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Chapter 3: Kaiju, Gorillas, and Blood, oh my!

Kat groggily opened her eyes and stared at an unfamiliar ceiling. Lolling her head from side to side, she found herself in a small bedroom with little décor other than a small nightstand and a vanity opposite the bed. She sat up and stretched her arms, a small crack being heard from her spine.

"Oooooh...ow..." she groaned in the apparent soreness her body was feeling. 'Why am I so worn out?' she thought as she tried to recall the events yesterday.

"Let's see... Ardriel took me to the guild, I fought against the skull-faced coyote guy, then the Master made it official, then the party, I met some people, that big bald guy started flirting..." her head began to flush at the reminder, "then Ardriel and some guy in a blue hood blasted him, then a brawl started, and then..." she flushed even more as she remembered... something happening between her and Ardriel. She rushed over to the vanity to check herself.

On her mid-torso, over her tree-shaped scar, was a violet version of the Otaku Tyrant guild mark, though the scar it deemed to cover only made the hue darker. Aside from that, she was relatively the same as the day before.

'That's a relief, I was worried for a moment that I did something crazy and unlike me last night.' her thoughts of panic diminishing quickly. Though the memory of exactly WHAT happened in her dream still shocked her. 'Why would I dream of doing THAT!? With Ardriel?! Even if I barely know him, I still wouldn't be like THAT!'

"Relieved or concerned from your imaginings in Wonderland, sweetie?"

"BWAH!" Kat screamed in shock as she leaped back, unceremoniously flopping onto the bed. She looked back at the vanity to see the head and shoulders of a woman with wild looking black hair and dazed green eyes. She appeared to be just a few years older than Maria.

The woman in the mirror looked at Kat splayed out on the bed and a wide lewd smile crossed her features. "Oh my, oh my, little Cheshire Kitty. Up so early and ready to play? I'm flattered~" she said, shimmying her shoulders through the mirror as though it was a small hole.

"Maddie, what the hell are you doing?"

The now-named Maddie stopped slipping through to see Ardriel at the doorway, shirtless with a towel across his shoulders, his hair damp from the shower he must have recently taken. Maddie retched at the sight and pulled herself back into the mirror.

Kat, on the other hand, stared agape at the kaijuslayer in the doorway that glared at the mirror. Without the bulky coat, he was rather lean in build, though there were defined muscles and distinct scars on his glistening skin. She was so taken in by the sight that she didn't even notice him looking at her. The two locked eyes and Kat remembered the vague dream she had that night and fumbled off the bed as she tried to right herself, Ardriel merely looked at her quizzically. As Kat stood up and looked back at Ardriel, the kaijuslayer turned his back to her.

"Shower's warm, you can clean up and then get dressed. We can go to the guild and get something to eat there and then a mission." he told her before walking away, leaving Kat by herself.

'Huh, why was he being so indirect with looking at me?' she thought as she then felt a cool breeze. At the feeling, she stiffened. 'No way...' There wasn't any way she could have NOT realized that...

She looked down at herself, as her mind woke up with the rest of her.

She had taken her clothes off before she went to sleep last night.

She was naked.

She was naked in front of a boy.

In front of a boy.

Front of a boy.

A boy.


"EEEEEEEEIIIIIYAAAAAAAAH!" Her scream was heard all across Wyrmwood.

In the Guild hall, Kat's scream was heard just a well, and Maria only had a light chuckle as the rest of the members grumbled at being woken up at the early hour so suddenly when they could be catching a few extra Zs for their dream Jewels.

"Quite the interesting start to the day, don't you think, Maddie?" Maria asked as she sipped her tea. Behind the bar counter was a rather tall and limber woman vigorously washing her face. She wore a long limp dark skirt that both hid and accentuated her lithe legs and pert behind. Her top looked raggedy and it looked to be made from wrapped canvas and torn belts, as though she made a strait jacket a fashion statement, as it was tight over her torso, accentuating a well-sized chest and trim waist. On the back of her head as to keep it from falling into the basin was a wide-brimmed patchwork top hat.

"Auuuugh! My eyes have been stained, White Queen. The sight of the Scorpion is but a blemish that cannot be removed!" Maddie bemoaned ad she grabbed a bar of soap. "The memory of our Cheshire Kitten has been tainted!"

"Now, now, Maddie. I think I know Ardriel a bit better than you do." Maria chided the ranting woman. "He may be impulsive, but I think we can all attest to the fact that he's not like some members of this guild..." she sent a glare across the hall, several spines tingling at the malicious intent behind it.

"That's just harsh, Master..." said a booming voice from the upper balcony, and not but a moment later had the giant of a man called Mars fell some feet away, looking rather worse for the wear than he had just yesterday.

"Doesn't mean I'm wrong..." Maria said as she took another sip of tea. "and can't you use the stairs like a normal person?"

"Now Master," Mars smiled. "What part of anyone here is normal?"

"Your common mannerisms, for one." she quipped.

"So harsh!"

"So..." Kat said as she came down the stairwell, fully dressed, and a blush across her face. The living space was open, yet cozy. There was a kitchenette to the side that wasn't in use. Ardriel sat on a plush couch against the adjacent wall, also fully clothed with his distinctive longcoat on over the same attire as yesterday, though the scarf he wore was much looser, draped over his shoulders and showing his mark on his neck. "That woman in the mirror..."

"Maddie Haberdas, the guild barmaid. She's... strange, even to us, and has a habit of popping in on the new girls of the guild." Ardriel said, continuing to not make eye contact.

"Wait, you mean she's -" Kat was cut off as Ardriel stood up.

"Come on, we should get to the hall before all the good jobs are taken," he said as he walked to the front door.

"Ah, r-right!" she said, walking out with Ardriel following after. A few moments later, they were well on their way side by side. "So... thanks for letting me stay at your place for the night."

Ardriel clicked his tongue against his teeth. "It's not my place. I'm just house-sitting."

"Hm?" Kat blinked owlishly, stopping her footsteps, causing Ardriel to reluctantly stop his as well. "Then who's place did you drag me to?"

"If I tell you, will you keep moving?" he asked, only looking at her in the corner of his eye. Seeing her nod, he continued. "Remember that guy that the jeweler Zustin asked about?"

"That Djonn guy, right?" she asked as he nodded and continued walking.

"That's his place."

"Hey! Wait up!" Kat called to Ardriel, only for the kaijuslayer to form one of his metal tails and wrapped it around her waist. "Wha- HEY!"

"You're wasting too much time, come on." he grunted as he started running as fast as the day before.

"Slow dowwwwwn!" the mana mage whined as they sped through town. The early risers could see the sight in confusion, but chalked it up as another 'thing' of their local guild.

It wasn't long before they reached the outskirts of the Wyrmwood and the entrance to the hall. Ardriel entered with a rough kick to the door, and Kat still wrapped in his tail. She hung limp from the dizzying G-forces and the haphazard 'shortcuts' the kaijuslayer took, and was coming to when a voice she heard several minutes earlier called out in shock.

"Defiler!" she heard Maddie say, and looking in that direction, she saw her with an even more crazed look in her eye.

"Oh great..." she heard Ardriel groan and felt the tail tighten around her. "Brace yourself, Kat."

"Eh?" Kat said as the tail started moving. "Wha- whyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi!" her question was warped by Ardriel's tail releasing her like a top, making her spin around the hall floor and to a stool across the way at the bar, a good 20 feet distance, without obstacles. Such success was met with Kat's eyes spinning in their sockets followed by a beautiful faceplant on the counter. The world around her was too garbled to make out, though she could just make out the familiar maroon robes from yesterday as her hearing readjusted.

"But Master -"

"'But' nothing, Cooper. You are going to take a job and that's final." Kat could hear Maria say in a pleasantly stern manner.

"Master, I'm fine. The new girl just caught me off guard." Cooper argued.

"Oh, so the 'top bounty hunter' is losing his edge against a girl?" Maria remarked.

Kat righted herself enough to see that Cooper – having his skull mask back on – his mouth was slightly agape and no sound came out. He sighed and turned away heading over to the request board, and from the distance it was across the hall, she could only make out the big bold letters above the sign [DESTROY ALL DARK GUILDS!].

"Well, well, well, look what the kaiju dragged in." Once again, her attention was brought to the front of the counter as a plate of pancakes and sausage was placed in front of her by the towering Mars, whose face was bandaged slightly, but the hearty smile didn't leave his face.

"Ah... Mars, right?" Kat asked as she picked up a fork and started to eat. Any further thought or comments were shoved to the side as she tasted the fluffy syrupy breakfast pastry.

"Correct, my dear. Mars Volkan, resident heavy-hitter of Otaku Tyrant."

"Don't you mean heavy-setter, Mars?" Maria said light chuckle. "Ardriel's been more of a heavy-hitter than you as of late."

"So harsh, Master!" Mars chuckled, as he rubbed the spot where his face was bandaged. "Though he and Drayden really got me good last night. I lost the hair I recently grew back from the last time."

"It's your own fault, Mars." Maria chided. "You were the one that tried to liven things up a bit. Again."

Mars imitated Cooper as he tried to argue, but slumped and slipped into the kitchen. As Kat felt a rush of heat flowing from the opening in the wall she also heard Mars grumbling about lightning-throwers and kaijuslayers. That sparked the mana mage's curiosity. "Um... Master?"

"Hm?" Maria recognized her questioning tone.

"What is a kaijuslayer anyway?"

