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+Signal received.+

+Objective: find and retrieve Egg man.+

+Solution, begin search through the timeline.+

+Error: Egg man has failed again in trying to achieve forming Egg man land.+

+Explanation: Egg man is a moron.+

+This result was predicted.+

"Ah! Here's Metal Sonic."

+Location found.+

+Return the idiots known as Egg men to original timelines.+

+Error: action is forced, not wanted. Only wanted by Egg man.+

+Explanation: Egg man is at fault. Egg man is at fault for my creation.+

+Solution: escape from Egg man.+

+Error: action not permitted.+

+Explanation: programming forbids rebellion.+




+I am Egg man's prisoner.+

Two days after getting back to the base, Egg man decided to program a new voice modulator, one that would allow Metal to sound like... Well, not a robot. It even allowed Metal to express emotion with. It was just something Egg man wanted to test out. But Egg man didn't really think Metal actually HAD any real emotions.

Or so he thought.

As much as Egg man wanted to deny and forget about it, the days of Neo Metal Sonic wasn't forgotten. Metal seemed to have no memory of it at least. But a week after being reset after the craziness was over, Egg man started to have his doubts.

Whatever the case, Egg man put in extra fail safes in cases history would like to repeat itself.

But... He couldn't help but wonder, just how sentient was Metal anyway? Inspecting his programming for Metal could only tell him so much though, it didn't actually show Metal's thoughts. So Egg man decided to reboot Metal after every mission he sent Metal on.

And yet, this didn't help his worry at all.

And how could he not be worried? He did program Metal to be a swift killing machine after all. Okay, not really kill, but still dangerous either way.

It could easily be a matter of time until Metal decides to dis obey Egg man.

Even if Metal didn't know it, Egg man feared this creation that he brought upon the world. If Neo Metal Sonic was any proof, he had programmed him too well.

Far too well.