Author's note: I am discontinuing this story as the pacing is too messed up.

I originally started this story to see what would happened if a powerful army as the Vandenreich were to start a war in the supernatural world of DxD. This started on a mere curiosity you see.

I am going back to trying to finish Code Gundam Musou as well as work on the other stories. I really want to try to finish my first fanfic on this website. Once I worked more on some of my current stories, I will rework this concept in quite possibly a few years later from now. You can thank my time studying how stories forward the plot.

I've also been busy playing Bleach Brave Souls on my spare time so I haven't been working on fanfiction for a long time. God, I love that game.

Still, I am thankful for the support this story received as well as the actually useful criticisms that I read. Thank all the supporters for your input and sorry that I'm shutting it down like this.

Also to flamers, if you don't like reading something in the first place don't cry like a little baby and just go away. Noone forcing you to read stuff you do not like. I have never taken your kind seriously.

I will leave this story on site so I can look back at it and remind myself what to do.