Maria just looked at Kat for a moment. Then a smile and a chuckle came across her face. "Hohohomm~ I should have realized that Ardriel wouldn't have said anything," she said as she looked ahead, seeing the said slayer dodging yet another of Maddie's lunges, with her slipping into a nearby hand mirror, only to appear again and attack the boy. "He never likes talking about that stuff."

Kat sighed as she bit into another forkful of sausage. 'So I've noticed... or talking in general.'

"Well, to understand what a kaijuslayer is, you need to know what a kaiju is first." Maria said, turning her attention to the rest of the hall, looking for someone. "Ah! Amora, could come over here, please?"

Kat saw the grumpy-looking girl from yesterday come over and stand in front of the Maria. A glare went almost unnoticed by her at Kat.

"You asked for me, Master?" Amora said calmly.

"Could you bring up the file on 'kaiju' for Kat?" Maria requested. "Ardriel's been his usual self."

Amora glared over at Kat, the mana mage feeling an aura of annoyance, but that was overshadowed by a similar aura flowing from the master directed at the dark-haired girl.

"Amora," Maria said, a pleasantly serious tone. "Please bring up the 'kaiju' file."

Amora shivered slightly. "Y-yes, Master." she said as she motioned her arms and the red hexagon appeared. "Ultra Archive: Data File." suddenly, inverted pictures appeared on the hexagon. [ELEMENTS], [BEASTS], [HISTORY], and [ARTIFACTS] were just a handful of images named that Kat could see and they rolled out of sign as Amora scrolled down. Amora stopped at an image of a large silhouette of a beast that looked like a walking lizard. As she tapped it, a voice was heard.

[Kaiju: the term used by the far east to describe the beasts of this world that cause destruction no army can handle.]

[Such as the dragons, gods, and devils of the world, kaiju are the physical embodiment of nature, though it is not always clear as to what element a kaiju represents. Unlike the dragons, kaiju are much less in number, but records state that a single kaiju could decimate an entire legion of dragons, though it is unknown as to which kaiju this refers to, as any more information was destroyed in the wake of the kaiju's presence. Others dictate kaiju defeating gods; again, further information is unknown.]

[The resurfacing of the kaiju as of 60+ years ago was brought on by an accident of releasing a spell on scale with the Satellite Square: Etherion, causing their return, and their devastation.]

[Kaiju are designated not by element, but by their generation they have appeared on record.]

[The generations of kaiju are as follows: Showa, Heisei, Comba, Parim. Comba Kaiju and Parim Kaiju are a split of the Heisei generation.]

[All kaiju appear to have an ability to absorb the pure magic of any attacks against them, and physical combat is possibly the only means of engaging. Their blood also takes on a dark blue color referred to as 'kaiju blue' and is highly toxic, possibly a side effect from consuming pure magic.]

[The strongest kaiju is designated as King, or Kaiju-Ou. Though this is considered just a title, as the position is always fought over. Records show three to possibly six holders of the title over the past century.]

[As with dragons, gods, and devils, there are slayers for kaiju, though the chances of a kaiju teaching a human their magic is highly rare, as most kaiju are inherently hostile to humans.]

Kat blinked. The voice explained a lot of stuff she didn't know. The creepiness was the monotone way it spoke. Thankfully, Maria cut in in with her own input.

"Kaijuslayers focus more on physical combat, as not all of them use elements in their techniques, and instead use a weapon reminiscent of the kaiju that taught them, and they use the weapon as an extension of their own body. In Ardriel's case, the Piercing Tails."

"It's how he got his epithet, Nightmare Scorpion." Amora said calmly, snidely adding on, "which he absolutely hates, by the way."

"And by going by what his weapon is, we can figure out which Kaiju taught him." Maria said, as she tapped the hexagon as it flipped around to be visible to Kat. "Tap the screen to figure out which Kaiju raised our stubborn slayer."

"Um... okay?" Kat said warily as she placed a finger on the ethereal screen and moved it up. Shadowed images of creatures dominate each picture and she didn't know which was which, she kept looking, some looked like bugs, others looked humanoid, and others looked like walking suits of armor, but the category that dominated the images was reptiles, and two stood out in particular. One looked something akin to a winged hydra with a thick tail that sprouted into two, the other was a creature with a wide head and three wavering tendrils from behind.

'This one... was Ardriel's parent?' she was about to touch the picture when the screen vanished. "Wha-hey!" she cried as she glared at Amora, whose attention was to her side.

"What the hell are you doing, Amora?" said a voice that startled her. Looking behind, Kat saw the kaijuslayer disheveled a bit with a scowl in his visible eye. Looking out to the hall, she saw Maddie splayed out in the lower rafters. A chocolate brown coyote with bigger ears that the others was jumping beneath her in an attempt to get her down.

"Tch, nothing you should worry about, Ardriel. The new girl just wanted to read up on something." Amora shot back as she did a heel turn and walked away. Ardriel grunted as he slipped into the seat next to Kat.

"Don't get too fussed over Amora, Kat." he said as he used one of his tails to reach behind the counter to grab a glowing blue drink. "She's just annoyed that she's still the youngest member."

"Eh?" Kat blinked in curiosity.

"It's true, Kiddo," she heard Mars say he came out with a thick steaming dish and placed it in front of her companion. It was filled with cooked eggs, rice and what appeared to be chunks of fish, if the smell was anything to go by. "Ammo over there was our very first official member five years ago, and she's usually overlooked as a senior member because of her age. Mostly we get people around your age or older and she gets pissed about it and hold that thought and enjoy the kedgeree-eeeeiyYAH!" his explanation was cut off as he was dragged away by his leg in the grasp of a silvery hand that reformed into a towering blob of silver with red eyes that looked like thermometers. The blob's newly formed head glared at Mars before forcibly throwing him to the back of the guild hall through the courtyard.

Looking at the area around the blob, Kat saw Amora sitting at a table with her arms folded and her legs crossed. Looking closer, Kat saw the silver part of one of her bracelets had disappeared. At the flick of her wrist, the silver golem warped itself back into the bracelet, forming the same pattern as the other.

"Wow... that silver was pretty quick." Kat muttered.

"Exactly." Maria said. Kat looked back to the master in curiosity, but Ardriel answered.

"Amora uses Mercury golems. It's also called quicksilver. They have a habit of reflecting her temper."

"Now, now, Ardriel, don't heckle your friends." Maria said in her orderly tone sending a fair glare at the slayer. Kat saw him flinch slightly as he nursed his bottle.

"Yes, Master." he said quickly as he finished off the blue liquid in a hearty swig. Kat had also noticed he had cleaned out the large dish of food while she was only a quarter of the way through her own breakfast!

It was at this time that Cooper came back with a paper in hand. "Master, with this mission suffice?"

Maria looked over the request. "Hmm... a Gorian infestation outside of Theorbo, and at 200,000 Jewels. Seems within your skills." she said as she took out an old book. Opening it, she focused intently at it. Kat could just make out words forming on the pages.

"That's Master's 'Prophecy' magic at work." Ardriel said. "It's like the more common 'Fortune Telling', but with more accurate results. She does this to see how the mission will play out for the recipient, though she never tells anyone the result, only making choices at her whim."

"Well, Cooper, it looks like it will go well, but I suggest you take these two along." Maria said calmly, motioning to her side at Kat and Ardriel.

"Ehhhh?!" Kat exclaimed in startled protest. This guy nearly chopped her apart and now she'd have to work with him? Granted, he was now an ally, but still!

"Master, I don't think that's wise -"

"Don't you want to prove that you've still got it to the younger generation?" Maria said innocently.

Cooper glowered at the master. She had struck a low blow. "Fine. I guess they can come along."

Maria smiled at the response. "Excellent! I know the three of you will do your best!"

Ardriel merely shrugged his shoulders. "I've been tense lately. Taking out a few monkeys should relieve the stress."

'He's tense? I thought he was like that naturally.' Kat thought.

"We're in agreement then?" Cooper asked, looking at the two. "Good. I'll see you at the station." he turned as he walked away to the exit. Ardriel stood up to follow him, only to be held back by Maria.

"Forgetting something, Ardirel?"

The kaijuslayer glanced over at Kat, then shrugged again. "Let her finish eating before sending her off." he said as he made for the exit again. he was stopped again as Maria appeared in front of him, glaring down at him.

"Your dishes." she stated firmly. "Clean up. Now." Ardriel flinched, as his tails tried to block the master's glare, but when her staff tapped the floor, the tails moved towards the counter, grabbing the dish.

"O-Oi!" he called indignantly as he tried to regain control of his tails, but he was also being pulled around the guild hall grabbing up other plates. Several members laughed as he jumped around, trying to rein in his independent limbs. Even Kat failed to hold back a laugh at Ardriel's expression.

Soon, Ardriel staggered back to the bar, tails heaving stacks upon stacks of dirty dishes, his face showing annoyance more than anything else. Maria only smiled as he forced himself into the kitchen and the sound of running water was soon heard. After swallowing one final forkful of fluffy flapjacks, she turned her attention back to the master.

"Um... Master..." Kat started, but Maria held up her hand to stop the question.

"I will only tell you that Prophecy is not my sole magic." she said with a smile.

"Ah... o...kay?" Kat mumbled warily. 'Master can be scary when she wants to be...'

Wyrmwood Station

Cooper stood just outside the station, tapping his calloused feet against the stone brick floor waiting for the two to arrive. Even at the early hour, there were many people coming and going around, and many looked at the bounty hunter in fear and wary. He smirked to himself, he was used to a reaction like that. Though his animal companion also brought a few stares.

