"Quotev? That sounds cool, what do you think Hermione?" Annalise Loren was at her best frined, Hermione Granger's house, and she was looking at different sites to publish her 'Doctor Who' fanfic. Hermione looked up from her book, 'The Hobbit'.

"Yah, sure. Just make sure I can use the account too. I might want, no HAVE to make a story about 'The Hobbit'." she said while returning to her book. Annalise grinned.

"Awesome. First though, I'm going to look at some stories. For Narnia!" she yelled the last bit as she proceeded to look at some book choices. Then she froze. "Her-Hermione?" Annalise called out to her friend, never taking her eyes off the words. Hermione, who was lying in her bed across the room, closed 'The Hobbit' and walked towards Annalise; noticing the urgency and panic in her voice.

"Whats... oh..." Hermione's voice faded as she too found the dreaded words that normally made both of them smile.

Harry Potter (697K)

"That shouldn't be there..." Hermione pondered. Annalise sighed.

"Yet, there it is." Then she grinned and looked slyly at Hermione. "Want to take a look?" The curly haired girl was affronted.

"Of course not! How could you even suggest such a thing?!" Suddenly she smiled a bit creepily. "Okay, maybe a little bit." The blonde then pressed the 'Harry Potter' catagory Then pressed a button called filters. She choose Harry P. and Hermione G., and then pressed pairing. There were 453 results. Hermione gaped. "How-What- Why would people set me up with Harry?1" Annalise meanwhile was laughing her but off.

"You like him don't you?" she pointed out between laughs. Hermione then changed Hermione G. to Annalise L. 432 results this time. The girl in question stopped laughing and stared wide-eyed at the screen in front of her. "we are so going to read these..." she breathed. Hermione raised her eyebrows.

"You like Harry too I presume." Annalise blushed.

"N-No of course not! I just thought they would be a laugh to look at! I like Neville, you know that!" The two girls had told each other everything since they were twelve. Hermione nodded. "True, but I could tell him you like Seamus!" Annalise glared.

"If you do that, I'll tell Harry you like Ronikinns!" she growled. Hermione and Annalise stared at each other for a long time, neither one backing down. Then all of a sudden they both burst out into bales of laughter.

"What in the name of Merlin's soggy beard were we doing!?" exclaimed Hermione.

"I have no idea!" replied Annalise.

The rest of the night was filled with giggling girls as they looked through different fanfics.

"How about 'We're Fiction?!'" suggested Annalise. Hermione nodded and confirmed her answer. After clicking on, both girls were shocked to realize that the story had a full transcript of what just happened. Looking at each other, they both yelled out in unision, "OH MY GOSH!"