I am in the mood to write a Kuroko no basket fanfic so here I am writing this story. I have writers block for the other one so here I am writing another one. This takes place during the winter cup. So I hope you like this story.


It was finally time to face Akashi. I have defeated all the other GoM. I knew this was going to be hard. But unlike what most people think it is not because of his emperor eye, no it is because of a much deeper reason. I have a crush on Akashi. So facing him will be a hard thing to do. I know that if I defeat him he will suffer but if I don't then I will be letting my team down, along with the GoM, and the old Akashi. So for the old Akashi I must do what everyone thinks I do best, feel nothing.

I get ready to face him with everything I have. I have a secret weapon that no one knows about. Only me. I will use it against him if I need to. I should explain.

I have been lying to everyone since the end of middle school. I have a lot more stamina then I let people think, that goes for strength as well. Why don't I just let people know this? The answer is because if I go past a certain point I get a emperor eye just like Akashi but mine is purple. Why do I keep it a secret? The answer is again very simple I don't like people looking at me like they do to Akashi. Honestly when people say that you have a different personality because of the eye is wrong. Akashi does it because he wanted a change of pace.

Any way getting back to the point, I was just about to face off against Akashi, I look at my team there are a lot of mixed reactions. Some are determined while others are scared, but the ones who are scared try to not act like it.

"Riko-san please do not take me out of this game even if I look like I am going to pass out. It will help us win the game." I said looking her in the face with my usual expressionless face but this time my eyes also held no emotion.

"What are you talking about Kuroko." Riko said

"I have a plan and you will find out about it probably either half way through the game or even possibly the first quarter." I said with my right eye turning purple for a moment.

"If you say so Kuroko." Just when she said that the game was just about to start so we have to leave and line up.

Thee way we lined up I ended up being in front of Akashi.

"Hello Tetsuya. Looks like you are going to try and defeat me seriously. Sorry to disappoint you though you are going to lost against me." Akashi said with his usual confidence.

"Really are you really so sure of yourself Sei-kun." I said with my turning purple, while I started to laugh at his face.

"Tetsuya... How did you get that." Akashi said with a confused face.

I started to laugh to again "Sei-kun, please don't attract attention to us because this is a secret for now. I had to show you because you thought you were going to win without a real fight. You are so funny Sei-kun."Ok I forgot to said I loss the filter that I have when my emperor eye is out.

I look over to my team mates and luckily they are to focused with the people in front of them. Knowing that they are not paying attention to him and Akashi I let my emperor eye come back out.

"Let's play Sei-kun." I said and giggled. When I did some people started to shiver.

"Fine Tetsuya let's play" he said. He looked at me and looked confused when I did not have my emperor eye out.

"Are you really going to play like that Tetsuya." Akashi asked.

"Yes why would I not Akashi-kun." I said.

"because you are obviously much stronger then you have been letting on." Akashi said with a little bit of confusion in his voice.

"Akashi-kun, I was not lying I just can go only that far when I do not want to have my emperor eye come out. I though that you know everything Akashi-kun." I said with a smirk that was visible on my face.

"I usually do but as always Tetsuya is unpredictable." He said with a smirk of his own.

"thank you for such a high compliment." Right after I said this the whistle was blown and the ball was tipped off.

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