A Key Word For Release

It all started when submissive Rachel came to apologize about having naughty thoughts about Quinn for sexual release. And somehow it turned that Quinn being in charge of Rachel and with Santana having to stand her partner dominating Rachel. Faberry and Quinntana

Quinn was sitting in her apartment that she shared with San. Santana was gone with Britt to the park ,while she stayed at home alone and enjoyed her time alone.

She was glad that she found herself a girl like Santana, who was dominant and fierce who could dominate her even she was she can be mistress herself. She was a dominant and a Submissive.

Santana was only a dominant and a strong one. She has knows Santana since kindergarten they had been friend arch enemies but still they stuck together.

Last summer their feeling has been growing more and more and now Santana was officially her mistress. She was more likely to be dominated in bed till now San never had let her be dominant. She couldn't with San.

As she was half dominant she wanted to have power on someone time to time.

Santana knew what she wants but still the girl didn't give her that. She told Santana if she was not going to get her to be submissive she would look for someone to be submissive but Santana just ignore her need.

She got up with many efforts and walked to the door. When she open the door she found an older woman who had Berry around her hip.

The older woman looked so much alike Rachel she was the older version of her. The woman greeted her with a smile ,but her eyes were on Berry for an explanation what the hell was this. Berry face was all red for the first time the girl didn't had an ego lift up.

The girl was dressed in a little girl dress and she looked a little cute she had to admit, when she was finally out of her agryle clothes.

"Hi how can I help you "She said in polite way. She could not understand what was happening. She felt the dominant power way up to her the moment she open the door.

"Hi I am the mommy of Rachel, Shelby and you must be Quinn right "Shelby asked the blonde

The blonde frowned her eyebrow since when did Rachel had someone . She asked herself. She thought Rachel was with Finn. When she the one who stole her beard (Finn ) from her. It was last monday she saw the two kissing

"Yes I am "Quinn didn't know what the woman wanted from her. She hasn't done nothing to Rachel that could put Rachel mistress whatever she is mad. Well she didn't do other than mocking the girl behind the girls back . And since last year was the last time that either she or S has ordered slushie on her.

"Well my baby girl is here to apologize for having naughty to thoughts about you without even asking your permission "

Rachel face went redder and redder, while Quinn was registering what she heard Berry was having fantasy over her. That is … epic. Berry found her hot.

She stayed with her face without expression. She heard berry voice "Can we just go home "

"You didn't apologize to miss Quinn baby girl "

"Is it true Berry "Quinn asked astonished what she was hearing. Prude Berry actually like her. She thought must hate her after everything. The hateful comments on myspace. This girl stole her beard (Finn). The girl is crazy. If Santana knew about this the girl wouldn't be at her mercy.

Berry looked the other way.

"Rachel, Quinn is talking to you "Shelby scolded

"Yes, Quinn and I am sorry "Rachel said. Quinn knows Rachel didn't mean a thing it was like one of the speech that she had practice. Well the girl was naughty.

"Okay then I accepted your apology and I hope you don't do it anymore "Quinn said she was taking to Berry as a kid because, that is the way Shelby was treating her. This is age play Quinn realize. She knows about this because her sister practise these things with her partner.

"Yes Quinn. Mommy can we go home now "

"Rachel if you going like that you will be likely go to bed with a red bottom "Shelby scolded Rachel who just huffed

"Okay then will be going and Quinn you can have the right to punish her or your partner if you think she deserves since she had thought sexually so she can be turned on you without your consent so she can learned a lesson "Shelby said

When Quinn hear what Shelby said a thought come to her mind she could practice a her dominant power on this girl. This girl Santana could not jealous of she was a loser. The girl was a slave she could get involved with this girl since she had not particul feelings toward the girl.

And what was better than to torture the girl it was not bullying it was just showing her place. And yes she was feeling validating of her body.

"You know miss that is great idea I was just thinking how great it will be if my partner and ever babysit a baby girl " Quinn said maybe she lied she knows Santana want none of that and that could get her in problem with Santana. But when did somebody ever stop for going on what she want.

She knows a slave she can borrow it will be submissive to every dominant. A slave was like a submissive only she more weaker than a submissive.

Rachel face went scared the girl had the right to be frighten and even terrified but Quinn keep just smiling at her.

"You know that is great idea you could borrow her sometimes since at it will be great if there was someone who supervised her at school "Shelby said actually happy founding someone who could help her with this baby girl.

"Yeah me and San could happily take care of little Rachel at school "Quinn said and came forward to poke the girl cheek which was received with a glare.