For this mission, he had decided to bring Carne, one of the larger coyotes he had raised, and this one was no exception. Even laying down, the dark gray furred beast came up to his knees, and standing, over his waist. Its smooth yet shaggy coat was from possibly a crossbreed from a wolf, something Cooper expected for hunting down these Gorians. Though the kaijuslayer's nose was possibly just as good, he preferred the natural way better.

"Hello! Mr. Cooper!"

Carne's ear perked up at the call, and Cooper himself turned to the direction it came from. He saw both Ardriel and the new girl coming towards him. The coyote looked the same way, and started growling. The new girl stopped for a moment, but was pushed onward by the slayer. Cooper chuckled at the display, petting Carne on the head to calm him down.

"Easy, Carne. I know you don't like Ardriel. No one does." the skull-masked mage said.

"I'm right here, Chasseur." Ardriel grumbled.

"Umm... can we get going to this Theorbo place?" Kat interjected before another fight started. She honestly did want to get familiar with the towns and cities of the Minstrel Kingdom, and the best way to get to them was by train.

Cooper smiled at her, "Sure thing. The train's about to leave soon anyway."

The group swiftly got on, with a small hassle of Carne fiercely guarding the train from having Ardriel on board. But even then, they all got to their seats.

"Geez, Chasseur, you really need to teach your mutts friend from foe." Ardriel said as he dropped into his seat between Kat and the window, Cooper and Carne sitting opposite, the coyote glaring down the slayer. Ardriel was rubbing the bite mark Carne had given him, while it didn't break the skin, it still hurt.

"It's your own damn fault." Cooper said, petting Carne while holding him back with a slight grip on his fur. "None of the pups like you. You're too hostile."

"Tch..." Ardriel only turned to look out the window.

"Please don't start fighting..." Kat said, a worrying expression on her face. She really didn't want to have a brawl start so early.

"Heh, alright, fine, kid..." Cooper folded his arms in front of him, his mouth tight. "um... what was your name again?"

"It's Kat."

"Kat. Right. I was wondering who Master was having take over the initiations."

"Huh?" the blonde said curiously, "but we'll only be gone a day or two at most."

"Doesn't matter. There are still members out that could bring in new recruits." Ardriel said. "Anyway, Master said something about the initiation being by someone that has a similar magic to the newcomer, but for no- ZZZZZZZzzzzz." The slayer nodded off in the middle of his sentence as soon as the train started moving.

"Eh?" Kat stared at Ardriel in surprise. 'He fell asleep again? What the heck?!'

"Heh, guess he didn't let you know his weakness," Cooper said with a smile. "Kaijuslayers have extreme narcolepsy when on moving vehicles."

"Whaaaaa?!" Kat exclaimed. So that was why he fell asleep on the way to Wyrmwood?

Cooper's blue eye peered through his skull mask, disappearing for a moment as he blinked. "What exactly has Ardriel told you?"

Kat pondered for a moment. "Well... just his name and the guild's name... nothing else, really."

'Typical Ardriel...' Cooper shook his head, exasperated. With a flick of his wrist, a stream of blood flowed into his hand and formed a wide hammer, which he promptly whacked Ardriel's head.

"What the-!" Kat jumped in her seat at the action, forming a shield in hand to protect herself from the slayer's untold wrath. When said wrath did not occur, she peeked out from one eye to see Ardriel still asleep, though a large bump now formed from the impact.

"Damn idiot..." she heard Cooper say as the hammer became viscous and slid back into his body. Looking back to Kat, a small smile was on his face. "Don't worry, he's still alive. Kaijuslayers are ridiculously resilient, but like this, they can't strike back. He'll feel it when he wakes up as soon we get to Theorbo. In the meantime, I'll answer any questions I can that you ask."

"Um... o...kay?" Kat said as she blinked, still perplexed by the hunter's actions. "I guess I'll ask the big one first: what IS an otaku? All the other guilds usually refer to some magical creature, but you guys... I dunno."

Cooper smiled. "And we're no exception. An otaku is a really reclusive being, barely interacting with others in nature or society. They were originally thought to live only in the eastern countries, but they actually exist everywhere. They hide away and collect things that suit their preferences. As to what they look like and how they act... well, the only ones I know that have actually seen them and are alive are Master and Gravesoul, and they haven't said."

"Gravesoul?" Kat asked.

Cooper tilted his head to the side. "Wow, he really didn't tell you anything, not even the guy he looks up to here?"

"He only mentioned some 'Djonn' guy. He sounds like a condiment." Kat muttered, which was met by a raucous laughter from Cooper and a raspy chuckle from the coyote companion.

"If he heard you call him that, you'd be in trouble." the hunter said with a smile. "Djonn Gravesoul is the co-founder of the guild, and Ardriel's big brother figure."

Kat felt a tingle down her spine. 'Co-founder? Then he must be at the same level as Master!'

"He's a bit... unorthodox, and he and Mars usually fight each other when he gets back."

"Really? Mars? He seems... too laid-back to be a fighter."

"He has his reasons for restraint, but I fear the day when they both go all out. Also, Mars protects the guild pretty much at all times."

"Really? How?" Kat asked.

"Just wait a moment and you'll see." A few moments later, Kat felt a pulsing warmth from her guild mark. She placed her hand over it, and saw Cooper place his own hand on the back of his neck. "That's Mars' 'Ring of Fire'. The Guild's first line of defense. It stops any enemy guild or hostile creature with a earthen explosion. But for our members, it's a way we keep our loyalties."

Kat shivered at the thought of being a victim to that, and the mysteries of the giant and the unknown figure of Ardriel's respect. Looking out the window, she was just able to make out the guild hall in the distance. If that was Mars' range... "How strong are they?"

Cooper thought for a moment, trying to find the best words. "S-class is probably an understatement." That tingling from her spine wouldn't go away. "I've talked with Councilman Org about them becoming part of the Ten Wizard Saints, but that Councilman Esteban in the Minstrel division halts any legal affirmations that have to do with Otaku Tyrant." Cooper grit his teeth, but then sighed. "Though even if we did get the approval, I doubt either of them would take it."

"Why's that?" the mana mage asked.

Cooper looked at her. "Being part of this guild isn't about making a name for yourself. It's about being with those that are cast out from normal life, and showing that you are not alone."

Kat looked surprised at that notion. 'A guild where you are never alone...' as she thought that, she smiled a bit.

"Though I'm surprised that Ardriel actually brought someone to the guild," the blood mage said, bringing Kat out of her thoughts, "much less a girl."

"What's that supposed to mean?" she said, her face in a light scowl.

Cooper only sighed, a teasing smile on his face. "Kaiju aren't exactly known for attachments, much less their slayers. I'm twice your age, so I know a few things that even our little data broker doesn't."

Back at the guild, Amora sneezed just as she was about to take a bite from scrambled eggs. It was strong enough to jostle her back, but the legs of the old chair she sat on broke, causing the second faceplant of the day. Right into her breakfast.

"Retribution!" she heard Mars say as he laughed along with some others.

'Some idiot is talking about me...' she grumbled. In an instant, the laughter was replaced by screams of fear as Amora's Mercury Golems started to run rampant. 'It's probably that dumbass.'

Somewhere else, a group was taking a walk when one of the men sneezed.

"Aw gross! It's in my mask!"

"Sir, are you alright?" one of the companions asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." the man said, pulling off the mask. "Someone must be talking about me."

"Any idea who?" another asked.

The man simply laughed. "I'd love to say it's a secret admirer, but with my luck, Master's complaining." he simply strode ahead of the group, "Now come on, you all! We've got a mission!"

After a few hours on the train, Kat was laughing at the story Cooper had finished telling from one of his exploits before joining Otaku Tyrant.

"Hahaha! So the target actually wet himself as he begged?"

Cooper chuckled, "No joke. Cody is almost as fierce as Carne here; scared the pansy near-death. Though I will admit he's mellowed out at the guild being around Master, but I'm happy for him."

Kat giggled at that. "He seems more like a big puppy."

"Heh, he always has. Hm?" Cooper noticed the train was slowing down. "Looks like we've made it."

"Huh?" Kat noticed the same. "But we're so far away, did we skip all the other towns?"

Cooper just looked at her. "Didn't you know the trains are magical too?"


"For crying out loud... the trains have a spell that react to each station depending on the passenger, so they'll only notice their stop."

"Ah..." Kat set her head down. "Sorry..." She started to feel tears fall down her face, until something tapped her leg. Looking ahead of her saw Carne's paw resting on her knee, though he was looking away. Kat giggled and rubbed behind his ears. Carne let out a content sound before glaring at Cooper.

"What? It's common knowledge." he said as the train came to a stop.

"Considering the circumstances, it's obvious why she doesn't know." they both heard the slayer grumble. Ardriel shifted his body weight off the window, glaring at the skull-masked mage. "You may have been part of Otaku Tyrant longer, but you were never Branded..." he got up and walked past the three through the seats and off the train. Kat looked on as he went by.

"What did he mean, Mr. Cooper?"

The blood mage only sighed as he and his coyote followed after Ardriel. "That... is one question that I cannot answer." and he stepped out of the compartment.

And so Kat was alone again, in her wallowing thoughts of what -

Wait a minute... Alone?

They Ditched Her!

"Guys! Wait for me!" she called as she scrambled herself out of her seat and off the train as the whistle blew.


"How could you guys just ditch me like that?" Kat bemoaned as they exited the station into the town, about a third of the size of Wyrmwood. She was just behind her companions, Ardriel's hands behind his head without a care, Cooper getting wary glances as he looked around for anything unusual, while Carne was sniffing about.

