Tobias POV

Tris is so hot when she teases me like that. I mean WOW! Now it is my turn and I am going to make things quite interesting!

Tris POV

Tobias runs over to our storage room and grabs a shoe box full of 'stuff' (whatever that means) he comes back and pulls out fluffy hand cuffs and cuffs my arms and my legs to different bed posts so I am spread out like a star fish. Next he covers my eyes with a blindfold. I get wet almost immediately. He starts kissing me on my neck and jaw all the while massaging my breasts causing me to moan because of my heightened sense of touch. What is the best is that I have no control over what happens. He starts using this to his advantage because he starts whispering things in my ear. "You like it when I do this (as he sucks on my breast) don't you" All I do is moan. "If you want me to continue, you have to answer my questions hun" "Oh.. Yes I do love it when you do... That." "What is 'that', do you mean this. He says. He sucks my breast once more. "oh goodness yes, that yes, don't stop" I say as he bites my nipple. "This is only the beginning" he says teasingly.

He slowly starts making his way down my stomach causing me to moan slightly. I am trying to keep it in but it isn't working very well.

He didn't make me beg this time he immediately stars rubbing my clit with his tough and caused fingers. He feels so good against my gentle skin and I don't even try to control the moans as they come out of my mouth. Then right before I come he stupid and I whimper. He whispers don't worry very hungrily. He then shoved his tongue into my g spot causing me to explode into an orgasm and cum all over his face.