"Okay then tell me when you are for you and partner to babysit her and I will give her to you "Shelby said

"We can do it tomorrow if that is not to early after school "Quinn was thinking what was she doing

"It not to early sweetie. See Rachel you are going to have a new mistress "Shelby said enthusiastic

The girl just whined and hide her face on Shelby but know how to explain to Santana what happen and how she got the agreements

"Quinn what the hell are you crazy ,she is Rachel Berry why the hell do you think, I will be okay with this and last when did she had the right to masturbate in my girls name she is going to get a beat up from tomorrow "

"No I am going to spank her she is submissive and she is no stranger so is for me easier to be her kind of mistress "Quinn said nonchalantly

Santana was getting frustrated apart of her girl not taking the decision on her own she was being ignorant about her feeling about this can Quinn not consult her that she was going to be sort of mommy for berry. And even include her without her consent in the plan.

She dislike Rachel Berry why would her girlfriend think she will be okay with this.

"You know who need a spanking of her bottom right too "Santana said with her hand on her hips

Quinn looked at Santana she kind of know what this mean

"You "Santana finished her answer and took Quinn on her knees and spanked her.

Santana took of the girl panties and begin to spank her the girl big asses right away and ,she was going to deal with Berry the same way she thought. The girl needed that her girlfriend was someone to respect.

"When did spanking me came as discipline for you San "Quinn said from the brunette lap she was used to lightly spanking in bed but for Santana she was using these days as punishment. She found it hot when Santana spank but it was also a pain of humiliation.

"I think that is the perfect way to deal with someone who is acting childishly only thinking what she wants "Santana responded her back and with another slap on the blonde bottom.

That was her life with San who had no problem disciplining her. She felt another pang on her ass. The worst part of it was Santana finish when she think Quinn had enough of it. So if Quinn tell her to stop she will get more spanking.

Well she was going to show San that making berry her submissive is going the best idea. As soon as she get out of this girl lap she will be thinking what ideas she had in mind for Berry.

Berry who got by her locker in the morning had no idea what she going to go through today at the hand of a angry latina and dominant Quinn.

The blonde and brunette was waiting for the little diva. The two in their cheerios uniform looked much more scary than they was glaring and the other one was smilling at her like she was the only food in the desert.

Berry wanted to go the other way "Berry if you come her now than escape, because you cannot hide forever and we find you will do lot much worse "Santana warned the girl

The brunette had no others thing to do than go to her two tormentors.

The first thing Quinn do is turn Rachel so she could deliver a slap on the girl ass knowing people will be watching. The girl jumped from the slap.

"You know Berry since today you are my property at school and since today you will do every ordered am your mistress here understand berry "Quinn said in Rachel ears which the girl directly nodded

"Okay then pick your things and go to class "The cheerleader ordered

Which Rachel did as she was ordered she got her things fast to escape from these girls she was in deep trouble she knows it.

"See how Submissive Berry is to me now by one slap see how good my dominant power is "Quinn bluffed as she smiled

"I don't know I don't want this to turn into sort of relationship with her Q remember she is only a submissive"

"Don't need to worry San you are the only who can satisfy me "Quinn said and kissed the girl lips and the girl just responded with another slap

"Why the hell did you do that for "Quinn stopped kissing the girl and put her hand on her butt

"I liked your ass is spankable "Santana smirked yes she was a little mad at the idea of Quinn wanting, Berry to be her submissive but still she tried to let the blonde have her freedom. She was to much in love with this girl to let this break them up.

But she know that Berry intruding in their relationship it can form problem and she was going to make sure that doesn't happen. She was not going to lose the one person that accept her and makes her happy.

She wonders how Quinn is going to work with Berry when she was so openly for her disliked for the girl. And Berry was Berry. The girl just saw Berry as a selfish annoying girl ,who had no life. And who was a loser.

The girl didn't know that maybe her opinion of this girl was going to change soon with Quinn having this girl as her submissive.

"Okay berry, I want to know what about me made you all excitement "Quinn said not caring about where they were as the passed by in the hallway

Berry stay quiet.

"You know I never realized out with all the stealing of Finn was just because a way to get to me "Quinn said

Berry just keep walking. She had no face to faced the blonde and she knew if she was going to say something it will get her much worse.

Quinn put her hand on Rachel's shoulder "Look at me in the eyes when I talk to you "Quinn said and lift Rachel chin with her other hand.

"You are not better than me and from now one things are not going your way so pretty much forgot your pretty perfect life berry "

"Are you done now "Rachel replied

"And last thing I don't want you near Finn anymore "

"What do you want from me Quinn ,you got Santana what more do you want "Rachel asked she knows Quinn and Santana were serious. She thought that after the girl had Santana she was happy with her life but it it was not that way.

"You, I want you to begin behaving like a good little slave that know her place as a submissive "

"Go to class now Berry and tell me when you need a change for your diaper "Quinn said loud enough for some student to hear since she noticed the girl's diaper in the class.

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