to Girtablilu's Guildmaster Leiurus Serketz, moniker: Deathstalker. Wanted on twenty counts of slave trading, eight counts of murder, and two counts of arson. Bounty stands at 70,000 Jewels." the boy held his glare at Valejovi, who was shocked at the information given.

"Why you damn- Bodot! Get rid of him!" Valejovi ordered a man twice Murkac's size.

"Yes boss." the giant man said he brought down his fist on the boy.

Kat closed her eyes to spare herself the gruesome sight. Only, there was no sound of crushing bone or torn flesh. Opening one eye, she saw the boy holding back Bodot with one hand, the giant straining to push his arm further.

"Is that it?"

Bodot's face was a mix of rage and shock, leaning more into surprise, as the boy casually tossed his arm to the side, making the giant man fall. The crowd around was in awe.

"N-no way..."

"A kid shook off Bodot's Golem Driver?"

"The hell kind of magic does he have?"

Bodot leveled a glare at the boy, who casually glanced at him. The giant got to his feet and slammed both hands into the boy, only for him to push them apart and jump in a backflip, and pulled off an aerial donkey kick to Bodot's face, making him fly through the warehouse wall with a sickening *CRUNCH* echoing through their ears.

As the boy landed, a hooked silver chain flew past him, scratching his face and ensnaring his arms in the process. He glared at Valejovi once more, this time to see the target grinning like a loon.

The Girtablilu member laughed at his captive. "You...you dear boy, are undeniably STUPID! HAHAHA! Did you honestly think you'd be ably to take me in easy? You're under MY power now!"

The boy twisted against the chains, but still kept his glare on Valejovi. Then suddenly, he smiled.

"So that's how you did it." he muttered.


"The hook is laced with a poison imbued with your magic, making anyone at least scratched be susceptible to memory subjugation."

Valejovi's smile then turned to shock at the analysis, but it returned soon. "Big deal, kid. You figured out my magic, it ain't gonna save you."

"Actually," the boy grinned wide as he pulled against the chain, his purple blood dripping from his cheek in his exertion.

Wait... purple blood?

That momentary lapse of focus was enough for the chain to be broken and for the boy to leap back, a spiked metal tail giving him traction.

Wait... metal tail?!

"I don't need to be saved." the boy grinned wider, showing a fang. The metal tail was joined by two others as the chains broke apart as he roared.


It was loud, it was deep, it was screechy, it was guttural. It echoed throughout the warehouse and miles around. Like a great beast rose from the sea to claim the land as its own. The power behind it wasn't just sound, Kat could feel magic within the waves, reverberating into her very bones, her very soul. Every cell of her body tingled at this power.

"No way..." she heard Valejovi whisper in fear as he tried to back away. "That's impossible... there's no way they exist."

Kat looked around from her position and saw all the Girtablilu members and the women in the cages writhing in pain, not from the sound, but as though their bodies were being destroyed from the inside. She looked and saw Murkac had fallen on the ground, mouth agape as the boy kept roaring. She saw his mount moving and could make out only one word...


Something clicked in Kat's memory of that word... but she couldn't really recall it.

As the roar calmed down, those in the cages became vaguely aware of their predicament.

"What's going on?"

"Where are we?"

"Mommy! Daddy! Where are you?"

"Get us out of here!"

"Help us!"

Hearing their pleas, the boy used the metal tails' spikes to sever the locks on the cages, releasing those imprisoned. As they all quickly ran out of the warehouse, the boy came up to the fallen form of Valejovi, who was still scared out of his wits at the boy before him.

"There's absolutely no way... how could someone like you be -"

"I was lucky." the boy cut him off. "You on the other hand, not so much." he clenched his fist and pulled back, an electric aura surrounding his fist.

"P-pl-please! Spare me!" Valejovi pleaded. "I-I-I-I-I-I promise it won't happen again! I swear!"

"Not taking a chance with you, Dark Guildsman." the boy said as he brought his fist down -

"KAIJUSLAYER, WAIT!" a voice echoed behind him. At that moment, the boy's arm went off his mark and slammed next to the fallen poisoner's head, causing a heavy crater from beneath. The shoack causing Valejovi to lose consiousness.

Kat saw the boy turn his head to Murkac, out of his beetle armor holding his stomach and panting heavily.

"You better give me a good reason for stopping me." the boy said coldly. "You know what I am, which means you're with them, or you're -"

"I'm not either, slayer. I just take notice." Murkac stated sharply. "He'll be put on trial. I'll make sure you get the reward."

