"Oh, my, that poor thing!"

It had been a whole day since the incident that took place yesterday and everyone involved seemed frozen by shock and fear. No one had left their homes since. Chevre was the only one who wasn't a part of yesterday's calamity, so I thought that it would be best to fill her in on the details.

"Well…has he come back out yet?" she wondered.

Solemnly, I shook my head.

Chevre started running her hooves through her ivory-colored fur. "That's…very unlike him…He's always been a bit sarcastic and surly…but never violent…"

If there was one thing I adored about Chevre, it was her candid love that she had towards everyone. She was a kindhearted soul that never spoke ill of anyone or anything. Everyone in the town had a great amount of respect for her.

She began to pace back and forth, humming to herself in soft melodic tones. Some of her best ideas came from when she was listening to music. Music helped her think and relax in a way that no one else could.

"I know that Wolfgang has his days. I've known him for a few years; long enough to know about his mood swings."

Chevre's gaze reached over towards mine. When our eyes met, she seemed to be radiating a powerful feeling of concern and grief.

"Don't judge a book by its cover. Wolfgang really is a nice guy. If I could describe him using anything, I'd use a peach. Sure, it's hairy and…a bit weird on the outside…But on the inside, he's really quite soft and sweet."

I decided not to tell her that peaches were actually hard in the middle. I took her speech for what it was-or at least, what it was trying to be.

She walked over to her dresser and pulled out several pieces of plain stationary. Carefully, she grabbed a pen and started rapidly scribbling things down. I was curious about what she was trying to do, so I got up from the couch to see. Before I could figure out what she was writing, she quickly turned around.

"I know that everyone's been having a hard time," she started out. "But, maybe, we could get everyone acting like themselves with a little get-together!"

Those weren't notes-they were invitations.

"If you don't mind, I'd love for you to pass these out to everyone," Chevre asked appreciatively. "It's just a small favor."

I nodded and put the invites in my pocket for safekeeping.

"What an awesome shin-dig ya got!"

Chevre let out a giggle. "Thank you, Poncho. Please, help yourself to some jasmine tea, la baa. The lemon cake I baked should be done shortly."

Rodeo grabbed his cup of tea and gulped it down without even thinking. Suddenly, he hopped up from the couch and started waving cool air on his tongue with his hooves.

"The tea is hot, you doofus," Butch laughed.

As soon as he recollected himself, Rodeo let out a goofy laugh. "I didn't mean to chug it like that. But Chevre's an amazing cook!"

Everyone in the room let out "mm hm"s and smiled in agreement.

Chevre could bake a cake that could turn any frown upside down. Her casseroles were always crowd pleasers. Her pies and tarts were to die for. Her tea was never too bitter, nor too sweet. She was Applewood's baking connoisseur.

In the middle of the room was a small, white Regal Table with a fancy white tablecloth. Laid on top of it was an assortment of plastic silverware, snacks, plastic cups, and beverages. The most popular appetizers were her mini quiches and her freshly-baked cinnamon rolls.

I couldn't keep myself from giggling when I saw Rodeo try to stuff cinnamon rolls and chocolate cake in his mouth. He was struggling to fit both foods in his mouth at the same time. Of course, I worried about him choking, but I still smiled the entire time.

Gladys walked over to his side and pat him on the shoulder with her wings. "Don't you think you should…y'know, slow down?"

After Rodeo swallowed his food, he responded by saying, "I can't help it! With food as good as this, you can help but to hork it down!"

Poncho walked over to them, paws on his bloated tummy. "I know that I'm gonna regret this tomorrow! I'm so stuffed that I don't think that I'll be alert enough to do my morning workout!"

The trio let out a laugh and walked back over to the table for more food.

As I looked around, I noticed something. It was something that stuck out more than a sore thumb.

Wolfgang wasn't there.

Chevre saw my look of concern and pulled me off to the side. When the coast was clear, she started to whisper.

"You gave Wolfgang the invitation, right?"

I nodded.

"Well…maybe…you could go and talk to him. He might still be in his funk, but hopefully, you can talk some sense into him."

I quietly left the party and strolled over to my own house. After grabbing an ink pen, I pulled a sheet of paper out from my writing desk. Knowing that Wolfgang was probably still in a bad mood, I decided to write him a note and leave it on his door instead of bothering him.

My words had to be carefully planned out, yet effective. I wanted to get my point across, but I also didn't want to seem too forceful. I let my brain do the thinking and my pen do the talking. This note had to mean something and it had to be completely heartfelt.

My only fear was that Wolfgang wouldn't read it.

Carefully, I put the pen away and folded the letter in a decorative blue envelope. I was going to take it to Town Hall, but I figured that if I delivered it myself, I'd get it to Wolfgang a lot faster.

Well, here I go…

Gathering up my courage, I headed out the door. Hands trembling, I held the envelope in my hand and placed it in Wolfgang's rusty mailbox.

Oh…I hope he'll say yes…