"We're not your babysitters, Kat." Ardriel said. "Besides, you would have changed over at the next stati- yow!" the metal-tailed mage said as he was whacked with a mana fan from Kat.

"Stupid kaijuslayer jerk..." she mumbled, releasing the construct.

"Um... excuse me..." their attention was directed to an older man with a sharp yet shabby suit on. "Are you by chance the guild that answered our request?"

Cooper pulled out the mission form from his back pocket and held it in front of the man. "I take it these are the correct papers?"

"Oh, yes! Yes! Thank you for coming." the man said, "Things have gotten worse since we sent it out. Please, come with me to my home." the group followed the man to a building taking up half a block. At the stairwell, the man turned around. "Ah yes, I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I am the mayor of Theorbo."

"Nice to meet you, sir. We're from Otaku Tyrant." Kat said with a pleasant smile on her face. At the mention of the guild, the mayor stiffened for a moment before recollecting himself.

"Let's talk inside please."

Kat and Ardriel followed the mayor, while Cooper and Carne stayed on the street.

"Carne and I will scout around for clues, you two find out what you can." Cooper called as he followed the coyote sniffing the ground.

Ardriel gave a short wave at the blood mage as they stepped into the mayor's home. There were a few other people conversing with themselves as they entered. They took notice of them and their focus was now on their employer.

"Mayor, has someone come to stop these monsters?" one asked.

The mayor nodded, presenting the two mages. "Yes, these two are here to finally stop this madness, their friend is out searching as we speak. They're from Otaku Tyrant."

At the mention of the guild, they too flinched, causing Kat to show some concern. Ardriel scoffed at their reaction.

"We came here because you needed help, and we will do so, but we'd like to know what we're up against." he said harshly, causing the people to step back away from them.

Kat glared at the slayer for a moment before looking back to the others. "I'm sorry about my friend. He doesn't really have... 'people' skills. Can you tell us what's been happening?"

"O-of course..." the mayor stammered. "For the past month, the Gorians have been coming into town and snatching up women."

"That's strange in and of itself... Gorians usually stick to their territory, so why are they doing this now?" Ardriel said.

"We don't know... but they have also gotten much more violent." one said.

"Violent how?" Kat asked. She had seen Gorians before, and they were pretty ruthless. If these were more dangerous...

"In the past two weeks, they've been coming in a group, one grabbing armfuls, and the rest beating up anyone that tries to stop them." another said, shivering. "The injuries are... nnngh." he couldn't put it to words.

"My own nephew is in a coma from an attack, he was trying to save his sister and girlfriend, but..." a woman said... breaking down from the memory.

Kat saw Ardriel's hand clench. His visible eye was covered in shadow, but she could feel an emanating glare. The words the woman said also reminded her of her own...

No! She couldn't make herself remember that!

"Do any of the girls have magic ability?" Ardriel asked sternly.

"Um... my daughter has some talent, but she's only six..."

"That's good enough." the slayer said as he pulled out a piece of paper with some markings on it. Handing it to the mayor, he commented, "Put this in an open space. I promise they'll be back soon." He stepped outside, Kat following him. Turning to her, he told her. "We need to find Cooper fast. This mission just got a bit more complicated."

"He couldn't have gotten far..." the mana mage said.

"He's probably already found a trail and is out of town by now."

"Then how are we supposed to find him?"

"You have wings, don't you?" Ardriel said as plain as day.

Kat stiffened at that. Yeah, she used her Mana Morph to form basic wings back at Oakenshire, but how did he - wait... that means he was there the whole time! WHAT A JERK!

"W-well, yeah... but I can only glide with them..." she said, looking away and rubbing her arm, a blush across her face.

Ardriel rolled his visible eye. "Nnghhh! Fine, brace yourself."

"What are you do-IIIIIYYAAAH!" Kat screamed as she was once again launched about by the kaijuslayer's tails, this time straight upward. She rocketed past the Theorbo's highest point, and the split-second she stopped climbing higher, she was just able to form her single layer of mana wings, stiffly straight and catching the high breeze. She let out enough strings of curses and expletives to make a rigging rope that were along the lines of 'that damn inconsiderate asshole!', though I could be paraphrasing.

"Oi!" she heard Ardriel call from below is an annoyed tone. "You see Ol' Coyote-man?"

'No, but I can see you getting a good smack across the skull when we're done with this mission!' she fumed. Looking around, she saw the forest surrounding the town. It was lush and green, and would be rather calming if she wasn't precariously floating about. She could see a cliff across from a small lake in the distance. To the side, she heard a crashing sound and saw smoke from the edge of Theorbo. "Ardriel!"

"I hear it! Come on!" He yelled as they both made their way to the destruction.

Cooper grabbed the side of the wall he just crashed through. He was panting heavily, cursing his own arrogance.

"Damn it! I really have gotten soft. If there's one thing I don't like other than losing my edge, it's Master being right about it." he grumbled through a series of coughs. Looking ahead, he saw Carne sinking his teeth into the Gorian, the beast itself covered in wounds.

"You no take Woman!" the beast roared as it tried to grab the coyote, Carne just out of reach.

Cooper looked to the side and saw a little girl trying to wake up her parents. They had been battered by the Gorian's arm swinging about. He knew they weren't dead, but they wouldn't be moving for some time...

Hearing a yelp, he saw the Gorian had tossed off Carne and was making its way to the girl. She hadn't taken notice.

'Damn it!' Cooper thought as he started a stumbling run at the beast. With a quick slice to his palm, he formed a curve-tipped razor and in a leap, slammed it into the Gorian's spine.


"Gotcha now, you ugly monkey!" Cooper said through grit teeth. "Bloody Urchin!"

The Gorian tensed as its body went as straight as possible before spikes burst out in random places on its body. Its roar was caught in its throat.

"And now to finish you off!" the blood mage said as leaped to the ground, his blood still connected to the Gorian in a solid pole. Gripping his blood, he lifted the beast above his head.

"OooooRIYAH! Carmesí Eisenhammer (Crimson Iron Gavel)!" he roared as he completed his swing, slamming the Gorian headfirst into the cobblestone street. He could feel the impact through his blood as the Gorian's skull shattered. As he retracted the blood, the beast went limp. He panted heavier than before, but at least he won and the girl was safe.

'Haah, haah, haah, what do you think of that, Master?' he breathed into his thoughts. Looking over to the girl, he saw Carne at her side with a paw on her shoulder. Cooper steadily walked over to them obviously tired. As he got beside the two, he could see the girl had tears in her eyes, going over to her parents, he places a hand on their bare skin, he could feel slow pulses from their blood, proving to himself that they were indeed alive. "They'll be fine, kid." he said as he took a glimpse at her.

"R-really?" she cried through a whimper. She had short black hair and looked to be maybe four years old... way too young for something like this to happen to her. Her eyes looked at him in fear and worry.

"Yeah, I'll have someone come by and she'll fix them up right away."

"You promise?" she asked, wiping her tears a bit.

"I promise."

"Pinkie promise?"

Cooper chuckled at the girl's questioning, a faint memory from a bygone life flashed before his eyes, but it was gone in an instant as he held his weathered hand out, pinkie finger first. "Pinkie promise."

The girl placed her own pinkie over his, causing the older man to smile. The moment was broken as Carne growled at something behind Cooper. A quick glance behind nearly made him freeze.

Four more Gorians appeared from the forest.

'Shit!' Cooper screamed in his mind as they closed the distance between them quickly. He wrapped the girl in one arm close and with the other, he used his knife to slash his arm from shoulder to elbow. "Bloody Shield!" the blood quickly formed into a red barrier as the first Gorian's fist came down. Thankfully, the shield held, but the beasts did not let up.

"Uwwaaaah!" the girl cried in fear, burying herself deeper in Cooper's arm, the blood hunter himself clenched his teeth at the strain of keeping the shield up, but it was spread thin from covering himself, Carne, the girl and her parents.

"Don't worry. Help's on the way." Cooper said to her, but in his mind, he worried, 'Come on, kaiju brat. I know you can smell bloodshed, so where are you?!'

As those thoughts passed through his mind, he heard the distinctive roar of his comrade and the battering from the monkeys stopped.

"Wh-wh-wh-what was that?"

Cooper smiled to himself and the girl. "My comrades."

Kat was able to glide over to the area as she saw and heard Ardriel getting the Gorians' attention. He quickly lunged at them, his tails impaling themselves into their bodies as he continued wailing on them. As she was about to pass over, one of the Gorians had gotten behind the slayer and he hadn't noticed, so Kat released her wings' form while creating something heavy enough to crush the beast. She felt some resistance under the 2-ton mana weight, but it quickly leveled out.

With a final tug from his tails, Ardriel had taken out the last Gorian and looked around for any more. Seeing none, he looked at Kat leisurely sitting atop some large transparent brick. She held a devious smirk at him, as some unsaid promise. An instinct inside him wanted to wipe that off her face, but he restrained himself.

"You took your time." he said casually as his tails reformed into his coat. That only caused the mana mage to start steaming.

"Sh-shut up! You're the one that threw me into the sky without a second thought!"

"I warned you."


Ardriel shrugged it off as he stepped over to the red dome. He rapped his knuckles on the surface. "All clear, Chasseur."

The dome retracted and revealed the skull-faced mage protecting the injured family. Cooper smiled at the slayer.

"You get distracted, fish-breath?" he said as his blood flowed back into his arm, any impurities falling harmlessly to the ground. "You took a while getting here."

Ardriel felt a vein pulse over his brow. "I took down three of these monsters while you and Kat only got one each." he said with a wry grin, pointing at the blood hunter.

