Luna: Okay! Just to clear up any confusion, the Metal Sonic in this story is just regular Metal Sonic. Not Neo Metal Sonic from Sonic Heroes. Metal just gave Amy that name because he couldn't think of anything else.

Metal: You mean YOU couldn't think of anything else.

Luna: Wha- No!

Metal: I have access to the internet and could have found a name instead. Also I saw you get frustrated trying to find a name for me.

Luna: ... *blushes in embarrassment* J- Just get on with the story.

"You want me to what?" Metaru stood in surprise.

Josh grinned, "Ya heard me baby. Go check out what ta things in the forest are."

"You're crazy! Lady said we're supposed to stay away from those... things! You check 'em out if you care so much." Metaru glared.

"Oh don't worry imma gonna make sure you don't chicken out on this. 'Cuz if you do," Josh slammed Metaru against the brick wall and whispered in his ear, "I'll never leave ya alone, I'll keep calling ya a baby until ya get lucky and don't have to see me again. But until then... You're gonna have ta deal with me."

"Fine!" Metaru huffed.

"Good." He dropped the hedgehog.

"You want me to lead or you?"

"I'm not letting ya out my sight." Josh gritted.

"Never mind then."

"Has anyone seen Josh and Metaru?" Lady said.

Negative responses.

She sighed, "Please tell me if you do see them."

"Why do you want to see what those things are Josh?" Metaru said as the two boys walked towards the forest.

"I don't get why we're not allowed ta see what they are. They keep showing up on the tv but Lady won't let us see 'em. I think she just doesn't want ta have any action." Josh pouted.

Metaru sighed. While Josh picked on him all the time, they had gotten to know each other a bit. Metaru knew that Josh hated the orphanage more than anyone, so he allways tried to find ways to entertain himself by causing trouble. If there wasn't anything Josh could do to do that, he would go back to picking on Metaru.

So the idea of friendship was the last thing on either of the orphan's heads.

The boys started wandering into the forest.

"So where did you see them?"

"That way," Josh pointed.

After ten minutes, the duo arrived at a clearing. Robots littered the place. Startled, the kids hid behind a tree. Looking from around the tree, they could see that the machines were working on constructing what looked to be a building. There was another group around an construct on the side. This got Josh's attention.

"Let's get over there," Josh whispered as he pointed at the construct.

Metaru nodded and they made their way over to the construct from under the cover of the trees. From here, they could see that it had a large container for holding something and was connected by wires to a computer.

"Awsome," Josh said.

"What is that?" Metaru wondered.

Putting on an evil smirk, Josh sneered, "How about ya take a look at it?"

"Wha- No. That wasn't part of the deal, besides as soon those things see us, we'll be just lucky if they just kick us out rather than something else."

Josh bent his head by Metaru's ear while placing his hands on the boy's shoulders.

"Oh come on, it can't be that bad. I thought that ya didn't want me to bother ya again?" Josh purred.

"I'm not risking my life just so I don't have to worry about weather or not you'll leave me alone." Metaru muttered.

"Too bad." Josh's eyes flashed as he kicked Metaru in the back making him fly forward...

... Right into the view of the robots.

Luna: Ugh. Sorry it took so long. This was going to be longer but I thought I should get the update out.