Tris Pov

Tobias was so evil! I can't believe him. We'll now time for sweet revenge. I decide to start off with words. "Tobias, you have been a very bad boy and you need to be punished" I say slowly into his ear, tickling his neck with my breath. He moans quietly. I could tell he was trying to keep it in, it didn't work. I start kissing him in the lips passionately, but slowly kiss his jaw, neck and finally reaching his collar bone. I give him a love bite above his collar and he, yet again, moans. After that I kiss my way down his stomach stopping above his boxers.

I look him straight in the eye and slowly work my way back up, and then down and back up again. I do this over and over again and I see he was about as stubborn as I was so I started taking his boxers off with my teeth. Once they were off I said "Say mercy when you want more" mocking him. He moans and says "please don't make me" "Oh you should have thought of this when I was being teased" I say kissing right above his member. I climb on top of him and start grinding against him. He moans and eventually yells "MERCY!" when I whisper. "Imagine the things we could do if you just said mercy" I stroke his member with my finger and say "What was that, I didn't hear you" "m-m-m-mercy" he says as I continue stroking. "Big boys don't stutter" I say teasingly. "Mercy! He moans, practically begging.

I decide to show him mercy as I plunge his member into my mouth causing him to pull my hair softly moaning my name. I continue bobbing my head occasionally swirling my tongue around the tip. He practically yells he is about to go over the edge and I stop. "Beg" I say. "Mercy" he begs. "What" I say. "Mercy!" He yells. I suck on his member one last time and he goes over. I drink ever last drop.

Time for round two!