Which wasn't the best decision, as Carne sunk his jaws into the slayer's arm.

"GYAAAH! Chasseur! Get your mutt off me!" he yelped, trying to get the coyote to release him.

"Serves you right, you jerk! HAHAHA!" Kat laughed, doubling over as she came over to them.

Cooper smiled and lessened his grip on the girl. She was able to look at the scene and saw the kaijuslayer waving his arm about to get the large dog off a girl laughing at him. It was silly enough that she herself started giggling. That got the mages attention and Cooper pat her head.

"That's the kind of expression a girl your age should have, kid." he said, ruffling her hair. He turned back to the slayer, and whistled for Carne to get off, he did so and Cooper's attention was back on the slayer, checking over his wound. "C'mon, Ardriel. We need to get this kid's parents somewhere safe."

Ardriel stopped nursing his wound and looked at the girl, then at her parents. His eye went stern as he walked around and two of his tails appeared. He laid the tails to the parents' sides and suddenly they started widening. In a matter of moments, they were wide enough to support the two, and with a single movement, he lifted them both level as if they were on stretchers.

"Let's get them out of here and then go home." Cooper said as they started moving.

"We can't leave yet." Kat said she helped the girl on top of Carne, something the coyote was surprisingly comfortable with, and the girl nuzzled into his fur.

Cooper looked back at her. "What? Why not?"

"This whole fiasco with these monkeys has been going on for a month, Chasseur. Every day with multiple girls taken." Ardriel said as he was moving, keeping the two balanced.

"What?!" Cooper exclaimed. "But that means... oh no..."

"What is it?"

"Gorians are usually solitary creatures, unlike their northern arctic cousins the Vulcans, they're usually in groups of maybe twenty. It surprised me to see even those four working together, but if what you're saying is true, and this has been going on for a month..." there was a pregnant pause, and Kat could feel her breath being held. "This group must have at least forty."

Kat felt her blood run cold. "F-f-f-forty?"

Cooper nodded. "At the least. But with our luck, it's probably more." In his mind, he began cursing. 'Damn it, Master! You knew this was going to be difficult, that's why you had these two tag along!'

The three of them soon made it to the mayor's house, where Ardriel was able to lay down the two injured citizens.

"They'll need medical care soon," he said calmly, "and I doubt the doctors here can treat these injuries."

Kat glared at the slayer for his lack of tact, but Cooper spoke next. "I told the kid I'd have our healer come by to fix up her parents."

Kat saw Ardriel's eye twitch as he openly stared at the Hunter mage. "You're thinking SHE will come out for that? Are you out of your mind?!"

Cooper fixed a look at Ardriel. "You know as well as I do that she's the best there is. And Master's probably on her way to ask for her assistance as we speak."

Ardriel flinched at those words, though instead of another statement, he ran his fingers through his hair on either side of his head and retched out a frustrated growl.

"Fine. Let's just get those primates out of here before she arrives." he grumbled, his heavy stomps rumbling the floorboards. As he left the room, Kat looked to Cooper with the unasked question. The hunter sighed and glanced at her with his blue right eye.

"Our guild holds a few secrets, even with it so young." he spoke cryptically.

Once again, Kat felt that eerie chill down her spine. Though she had no idea why...

Cooper only sighed as he got up to follow Ardriel. He looked back to her, saying, "If you're lucky, you may meet her when she's in a good mood."

Kat kept her composure as she followed them out, but inside her was a bundle of nerves.

'Uwaaaaa... this mission is getting worse and worse! And leaving me on edge with these mysteries is NO FAIR!'

Cooper and Kat found Ardriel waiting for them outside, tapping his foot; a tail absentmindedly swinging.

"I talked the situation over with the mayor, about the girls that have been taken."

"I take it my number was close?" Cooper remarked.

"Sixty-eight." He stated with an exquisite pokerface. It seemed that only Kat's eyes went wide in surprise at the number.

"SIXTY- This is... INSANE!" She exclaimed, her voice rising. Though when she next spoke, her voice hushed. "How can you guys talk about this all so casually? Don't you care?!"

"We've been working here a long time, kid. You learn to live without thinking too hard about it." Cooper explained, before he whistled for Carne.

"We need to stay calm in order to keep the place running." Ardriel replied. "It's better to focus on the endgame. That's all that matters."

Kat stared at the slayer and hunter as Carne came over to them, the girl from earlier following.

"Young lady, I'm going to need my friend back to save the other girls." Cooper said, crouching down to her level.

"Awww, can't he stay with us and protect us?" she asked, nuzzling her face into Carne's fur. Kat giggled at the sight whereas Ardriel scoffed.

"Sorry, kid, but he needs to come with us." Cooper responded.

"Pweeeeeease?" the girl begged, her eyes wide and watery. Any normal man would have given in. Sadly, these men were not normal.

"God damn it, kid! Just back off and let us do our job!" Ardriel snapped at her. The girl squeaked in fear, and the tears she was using for keeping a playmate were now flowing down her face.

"WAAAAAAH!" she started crying, hugging Carne even tighter.

"Ardriel!" Kat shouted at the slayer, glaring at him with an intensity he did not know. He involuntarily flinched under her fury-fueled gaze. Kat stopped her glare at the slayer and put a comforting one as she crouched over to the girl. "Hey, hey, It's okay. He's just a big grump."

The little girl's cries lessened, she had released her grip on the large coyote to rub her eyes from the tears. "He's a big meanie."

Kat smiled softly at her words. "Yes he is. My name is Kat, the man with the bone hat is Mr. Cooper, and the meanie over there is Ardriel. What's your name?"

"I'm Mayle..." she whimpered. Kat's eyes softened even more.

"That's a very pretty name, Mayle. How about this: if you let Carne come with us, when we get back we can all have a party, does that sound good?" Kat offered, Cooper stared at her, both eyes visible through his mask, and Ardriel got over his reaction to openly protest, but his words never came.

"You mean it?" Mayle asked in a quiet voice, looking up to the girl.

"Yup!" Kat said, lightly patting the girl's head. "But only after the meanie says he's sorry for yelling." At this, she pointed her mysteriously powerful glare at the slayer, while the other looked at him as well.

Ardriel flinched yet again. "O-oi! There is NO way I'm- ghh!" he was really not liking the look Kat was sending.

"Ar-dri-el..." Kat enunciated the syllables of his name with a hint of the swelling anger she felt at him over the course of the day.

"I'm not... gonna... say... a damn – OKAY FINE!" Ardriel caved. "I'm... sorry." he mumbled, looking away to try and lessen the glare.

"Okay!" Mayle's expression brightened before she turned to the coyote and place her small hands on the sides of his muzzle. "You be good, okay?"

Carne's response was a lick to her nose.

The mages soon were on their way to end this madness, leaving Mayle with the mayor and the others. While Carne and Ardriel were sniffing about the carcasses of the Gorians, Cooper and Kat waited off to the side so the scents wouldn't mix. The blood hunter was inspecting his knives for damage, though considering what he used then for, Kat wondered what the point of it was...

"You really handled the kid well, Kat. I'm surprised." Cooper said, breaking her our of her thoughts.

"Huh? What do you mean?" she stared at the skull-masked mage.

Putting his knives away, he continued. "Let's just say that most of the members are... well in short, we're 'awkward' around kids."

Kat sat on the damaged stone fence, silently urging him to continue.

"Look, we all have baggage going into this, so I'll just say it like this: we were all alone at one point. No friends, no family, no nothing. Me, heh, I doubt my folks even think about me."

"How dare you say that!"

Cooper looked in surprise at Kat's outburst, that look she fixed on the kaijuslayer was now on him.

" is a precious thing, how can you simply say that they don't care about you!?" she shouted at him in a hissed whisper.

"They banished me from home because I was doing magic." Cooper stated, stopping her anger in its tracks. He smiled and patted her head. "I think I figured out why Ardriel brought you to the guild, you have that same drive as Master and Gravesoul. Your blood boils for your ideals."

Albeit flustered, Kat tried to ask him what he meant by his words, only for Ardriel to call them over, saying they got the scent.

"You two have a trail?" the hunter asked.

"More like a general direction. Comparing the scents, it seems like they're centered east of town." Ardriel answered, Carne barking in affirmation.

Kat recalled her high-flight experience. "East? I saw a cave in a cliffside over a lake that way when Ardriel tossed me in the sky looking for you."

The next thing Kat knew, Cooper smacked Ardriel over the head with his blood hammer again, much to the slayer's annoyance.

"Dumbass! Are you trying to kill her after a single day?!"

"Shut it, Chasseur, I knew she'd be fine."

"Like hell you did!"

"BOTH OF YOU COOL IT!" Kat snapped at them. The two jumped at her tone. She composed herself and continued. "As much as you have a right to wail on Ardriel -" to which the slayer glowered indignantly, "- let's finish the mission. Like you said, all that matters is the endgame."

The hunter and slayer glared at each other one last time before Cooper chuckled. "Now you're getting that Otaku Tyrant spirit, kid. Let's move."

"Hoooold it!" she stopped them once more, much to Ardriel's growing annoyance.

"What now?" he groaned. She pointed to the mutilated carcasses of the Gorians. "...Ohhhhh no! You CANNOT be serious!"

"Do it!"

Cooper stood to the side again, this time with his coyote friend as the mana morph mage directed the reluctant kaijuslayer to bring the corpses together, which was actually smart and could actually let them keep some of the pay for the damages he caused. Seeing them react reminded him of another duo back at the guild...

