Everyone knows about the Night Fury named Toothless, but there is a legend that speaks of a Night Fury family destined to be together even though the two mates are human as well. It all started when the Night Fury clan was at their peak with over two thousand dragons and lived in peace with the other dragon clans, but then the attacks happened. Now only one whole family is all that's left to their kind. The wife managed to have one egg before a new plan was put into motion to save their kind that egg turned out to be Toothless himself. But the two mates went into a different place and time and somehow merged into two humans before they were born, the two humans were: Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker. Yes we are familiar with them as well, but not like this though.

Anakin and Padme never knew about the Night Fury within, because of its reputation as a dark and evil dragon, only one with dark capabilities can have their "Night Fury" within wake up. But as the years went by Anakin changed to a Sith Lord, making him closer to re-awakening his dragon part. Now many years later, a father and his children will re-unite at long last…..

Meanwhile, about Ryuu (which means dragon spirit):

She was born on a very stormy day, Padme was her mother but due to a very lethal bolt of lightning, she passed away on that day. Forcing her youngest child to be orphaned, not knowing the fate that be-fell her husband on Mustafar about one year ago. Ryuu was raised by on ordinary family until she had re-occurring nightmares of Toothless—not knowing of her true heritage as a Night Fury. She acted very violently when others picked on her, and she even managed to bite others and draw blood. So she was put into a foster care system at the age of five years old. But now she had discovered a way to break free from everything: her dragon powers can take her to a new place and time—of course unknowingly about the dragon part….