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Ōnoki, the Third Tsuchikage, has been troubled lately from the constant reminder of trying to repay an old war debt he made to Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage. After careful consideration of what he should do, Ōnoki finally decides to take action towards the situation by sending a proposal to him to meet in the Land of Iron. Meanwhile, Hiruzen is facing his own problems from constant pranks that Naruto has been causing, to which he is desperate to know how to help ease Naruto's pain of loneliness. Suddenly, a messenger comes into the Hokages office to give him a letter – to meet the Tsuchikage in the Land of Iron for repaying a debt for a certain incident; after coming to an with agreement with the Hidden Leaf Council, he accepts. After the two parties eventually meeting with each other and coming to a agreement from both parties, they both end up satisfied on what was concluded – Iwa will give Konoha one of their two jinchūriki, the Yonbi or the Gobi, in exchange for scrolls of special jutsus and medical supplies.

When both Kages return to their own village and report the results to their own respective councils, but each reaction is different. In Iwa, it is a mixed conflict of two parties; they are the Shinobi Council and the Civilian Council. The Shinobi Council feels offended and enraged for that not only would the Leaf's Kage would ask of such a request, their own Kage is agreeing to such terms. The Civilian Council is ecstatic of such a thing happening due to being one less demon container in the village. The discussion ultimately ends to where the agreement still stands and after many arguments to the debate, it was decided that Han, the 5 Tails jinchūriki, would be one to be transferred to the Leaf. Even after the meeting concludes, Ōnoki ponders about the meeting between Hiruzen and himself as to the elderly Hokage specifically asking for Han. The old Tsuchikage could only chuckle and agree as to why the other Hokage did such a thing.

Meanwhile, Hiruzen reports his own results of his meeting, from the Kage of Iwa, to his own council. In response to the agreement, most of the people in the room are extremely happy about the new news given to them. For those who are against the idea of another Jinchūriki coming to the Village, it is of the Civilian Council; saying that, "It is already bad enough that one "demon container" is bad enough, it's horrible that have to deal with two now!" However, the ones who think the idea of having another jinchūriki is aa extremely beneficial gain, it is of the Shinobi Council. Their reason is that having another jinchūriki would increase their own military powers, but for the old Hokage, the reasons are much more deeper. While he does believe that having one more jinchūriki will (indeed) increase the Leaf's military power, his thoughts are elsewhere. Reasons involving a certain Blonde haired boy, that's no older than 6 years of age and container of the Kyuubi. And by choosing Han, who is only 8 years old, would have a more effective impact on the other boy's life than Iwa's other jinchūriki.

At the same exact time, Taki, the Hidden Village of the Waterfall, is undergoing a serious predicament with their own village. As of currently, the village is in an enormous economic depression that can't be easily solved. At the moment, Shibuki, leader of Taki, is in a meeting with his council for the purpose of coming up with any solutions that can be produced to help resolve the crisis the village is currently facing. So far, nothing has come up positive with the effective results they were looking for of ending their economic crisis. All seems hopeless, that is until one member suggests looking for help by foreign affairs than just do this domestically. Seeing as though it is a possibility to look into, they decide to start taking their discussion to this topic. At the end of the meeting, it is decided that their 7 Tailed Jinchūriki – Fū – along with her mother and younger sister, would be exchanged to the Hidden Leaf for any assistance on recovering from this economic disaster.

After some time later, while waiting for the arrival of the 5 Tails, receives the letter for this matter and after careful speculation from the Hokage and the Leaf Council, they all agree that the agreement was a brilliant one and will happily apply any service to offer. As for Hiruzen, he sees this opportunity as more of a "stroke of good fortune" for not only the Leaf, but for Naruto as well. Despite everything that has happened (both being discussed and agreed upon) and will happen, the only question remains: How will Naruto's life change for better or the worst?

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