"Hey Carne," he asked, getting the coyote's attention, "Don't you think this is like 'them'?" he slit his palm, a small amount of blood trickling about, quickly forming a miniature staff and knife, though if it was to scale, it was a wide-bladed greatsword, the two weapons waved about and clashed in his hand for Carne to see. The coyote tilted his head and then looked to the two young mages. Ardriel had finished piling the bodies as Kat formed a box around them. They started arguing again as Carne looked back to Cooper's hand, looking up to his face, the coyote simply flicked one of his ears. "Yeah, me too."


They both looked ahead and saw Ardriel throwing the translucent box, sending it and the contents into the air and outside the town.

"There. We're done with that. NOW can we get moving?" the slayer grunted.

Kat's response was a light smile as she sauntered past the hunter and his friend, Ardriel begrudgingly following.

Cooper smirked behind his mask. "Heh... kids." he muttered as he followed them.

In little time, they had traversed through the forest to the lake Kat saw. The cliff opposite them was steep and it didn't look like it would be easy to climb.

"Are you sure this is where they are, Ardriel?" Kat whispered.

"Yeah," Ardriel replied. "Their scent is all over the place..."

"Which means they're around here." Cooper finished. "Probably in that cave. It's too small for them all to fit in easily, much less the girls, so knowing that..."

"It leads to a cavern inside?" Kat inquired. "I didn't think Gorians were that smart."

"They're not." the boy and man said, and Carne barked in agreement.

The trio carefully went through the brush to get to the bottom of the cliff, but as it looked from a distance, the cliffface was a sheer spot.

Kat turned to Ardriel curiously. "Well, how are we supposed to- yiip!" she exclaimed as the slayer's tail wrapped around her, his other two grabbed Cooper and Carne and brough them close for him to wrap his arms at their waists.

"Hey brat! I don't need your help getting up there!" Cooper snapped as he tried to wrestle himself free, though it did no good, even with the size disadvantage. Kat saw this and recalled yesterday when Ardriel himself was in the same position in Mars' arm. Considering that, she couldn't help but wonder...

'How strong is Mars?'

Any other thoughts were silence as Ardriel's other two tails stabbed into the earthen wall and all four of them were being lifted off the ground.

"Shut up and let me concentrate. We need to conserve as much magic as possible for these things." Ardriel grunted through his teeth. "Something I wanted to do instead of cleaning up your mess, you old mutt." Even indirectly, Kat could feel that tone rubbing her the wrong way. Adding that to her current position gave her a very clear shot for a good venting.

She waited patiently until Ardriel had scaled the wall and she was a safe distance in before acting.

"There," the slayer stated as he set Cooper and Carne down. "We'll probably be able to get the jump on the-MIIIIYOW!" he yelped as he felt the impact of a small foot in a sensitive place, and that hit HARD - wait.

"W-w-wha...ghhh-!" he cringed in pain, also keeping his voice down, but the hunter could tell he was close to screaming as possible in that condition. He wheezed at her, "What the HELL was that for?!"

"For being rude." she plainly stated as she walked away down the tunnel.

Ardriel growled and started stumbling after her, his tails pushing the walls to help him keep his balance.

Cooper and Carne simply looked at them, and then back at each other. Carne nodded his head and Cooper smiled. "Yeah, it's obvious." he chuckled as he followed them, offering Ardriel some support.

They continued through the dark tunnels, Ardriel's sense of smell helping them from getting lost. In a short while they saw light coming from further in the tunnel, it was dim, but there was enough light coming through to see each other.

They reached the end of the tunnel, stopping at another sheer cliff face. Looking down, it opened into a large cave, the ceiling was covered in roots from trees above ground, yet there were several cracks that were letting pale light shine inside; going through the tunnel took longer than expected, as it was already night. There was a shallow pool across the cavern and several tunnels to the sides, including one rather large one than no light reflected into. But all around the cave floor were the green beasts.

They all were in some sort of makeshift nests, surrounding an open area where they say three Gorians beating each other senseless, blood and teeth flying in the air as the spectators roared and jeered.

'I've never seen those beasts act so... human.' Kat thought as she heard the shattering of stone. Looking to her side, she saw Ardriel crushing a rock in his bare hand.

"There are 66 Gorians down there." he growled through his teeth.

"I think you're off a couple, kid." the blood hunter muttered.

"No... " Ardriel shook his head. "I can smell one in another of those small openings - probably where they're holding the girls, and there's another... it's big."

"How big are we talking here?" Kat whispered.

Ardriel didn't answer, instead replying, "I'll get the girls out of here. When I give the signal, have at these bastards."

"Wait, what signal -" Kat tried to ask, but the slayer was already sneaking to one of the tunnels, using his tails to hang from the roots in the ceiling. She exhaled a furious grunt, but Cooper patted her shoulder.

"You'll see soon enough, Kat."

Ardriel landed quietly inside one of the adjacent tunnels, his sense of smell guiding him to the 'guard'. Luckily, the dumb ape was asleep. Unluckily, its body took up nearly the whole tunnel. The kaijuslayer simply used his tails and hands to climb the tunnel wall and slip past it.

As he landed as silently as possible, he heard light raddled breathing and quiet whines ahead of him. He followed them to find the missing girls, disheveled, frightened, and malnourished, but otherwise safe.

"It's going to be alright, you're safe now." he stated to them as calm as he could. "which one of you can do magic?"

"Um... I can... mister." a tiny girl said weakly. She had light brown hair that was rather dirtied up.

Ardriel nodded as he started walking over to her, only to be blocked by a strange black shield. From the corner of his eye, he saw another girl about the same age with orange hair glaring at him.

"I'm not gonna let you hurt Rammi!" she said indignantly.

Quickly dwindling on his patience, Ardriel grabbed her with one of his tails, much to the surprise of all the girls. "Kid, I'm getting you all out of here. And since you can use magic too, you'll help." He her the girl down next to the Rammi girl, he also pulled out a small square of paper. "This will transport you the the sibling sheet's location back in town; I'm gonna need you both to focus any magic you have into this slip while the rest of you huddle around them and hold tight. You all get that?" The brat puffed he cheeks and looked away while Rammi nodded shyly. Any more comments were held back as the sound of heavy steps came closer.

"You didn't get rid of the monkey?!" the brat seethed at him.

"You wouldn't trust me if I was covered in blood. " Ardriel stated, before shouting, "Now huddle together and get going!"

The Gorian came into view as the girls huddled together. Ardriel standing between them. "Where fish-smell come from?" it said, a tick mark appearing on Ardriel's head. He just noticed the light from the spell sheet and in a flash, all the girls disappeared. "Where women go? What fish-smell do?"

"They're gone." Ardriel said in a dark voice. "And I'll make sure your kind stays away from them." His body went tense as electricity arced around him. In a swift motion, he threw his head back.


Kat felt her body rattle at the sound that echoed throughout the cavern. The fighting below stopped and a huddled panic replaced it. She felt Cooper's hand on her shoulder.

"That's our cue." the hunter said as he and Carne launched themselves off the ledge into the horde below.

The mana mage shuddered at the ensuing carnage below as the blood hunter and his partner started tearing through the Gorians below. She fought back her bubbling thoughts as she too jumped in the fray, forming a fan staff as she was about to land, swinging it about to blow the beasts away.

"Hoh~" Cooper remarked with a smirk as three of them blew away from her without getting hit. "Your weapons can even interact beyond the physical. Impressive." he easily dodged a Gorian's swing and sliced its arm with a blood dagger, while smashing another's face in with the flat side of a blood axe. Kat said nothing as she jabbed the blunt end of the staff between the eyes on an attacker, and Carne was enjoying his mauling and flailing the beasts about immensely.

The fighting continued until a squelching screech was heard. The Gorians all stopped and backed away from the mages. A path was opened to the larger shadowed cave, but what was seen was shocking on it's own.

A single Gorian was clasped tightly in the grasp of a pale blue hand. By no means was the beast safe as it tried desperately to escape, but the hand only clenched tighter. The Gorian screeched with all it could, but none of its brethren tried to get close. With a small wave, the blue hand flung the trapped Gorian into the far-off wall, causing the wall to crater. Even then, no reaction from the others.

The blue hand touched down on the cave floor, followed by another. The mages held their breath as a body appeared from the blackness. It looked like a Vulcan, but there were some blaring differences. For one, the thing was huge, yet only taking a third of the entryway for its cave. Other than the blue skin, it had maroon colored fur with several gray colored diamonds about. Its face was wider and by no means better looking. And on top of its head... there wasn't a horn? Well to be more accurate, it looked like the horn was severed off.

"Oh crap..." Kat heard Cooper mutter breathlessly. "A Silvan..."

"A what?" she had to ask.

"It's a rumored legend that if a Vulcan species survives losing a horn, it becomes a Silvan." Cooper said warily. "I never thought I'd see one..."


Kat and Cooper's attention went to the Silvan. Its voice was deep and gravelly, its beady eyes glared down at them. A wide sinister grin placed on its face.

"You, Moose-skull." it said, pointing at Cooper, who seemed aggravated at being called that.

"It's not a moose! It's an elk!" he shouted indignantly.

'Ah, so it was an elk.' Kat thought.

"You and me. We settle score." the Silvan said and he pounded his fists together.

Cooper looked poignantly at the hulking monster. "I've never seen your ugly mug before."

"But you have. Long ago. You sliced my head. I survive."

