Rachel waked up, as she found herself sleeping in bed with two people by her side. The blonde was on her left side with her facing but with her eyes closed. The girl actually looked as an angel when she is asleep. She stayed with her eyes open admiring the blonde beauty.

It was a fact that after summer, Quinn had changed she was not walking around with that evil smirk, that sometimes scared Rachel away but these day the girl will actually smiled when she passes by through the hallways. Quinn was happy and she know it was not other on to thank than Santana Lopez.

Since the girl was not lonely anymore and she had someone that understand her. She will never say this out loud but she was jealous of Santana she wish she was the girl that made, Quinn was all open or sweet. But she knew she never be able to do that.

She saw one eye of the blonde open she reacted fast by closing her eyes again not wanting to be caught.

"I know you were watching me Rachel "Quinn said still sleepy she felt the girl eyes on her.

The girl open her eyes, since Quinn caught when she open her eyes Quinn smiled and said "So you were checking me out while me mistress is on the other side you are really a naughty girl "Quinn teased. She just blushed as response.

"San was sweat enough to carry you here, since you were having a nightmare "Quinn explained

"It was good sleeping on the bed for a while and not the crib "Rachel complained as starting to get up from the bed but Quinn hold her down.

"I didn't tell you to get up yet Berry "Quinn said as she pushed the girl down to the bed, but carefully since Santana was sleeping on the side of the bed.

"I need to go the bathroom" Rachel whispered since she was a little embarrassed ,ever needing to go the bathroom and especially when Shelby used to test her limits to see if she can hold it and not do it in the diaper.

"Hold it, "Quinn said '

"I can't "Rachel said with her face deep red

"Rachel for once show me ,you are not a just bratty little girl ,show me you are big girl who could hold it for five minute and not go pee-pee in that little diapers of yours "Quinn replied and teasing the girl by talking to her like she was literally a baby .

"Quinn "Rachel groaned

"If you hold it, I will kiss you, you would like that wouldn't you "Quinn asked as she laid her hand on Rachel stomach. They were skins she felt how Quinn breast on her skin.

"Santana will be mad "Was the only response Rachel give Quinn had this lip she could never imagine not wanting to kiss them.

"Have you ever kissed a girl "The blonde asked

Rachel shook her head while Quinn pressed her hand harder on the girl stomach that made the girl impossible to hold it. Her bladder was holding it many hours ago when she was sleeping. She had to be strong, she is not a baby. But her bladder betrayed.

Her face went all red when she felt warm as the urine flood through the diaper. Quinn notice on the girl face what was happening and that what she wanted to happen. She smirked at the girl "You just wet your diaper like a little baby, do you know what that mean Berry "Quinn got closer to the brunette while she was.

"No" Rachel murmured she just wet her diaper in front of Quinn and she knows Quinn would never let this go.

"No big girl kissing "Quinn said enjoying herself. Quinn didn't know why but it was a turned this situation Rachel being totally embarrassed by her and the girl liked she felt it.

On the side of the bed Santana was woken up from the noise the two girls were making. "if you two don't want me to use the wooden spoon right know let me sleep and stop making so goddam noises "Santana said annoyed

"Sorry sweetie "Quinn said while getting of Rachel.

The girl just humped something and turn her back on them and go back to sleep.

"Can I change "Rachel whispered so low she could since she didn't want to receive any punishment from Santana she already had to deal with Quinn's punishment.

Quinn whispered in her ears "Baby's cannot change by themselves Rachie a grown up do that for them so wait till I decide to change you "

Quinn lowered her voice too she knew how cranky Santana is early in the morning.

"I want a change already since it is yourself you make me have an accident "Rachel raised her voiced and stomped her foot on Santana's foot by accident ,when she realized what she has done it was late Santana was glaring at her showing her she was in trouble while on the other side Quinn was laughing secretly at Rachel mistake.

Quinn saw Santana begin to get up full of anger. "What are you doing San"Quinn asked but got no response from Santana she just saw the girl leave the room.

