Seras steadily drew into consciousness as the sunset. She could feel Alucard's head nestled between her breast, his arms wrapped tightly around her. She attempted to rise but his embrace grew tighter, locking her body against his.

"Master they're expecting us" Seras reasoned as she tried to wriggle out of his hold. Alucard grinned.

"We still have 5 minutes" he declared, nuzzling her breasts. "A lot could happen in 5 minutes"

"Master no" Seras whimpered as he drew her nipple into his mouth taking strong pulls. They joined repeatedly throughout the night, she had slept in bouts, waking at the feel of her master between her thighs. 5 minutes would only leave them in a state of arousal until they could properly enjoy each other.

"Relax childe, I only intend on taking a quick snack." Alucard slid down her body leaving a hot wet trail with his tongue. Reaching her mound he attacked her clit. Seras squealed, her master dived at her core, taking long hard licks and suckling her pussy. Her arousal dripped down his chin as Seras clutched his head to her sex, coming undone. Alucard chuckled.

"What did I say," he declared boastfully, taking her mouth in a long wet kiss, spreading her taste between them. Seras whined as she licked her master's mouth, chin, and neck, cleaning him off. She wanted to feel him inside her.

"Tut Tut draculina, we have a schedule to keep" Alucard announced as he pinched her bottom when she tried to ground her sex on his hard cock.

"This is your fault master" Seras whimpered trying to coax him inside her. Alucard laughed, throwing open the lid of the coffin as he drew away from her.

"Sleep childe, I will wake you when it is time"

Seras pouted, turning her back towards him as he lowered the lid back down. She was still a young vampire and traveling over open sea made her weak. Whenever they had to travel she slept in her master's coffin for strength. Alucard dressed before using his powers to transport them to the manor's rooftop. An elegant private jet awaited them. A 'gift' from Sir Gregory Penwood

He spotted Integra and Captain Bernard talking with each, Walter standing beside them. Their attention immediately drew towards him when he arrived. The captain seemed startled at his appearance and had only noticed due to his superior's action. Even at their old age, their senses were still as sharp as ever.

"You have your orders Vampire, do not act out of line"

"Of course master" Alucard claimed teasingly in a sweeping bow. Integra's gaze narrowed as he rose and boarded the plane with his childe in tow.

"I have a strong feeling we'll be getting complaints from the Round table conference"

Walter smiled wryly, "I'll prepare the strong tea Sir Integra"

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