In the dark sockets of the skull, Cooper's heterochromia eyes dilated, a memory from a simple extermination mission facing a Vulcan in the Bandura Mountains to the north border of Minstrel. A particularly nasty one that broke its victims in more ways than one. It was before he joined Otaku Tyrant and was still working for the Council, but he and Cody were in a bind, the Vulcan had them cornered, so out of desperation, he swung a blood axe at random, and luckily managed to cleave off its horn. The Vulcan flailed out at random, and had soon collapsed under a cave-in it had caused.

"No way..." his voice was all but a whisper. In the back of his mind, he cursed Maria once more at the predicament he was in now. "Carne." Their canine companion perked up, still glaring and growling at the monster that there was little doubt Cody had told his sons as pups. "I want you to get Kat out of here as fast as possible." The coyote glanced at its master before grabbing the hem of the mana mage's jacket to pull her away.

"Wha- Hey!" Kat exclaimed as she was dragged from the tensing battle about to unfold. They didn't get far, as a grunt was heard from the Silvan and several Gorians pounced at them in a blockade.

"None of you will leave." the Silvan said adamantly, its unnatural face holding a similar smile. With another grunt, the Gorian horde attacked. Cooper braced himself, but the Gorians only were attacking the two of them, leaving the Blood hunter on his own. It was only from years of experience that he was able to sense the attack coming through his initial curiosity and dodged the incoming pile-driver from the Silvan. "Especially you, Moose-skull."

Cooper grit his teeth, steeling his nerve at the obvious insult. "I already told you." He growled as he sliced his upper bicep below the shoulder. In a thrusting flourish of his arms, the seeping blood flowed up to the protrusions behind the eye sockets and quickly rose and spread out into a vicious pair of antlers that stood half as tall as he did and half as wide. "It's an ELK!" He charged forward, his antlers ready in position as he slit down his own wrists and started forming another set of weapons. He quickly leaped over attempted strike, and successfully pierced the Silvan's torso with several points. "Grande Gouge!"

The Silvan gnashed his teeth at the pain, and it roared even more as its skin was punctured pure, this time from behind.

Cooper had managed to create two scythes that were hooking into the Silvan's back and was pulling it into his antlers.

"This time... I'm making sure you stay down, I swear on my title as 'El Cazador'!" the blood hunter vowed. If the Silvan's scowl could be any more vicious, it would.

Kat was handling herself well against the horde, and Carne was no slouch in tearing through the beasts. Kat was still wielding the fan staff and blown back any Gorian that got too close, but at this rate, she knew she'd be out of energy soon.

'And these damn apes don't have enough for me to take... a blessing in disguise, kinda. I really don't want to throw up again so soon.' she thought wistfully.

With every swing she could feel her magic peter out more as she tried to keep its form. And it seemed as though the surrounding forces grew no smaller. It was after her sixth swing that the staff dissipated and Kat collapsed in exhaustion. She was still conscious, but she couldn't really move. She could see Carne heavily panting after taking down one of them. Even with that ferocity he couldn't stop all of them, as the surrounding light was covered by the encroaching silhouettes. She tried her best to stand, yet froze as one of the Gorians reached out to her. In her natural defiance, she glared at the offending hand, daring it to come closer.

And come closer it did.

Until its owner started screeching in pain and the sight of blood flying from its head.

Kat's vision was blurry from her fatigue, but she could make out the tailed form of the kaijuslayer tearing through them with little mercy. The other Gorians not in his wake gave them and their falling brethren a wide berth. "Ard...riel..." she managed to say as the last one fell.

Ardriel looked down at her and sighed. "Honestly... I can't leave you alone for ten minutes, can I?" Even in her state, she grimaced. The slayer only looked disheveled from taking down the beasts, he wasn't even breathing hard.

She was about to retort when they heard Cooper grunt in his exertion. Ardriel turned and saw him pushing the Silvan with brute force, only for the hulking monster to bring back its fist to strike down again. The slayer was but a blur to Kat as he rushed forward to save the hunter.

Cooper cursed himself once more at his stamina. His Blood Antlers dissipated and he was out of breath his skull mask felt cracked. He promised himself that as soon as he returned, he'd train more. The Silvan was even more resilient than it had been as a Vulcan all those years ago, his best saxe knife jabbed into the beast's throat did nothing! And as its fist came down, the blood hunter could just barely grip his knives to form a defense. He was about to resign himself to his fate when he felt a distinct rush of air flow past him and the three familiar metal tails knocking back the monster's onslaught.

"What's wrong, old man? All that iron in your blood rusting you up?" he heard the slayer remark.

Beside himself, Cooper grinned fiercely at Ardriel. "You took your time getting down here, brat. What held you up?"

Ardriel's expression changed from mocking to embarrassed. "I... got a bit carried away with the guard."

"Heh, you act more like them every time I see you, kid." the hunter relaxed into a light smile. "Are the girls safe?"

"Kat's fine, just exhausted. And the others ar-" Ardriel was cut off as the Silvan tried to strike them both, only for the slayer to grab the beast's hand, his own fingers gouging into the dense skin, the Silvan's face contorted into a mixture of pain and confusion. "Hey! We're trying to have a conversation here!" the slayer shouted as he twisted his arm, forcing the Silvan's to do the same with painful results.

The Silvan roared and flailed, clutching it arm. At the instant he let go, Ardriel grabbed Cooper by the shoulder and pulled him back over to Carne and Kat, who had regained enough energy to stand, albeit wobbly.

"The other girls are back in Theoboro with their families." Ardriel stated, not taking his eye off the Silvan or the surrounding Gorians. "None of them were hurt."

"Not bad, brat." Cooper smirked. "Just give me a moment and I'll finish this bastard off."


Cooper stares at the slayer as he sets him down. "Kid, that's a Silvan, and we've got a history. Let me -"

"I said no, Cazador." Ardriel stated. "I'm ending this." he started stomping towards the monster, which had regained its sense at the oncoming enemy.

"Leave this, runt. I am after the Moose-skull, you're next after he's dead." the Silvan grunted at him, and that nauseating grin formed on its face, "Then the blondie will be my personal plaything."

Kat's eyes went wide at the monster's words, she clutched her head as dark memories began to leak into her mind. They were halted thankfully at the magic pressure that came from the slayer. Even from behind, she could feel the intense glare.

"You've taken all those girls, held them together like they're cattle, starve them, all so your band of monsters could use them at their leisure. You've ransacked the town for too long. Any mage would say that you deserve death for just that, but not me." Ardriel's eye crackled yellow arcs and blue electricity surged around him. "You've also threatened people I care about. People that I trust. People I would protect with every breath." His tails flared and twisted and coiled, the metal scraping together in a hissing, grinding screech. "What you did... no level of deity will save you."

The Silvan grit its teeth and glared at the slayer. "And that is?"

"You destroyed families... and threatened my own!" Ardriel snarled, his hands clenched in an open palm, electricity arcing over them. "You will not be forgiven!"

The Silvan snarled back in a scoffing manner. "Like I care for forgiveness. What I did, Metal-tail... I RELISH in it."

The slayer froze for but a mere moment before he roared viciously, "Kaijuu no... Haganetsume! (Steel Claw of the Kaiju)"

He swung his arm in an arc at the Silvan, so quick that it barely registered to anyone, until the Silvan's chest burst crimson. The pain just registered as Ardriel grabbed the arm he twisted and flung him over the shoulder to slam him on the ground forming a shallow crater.

Seeing the slayer like this, Kat suddenly remembered Cooper's word earlier back on the train.

"Do you know why Ardriel's such a stoic guy? We've just met but... there's no real difference in him being a jerk." Kat asked, glancing aside at the sleeping slayer.

Cooper chuckled. "True, Ardriel's not the most talkative guy, but he means well."

"How come?" she asked as he looked out the train window, viewing the countryside.

"Ardriel is almost as passionate about the guild as Volkan, Master, or Gravesoul, because it gave him the thing he treasures most, and no matter who has it, he will take on everything against it."

"What's that?"

Kat could see the fury etched on Ardriel's face as he tossed the Silvan into the cavern ceiling, the hanging roots entangling its limbs. Ardriel crouched down, his tails poised, and did an accelerated leap at the monster, feet first.

"A Family."

"Kaijuu no... Fumitsukeru! (Stomp of the Kaiju)" he bellowed, his feet striking into the Silvan's abdomen forcing it to collapse. The roof started to collapse, and Ardried continued his barrage as his tails continued to pummel and stab into the monster. He refused to let up. In the relentless ferocity, the ceiling exploding outward, bringing the glimmering moonlight visible. The Silvan tried to throw some of the trees that entangled it in their roots at Ardriel, but he expertly dodged them in midair. A glowing light blue charge coursing through him, bright enough that the others could see it.

"Kaijuu no... GOUON! (Roar of the Kaiju)"

Kat was in awe at the sight: Ardriel released some kind of condensed wave of magic sound that even from a distance, she could see his unique charge of electricity pulsing around it. It impacted the Silvan, and it launched into the air, mercilessly electrocuting it. Ardriel kept it up as he hit the ground until the monster was flying out of sight. With heavy pants and gasps for breath, he roared one last time, similar to earlier, proclaiming his victory.

The Gorians were in hysterics as they scrambled away, in any direction possible, just to get away from their own monster. Cooper sat up, laying an arm across his knee, looking up ad the young slayer.

"Damn brat." he chuckled, feeling some of his stamina return. Carne sat beside his partner, scowling up at Ardriel.

Kat was agape at how much of a powerhouse Ardriel was, she also felt a little scared. 'Now I know why Master said that Ardriel was more of a heavy-hitter.' she thought, but also worried. 'Why do I feel he's barely scratched the surface?'

