A/N All the places mentioned in this chapter a places that exist in Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom. All Characters and names are Disney property I own nothing. This Can also be Seen as a Sum what Sequel to the Yoda chapter in Ways to annoy your Favorite Characters Story.


Yoda Vs Big Thunder Mountain

"I'M sorry sir but You Must be this tall to ride, "The Disney World Frontier land cast member explained to a very annoyed Master Yoda as she pointed to a sigh.

"Nearly tall enough I am", He huffed indignantly."

"Yes Sir I will admit that if we go by the top of your ears however I must go by the top of your head and that means you are a full two inches below the 40 inches height requirement. "

"Fix that I Can."

Yoda returned a half hour later wearing a pair of stilts he had hidden under a pair of master Kenobi's Boots. Unfortunately for him master Kenobi and master Windu had fast passes for around the same time Yoda made it back the ride.

"You know that is never going to work Right?" Mace pointed out.

"Are those my Boots?" Obi-Wan asked.

Yoda noticed that both men had traded in their Jedi robes for Disney t-shirts and cargo shorts.

"Never you mind ride this ride I will."

"Your funeral"

When Yoda got to the front of the line again the cast member was not impressed with Yoda's attempt. "Nice try move to the side please."

By this point Yoda had had enough it was safe to say Yoda was fuming as Mace and Obi-wan got on the ride. He jumped off the stilts and waved his hand in front of the cast member's face "you will let me on the ride."

"I'm sorry sir the Rules Magic Kingdom putts in place are fore your safety."

Yoda looked Dumbstruck "what?"

"I'm sorry sir you are not getting on Big Thunder Mountain."

"Oh Sith Spit"

At that moment Han Solo and the Skywalker twins were coming off the ride. Upon seeing this Yoda got an Idea. "Luke your Help I need. Mind tricks the ride attendant you will so get on the ride I can."

"Master Yoda I don't think I should…."

"Do it !"

Luke waved his hand in front of the cast member's face, whose eyes quickly glazed over. She stepped aside to let Yoda on the ride.

If Yoda had stayed a second longer he would have seen Luke pull out a smart phone as a smirk came to his face.

"You two ready for the show?"

About two minutes later as the ride came around a sharp bend Yoda's ride restraints started to come loose. Five seconds later, as the train hit the steepest dip on the track, Yoda's restraints came loose and he was vaulted into the air and was sent flying into the direction of Adventure land. He then landed with a loud splash in one of the pools of Splash Mountain. Yoda then heard a loud rumbling sound and managed to force jump out of the way just as the log came down with a splash into the pool.

When Yoda made his way to Gaston's tavern to hook up with the others from his group, he saw Mace, Obi-wan and Luke grinning with a look on their faces that could only be saying "we told you so."

Han and Leia Joined Them shortly but they seemed to be arguing.

"Why did you post that Han?"

"What do you mean why did I post it was Funny."

"It was embarrassing Han."

"If you are going to blame someone Blame your brother He recorded it!"

"Yes but you posted it!"

"But it's already got five million hits!"

That's when Yoda's ears perked up. "What mean do you ?"

Luke pulls out his phone. "Looks like you're the top video on Youtube."

Yoda slumped down on a benchand Side, "A bad day having I am."

The End