"I never meant to wake her up it was an accident "Rachel pouted

"It is okay Berry, is just you need to be more careful think of as a lesson when that when you sleep with us you have to be careful not to wake up the other" Quinn explained

"Berry come in the kitchen "Santana voice was heard from the kitchen

Rachel had nowhere to than to go to Santana and accept the girls punishment. Berry was not so bad when she was treated like this. The girl needed to know her boundaries in this house. She knows that living with Santana discipline was not something so much easy. She remembers how Santana spanked her when she forgot her choirs in the beginning of the relationship. She was very strict but then the girl let her be little more free.

Rachel met with sleepy Santana glaring at her. "I don't like people interrupting when I am sleep berry "

"Sorry Santana "

"You are sorry, because you know you are going to receive a spanking "

"No, I didn't mend to wake you up. I was busy with my own problem , see I had an accident and it is embarrassing since someone like at my age should be able to hold it. And to see a girl like Quinn who is like above in this situation, It made me….'

"Rachel go in the corner "Santana interrupted Rachel with her ramble she was going nowhere with this thing. She let Berry go. It was bad enough that the girl wet her diaper.A half hour she was called for Quinn to change her and get her to bath. She had to shit in bathub while Quinn rubbed her with soup. T

Rachel was put into a high chair, today since she has shown she is still a toddler by wetting her diaper. She had this time kid sweeter and her jeans for school. This time Quinn decided to double diaper since, she didn't want any leaking at school. What did she expect that as Quinn submissive, she was going soft on her. It was like punishment , behave like a baby means she going to get more hummiliation.

But she had one benefit out of this no dared to be near her, after being Quinn. She just look at Quinn with big puppy eyes , but was received with icy glance.

"Common, open your mouth "Quinn said

She open her mouth, so she could not get in trouble. Quinn took a spoon of caster oil to give Rachel.

"It is good for you berry "Quinn said she looked at the girl with in adoration sometimes. She felt was felt good that berry was with them.

At school Quinn walked with berry. She never let the girl out of her side. Rachel had her head down, maybe not wanting to see the staring. She felt Rachel was embarrassed by her.

"Get your head high, Rachel you look pathetic like that "Quinn snapped at Rachel

"Quinn you are not the one who is wearing a stupid sweater saying you're a baby and being double diapered, what is pretty visible "Rachel said annoyed

"Well, you should be happy, that you are being owned by Quinn Fabray"Quinn and put her arm around her shoulder

The girl just shake her head "Is not about with, who I am, is the way they treated me "

"Well you are practically a slave, how do you think you will be treated that how things are. Deal with it "Quinn snapped at the girl, the girl needed to accept her future as a submissive

"Well still, I am human, Quinn "

"And you are being treated as one Rachel. You just a highly sensitive when it comes those things but you will learn that this is just relationship between a dominant and a slave "

"Quinn do you even cared for me as a dominant should "Rachel asked in bitter

"As much as it hard to believe Rachel. I cared for you. I hoped that the same with you "Quinn only hoped

"I need to go the bathroom "Rachel said

"You are going to be late Rachel and you have a diaper if you could not hold it "

Rachel could not hold it, she tried to get out of class to go the bathroom but there was someone arm on her shoulder as a warning sign. It was Santana. When she got up to go the bathroom it was to late.

Quinn knew what Rachel how uncomfortable Rachel was walking out of class but Rachel didn't say nothing.

"My little baby mess her diapers "Quinn asked not even whispering

'Quinn "

"What is happening with my baby girl having so much accident. Does she need to be potty trained again "

"I need a change "Rachel begged

"I didn't brought any diaper since, I never thought my baby girl would make a mess like that in a diaper "

"Quinn you give me laxative in my food and a castor oil, of course I need to go the bathroom "

"Rachel, you are a baby get used to with walking with a soiled diaper "

"Quinn "Rachel begged again to help her

"Rachel you are not going to make me change anything. My orders my rule now walk to class "Quinn said