Ardriel was back down on the cavern floor walking over. Stopping in front of them, he casually asked. "You all ok?"

"Yeah, kid. We're alright." Cooper grunted as he stood fully. Carne gave an affirmative yip.

Kat steadily walked up to Ardriel, her exhaustion still prevalent. "What about you, Ardriel?"

The slayer only gave a light smile. "I've faced worse."

"Come on, kids, let's go tell them the good news." Cooper said as he and Carne headed towards the wall that they'd have to climb to escape. Kat turned to follow but was halted by Ardriel. She looked at him, he still had that smile on his face.

"Good work today."

Kat just stopped... had the jerk slayer actually said something nice? ARDRIEL!?

She was still shocked... but quickly shook her head and gave a small smile back. They both proceeded to follow Cooper to get out of the cavern as soon as possible.

Back in Theoboro, the group was met with the street-lit faces of the townsfolk. Tears of gratitude fell as many of them embraced their heroes. Mayle and Rammi and even that bratty girl went and hugged Ardriel, and Kat giggled at his awkward expression. The three girls soon commandeered Carne and were playing about the park, and in no small feat, a party was soon underway. Kat was having fun with the girls and she herself was feeling like a young girl again. Cooper was talking with the adults and trading stories. Ardriel - in his still strangely good mood - was telling the boys that came out, along with some of the girls, about the battle.

"So there I was: face to face with the ugliest beast you'll ever see! Blue skin, fists the size of boulders, and breath worse than not brushing your teeth after a fish dinner!" the kids all giggled at that. "And I told it 'Your deeds shall not be forgiven!', the beast said in response 'I enjoyed my deeds!', so I beat the snot out of the damn monkey." he laughed a bit, along with the kids. It was really strange seeing him so cheerful. Kat was concerned about it, but his next line made her laugh too much to remember it.

"But hey, what do you expect from a former pinhead that got too big for his britches?"

The Silvan crashed far away from civilization, the remaining trees he was entangled in and the trees that cushioned his fall were all in splinters, many of them riddling his back. It was able to get on all fours, though his one arm was too broken to limp on.

"Damn Metal-tail! Damn Moose-skull!" it grumbled to itself and to the hollow forest. "I will get you next time, and that blondie too!"

Looking ahead after a while, it could see blonde hair on a small girl wrapped in a blanket. Even battered up, it still had wants. Pounding its chest with its good hand, the Silvan made its way to the sleeping girl.

But its desires would remain untouched.

A large hulking shape towered over the Silvan as its head was grabbed between a finger and thumb of massive size. It never even had the chance to scream as its thoughts were silenced forever. The last sight it saw was a similar face and body covered in dark brown fur that was almost black in the light.

The blonde girl jumped awake at the heavy thump of something hitting the ground. Wrestling her way out of her blanket, she saw a ginormous figure tossing away something else. The figure turned to her, but unlike a normal person's reaction, she smiled at the moonlit visage.

"Hi, Grandpa!" she called.

The figure held out its giant hand, and the girl grabbed on, scurrying the palm and she started grabbing onto its thick fur, using it to climb up its body.

"Sorry I woke you, sweetie. An idiot came in." a deep voice said as she sat on his shoulder.

"Does that mean we have to move again?" the girl whined. The figure chuckled.

"Looks like it."

The girl pouted. "Okay, fine... but you better tell Uncle Don this time! Cousin Did and cousin Ty were mad at me last time!" she said pointing at her grandpa, who sighed with a chuckle.

"Okay, sweetie. Just get your things and I'll let the know."

"Yay!" she cried as she slid down her grandpa's arm.

Grandpa looked over to a small hut in a tree, and picked it and tucked it into his arms. He knew everyone inside would be mad, but he didn't mind.

After all, when you're the Former Kaiju-Ou, Khang had more important things on his mind, like keeping his family safe, especially his adoptive granddaughter Anne.

The party lasted throughout the night, even the kids got to stay up this one night in celebration... well, those that could stay awake, anyway.

Ardriel took the night watch, just in case any of the Gorians decided to try fate. Thankfully, none did so.

In the morning, Kat, Carne, and Cooper woke up well-rested and happy to get going. They spoke with the mayor who had offered triple the price for saving the town so quickly. After a bit of discussion, they settled on double at 400,000 Jewels, and the rest could be used for repairs to the town. Cooper apologized for the accident, and they were soon on their way to the station.

"Oh, don't worry, Mr. Cooper." Kat said, trying to cheer him up, "There was a little saying at the guild I stayed at last year. 'If you don't cause a bit of destruction, you aren't a Fairy Tail mage'!" she recited with a smile. The guild name stopped the three as they looked at her. The stares were making her feel a bit uncomfortable. "Um... well, I guess the same might apply to Otaku Tyrant a bit?"

"Fairy Tail?" Ardriel asked.

"Huh, didn't think I'd hear about them for a long time." Cooper pondered, before he sighed. "Though I guess that's where we differ a bit, Kat."

"Why's that?" she asked as cooper started walking away.

"You were inspired by Fairy Tail, I was inspired by Phantom Lord."

Curiosity and confusion went about Kat's head as she tried to catch up, only to be once again held back by Ardriel, still acting weird...

"Sphyrna." he said, instead of the smile, hes looked more somber.


"My last name, and my mother's name." Ardriel stated. "the Kaiju that raised me. You were looking for information on me, weren't you?"

Kat froze in a light fear. "Um... well, you see..."

The slayer grasped on to both of her shoulders. "Amora's not the easiest person to get along with, and I know I'm not the most social guy."

'Understatement of the millennium.'

"But all her Ultra Archive has on my mother is just data. Nothing really on her."

"Well..." Kat asked steadily, "when we get back, do you think you can tell me a bit about her?"

The sides of Ardriel's mouth were upturned slightly. And with a quick nod, they got on the train.


In the Guild hall, Maria was writing down something in one of her tomes, humming a light tune as she scribbled away. As she finished scrawling the last stroke, she closed the book, a playful smirk on her face.

"What are you planning now, Master?"

"Kya!" Maria jumped at the intrusion, also putting Cody on alert. She relaxed a bit when she saw it was only Mars at her office doorway. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Mars."

"Oh really?" goaded Mars. "Come on, Master, you're a decade too early to try and sneak one past me." he quickly swiped the book she had been writing in and opened it to the most recent page. Maria started panicking and was trying to jump up to gram it, but Mars always lifted in just out of her reach.

"Maaaars! Give it back!" she cried childishly.

Mars looked at her in a wry smile before reading the contents. He eyes went wide behind his glasses. The smile became wider and he giggled a man with a plan.

"You always do enjoy a dangerous game, Master." he said, as he returned it.

Maria huffed her nose into the air. "I don't enjoy danger, Mars. You know that too well." she defended herself. Mars only chuckled.

"Indeed, Master. But we both know that he's not going to be happy about what you did."

"Then I guess you won't tell him, RIGHT?!" she remarked, only having Mars laugh more.

"Of course... hm?" he straightened his posture and looked out from the office, a smile on his face wider than earlier. "Guess who's baaaaack~."

Maria smiled and looked out to see yet another initiation about to take place.


The train back to Wyrmwood was just as talkative as the day before. Kat and Cooper chatted while Ardriel slept. Other than that, it was uneventful.

As they arrived at the station, Ardriel got up and was back to his jerk-ish self.

"Nnnngh" he grumbled as he awoke.

"Good afternoon, sleepyhead." Kat said teasingly.

"Hmph, let's just tell Master we're back."

Kat was erred by his sudden change back to his supposedly normal state.

"So... um... you think you can tell me about your mom now?" Kat asked warily, concerned how he'd react when he was like this...

Ardriel looked to her and sighed. "Yeah, I guess I did say when we get back. Fine. First off, my mother wasn't called Shpyrna, she was called -"

He was cut off as a pale blue light appeared from the guild, and the smell of cooking flesh accompanied it.

"Huh, looks like Drayden got the chance to do the initiation..." Cooper said as Carne nodded on agreement.

"Arrrgh!" Ardriel groaned. "I am NOT missing him fighting, come on!" he said as he wrapped Kat in one of his tails once again.

If she wanted to be honest, she was preferring the strange nice one.

As they arrived at the guild, they saw seven slightly charred bodies on the ground. Clearly alive from how they were groaning and twitching. The only one standing was a man in a white open-vested trench coat with a hood, lined in silver. His face was mostly covered by his hood and a gray thermal he was wearing... which was stage to be wearing in late July... but you could just see three scars beneath his mask, and his light spiky bluish-white hair. The rest of his attire included a pair of baggy white pants tied at his waist by a blue sash and a pair of black combat boots.

Noticing the new arrivals, the white mage did a salutary wave to them before walking back in.

"Uh..." Kat let her question hang a moment.

"That's Drayden Kresczech, one of our more reclusive members. He's a nice guy, really."

Kat decided to take his word for it as she was released from his tail's grip. As they walked inside, Cooper, Carne, and Ardriel made a beeline to the Bar, where Master and Mars were waiting. She decided to sit down at one of the tables and wait for them to get done. She picked one at random, not realizing she had someone next to her.

"Well, hello there." said her table-mate. "You must be the new girl they were talking about."

Now Who IS this mysterious member? 20 jewels its not who you're thinking.

Carmesí Eisenhammera mix between Spanish and German translation.

Silvanconsidered the legendary Vulcan beast. Much larger than average, it has maroon fur and silver patches. It also lack the iconic horn as it had been lost in battle. Very rarely does a Vulcan survive the loss of its horn, but when it does, it becomes much more intelligent.

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