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Chapter 3 WOW

As I look at everyone there are mixed feeling that I can most defiantly feel.

"Please just trust me about this." I look at them with my purple emperor eye showing, like I know it will for the rest of the game.

"I trust Kuroko, he has not let us down this far way would he stop now." Surprisingly it was Kagami who spoke up.

"Well that is true. If you fail I will make you train fifty times hard then usual." Riko said with a sparkling background.

Everyone sweat dropped with they saw this.

"Don't worry Riko-san I wont fail. Even Sei-kun could never read me. It always pissed him off." I said with a slightly evil smirk on my face. When I said this everyone was looking at me with a mixture of horror, amusement, and freaking out a little that I was actually showing some emotions for once in my life.

Just after I had said that the referee blew the whistle to tell everyone to get back on the court. We lined up again just like we did the first time. Akashi and I decided that we both were not going to hold back anymore. I could tell. If you knew him well enough, then you could tell all of his emotions. They were right there. In the eye that started it all. The beautiful gold eye, that I love and hate at the same time.

We stare at each other for a little while. Energy coming off our bodies to the point that some of our teammates backed off and the atmosphere was suffocating.

No one pov

The crowd was waiting with suspension. Kuroko and Akashi looked like they were going to eat someone's head off. The tension was very thick and even though it had only be a few seconds it felt like they had been waiting for the game to start for at least a week. Everyone was thinking different things at that moment. Some of the fan girls were thinking that it was sexual repression, and hey who were they to stop such an event to happen. The guys in the crowd thought that this was a super intense rivalry that the winner would be determined by this very match. In a way both of the thoughts were right. Akashi thought what the guys thought, while Kuroko was thinking of both but leaning more to the fan girls ideas.

All Kuroko wanted to do was walk away. He knew that there was no chance that Akashi liked him. How did he know. Simple, Akashi is a simple person. To most he is one of the most complex people in the world, but Kuroko knew better. Kuroko knew that Akashi only cared about wining. Everyone knew that, but what everyone else did not know is that Akashi can only focus on one thing at a time. Am example of that is if he is thinking about wining then he will not be thinking about romance. Because Akashi will only be thinking about wining romance with Kuroko stands no chance.

Akashi was thinking about how easy it is to read Kuroko. He knew that Kuroko liked him. Honestly Akashi liked Kuroko, maybe even love him. Why did he act like he does? The answer is simple Akashi does not know how to flirt. Poor Akashi thought that by picking on Kuroko it was flirting. Everyone is not perfect, and even thought Akashi wishes he was, sadly he is not. Akashi learned to flirt from when he was in second grade. Akashi realized by the time he got on the court that he can't flirt like he did in second grade. Akashi knew that he should be nicer to Kuroko but what are you to do. Old habits die hard. Akashi could not stop being mean to Kuroko.

Kuroko always thinks correctly unless it has anything to do with romance that involves himself. Akashi is the same way. Little does the couple know that they are more alike then they think they are.

Kuroko pov

The ball was dropped. This time everything was different. Everyone backed away from me and from Akashi. They were given a big enough spot on the floor that no one would get hurt. You know unless a stupid Bakagmi get in the way. You know before you can pass the pass. Ya. Bakagmi tried to grab the ball from Akashi but he failed when Akashi did an ankle break.

"ow. What the fuck was that." Kagami cursed.

"Bakagmi, you were to wait for the pass. Wow, just wow." I said as I raised my voice and rolled my eyes at him.

"Kuroko. I don't know if I am more scared that you raised your voice, and rolled your eyes, or to be more afraid of Akashi." Kagami said

"You should be afraid of what happens if we lose this game and I have to face Riko because of you so pay more attention." I said to him with a scary background behind my head.

Kagami looked at me and gave a nod with his head and then went back to where he was. He was a little bit pale but I know that he would be ok.

Back to the game. Me and Akashi were stareing at each other waiting for the other to move. Finally I was sick of not moving, and I grab the ball. I zoom around Akashi and pass the ball to kagami and he dunks to ball. The score is 23- 18 with ruzuken wining.

As I make my way to get the ball I think about something. If I truly want to win this game I have to put the wall around my heart up so I do not fall in love. I know that I am very close to love but I know that Akashi will never love me, so I will make sure that I am not hurt by him. I will make sure of it.

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