The boy just kept his glare on Murkac, "tch, fine." His 'tails' fell flat against his back, forming the coat that Kat had seen earlier. He walked over to her and swiftly picked her up and carried her like a sack of potatoes.

"Wha- hey!" Kat yelled out.

"I'll also be taking her out of here." the boy stated, ignoring Kat's yelps of indignation.

"Now hold on, I just can't let you take-!" Murkac was cut off as the boy, pulled down his scarf to show something on his neck. "...I should have known you were one of them... alright, kid, get her out of here before the Rune Knights show."

The boy nodded as he took off. A minute later, a whistle blew, and he was running the other direction.

Murkac chuckled. 'Never thought I'd see a kaijuslayer around, but then again, since he's part of that guild, it makes sense for him to be unique.'

It took a while, but the kaijuslayer boy gave the knights the slip in the southern forest outside town. As he stopped, he motioned to set Kat down.

"There, we should be able to tr-OW!" he exclaimed as Kat kicked him in the jaw. "What the hell was that for?!"

"That's what I should be asking you, asshole!" Kat screeched at him. "What's the big idea carrying me out like that?! Didn't your mom ever teach you how to treat a girl?!"

The boy visibly flinched at the question and grabbed Kat's jacket and looked her straight in the eye.

"Ground rule 1: when we're working together, talk of family is off-limits, got it?"

Kat stiffened at the forced contact, but warily complied. "Fine... but that doesn't explain why the hell you grabbed me!"

The boy sent a deadpan look at her. "It's obvious, isn't it? A Guildless mage confronting a dark guild? Around here, that's nothing more than one big target on your back, especially with your Lost Magic."

Kat glared at him. "What's wrong with using Lost Magic?"

The boy kept his impassive look at her. "In Minstrel, it's a bit of a problem. The Minstrel Magic Council is vehemently adamant of 'traditional magic' being around." he folded his arms and continued. "Any 'Lost Magic' or 'New Magic' has been automatically considered 'dark magic', especially by that old bastard Esteban." he turned his head with a 'tsk'. "Most of the legal guilds in the country follow those rules. A select few -" he pulled down his scarf, showing his neck. "- defy that order and are open to any mage. The most prominent being my guild: Otaku Tyrant."

The guild mark was a bold contrast to his fair skin tone, it stood out in a dark royal blue that seemed to shimmer in the moonlight. The mark itself was a clenched fist seen from the palm side. With a blank rectangle above the middle knuckle, it gave the allusion of a face in profile. Above the thumb was a three-pointed crown. From a distance, it would look like a tattoo of a face.

Kat blinked owlishly at this, surprised with how different it was than in Fiore. All this new information was making her feel dizzy... oh wait.


Kat hunched over, holding her stomach. Her heaving did not go unnoticed by the boy.

"O-oi! You alright?" he asked.

"Y-yeah... I'll be fine, I just need to -urk!" she closed her mouth as her cheeks puffed out. She couldn't hold it back muck longer. The boy rummaged through his pockets and pulled out a small bottle

"Ok, just take it easy, I've got some pills that will make it ea-"

"Bleeeeeeaaaaugh," Kat vomited onto the ground, but it wasn't common food bits. What she spewed was a glowing blue substance that pooled near her feet. This continued for a couple minutes until the Mana Morpher rolled to her side, away from the kaijuslayer. Said kaijuslayer crouched over her bile, rubbing some between his fingers. He came to a realization at the scent.

"Wait a minute... this is-!"

"Liquid Lacrima... I know. Ughhhhh." Kat groaned at the curse of her magic. This was the one trait she could do without: Any excess magic she absorbed was rejected from the body by regurgitation. It was embarrassing enough on her own, but in front of a guy that - she had to reluctantly admit - saved her, that was embarrassment on a whole new tier. "By the way. My name's Kat Dream."

The boy looked at her before placing the bottle of pills in front of her face.

"I'm Ardriel of Otaku Tyrant."

Despite herself, Kat smiled. She felt more at peace that she had for a long time. And had taken the first steps on a bold new adventure.

Phew! that took a bit of time. but I'm satisfied with the result.

So yeah, a lot of new ideas coming through, eh? phantom weapons, Kaijuslayers, political agendas and silent rebellion. and that's just the first chapter!

alright! Mini-trivia!

Girtablilu- a race of arachne (better known as spider-woman), with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a scorpion. mostly seen in the desert, they are referred to as deadly assassins in their trade.

Considering some of the future subject matter, I would like to dedicate this fic to those that have suffered at the hands of oppressors, be they bullies, authority, or something similar. Know that you are not alone, and there are those that will stand alongside you.