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Jellal and the armor clad princess

In three days the word was spread – whoever won the tournament would get to marry princess Erza. The king had reluctantly added that Erza herself would be participating, and this put some fright in a lot of the men in the kingdom. Most doubted that they would be able to beat her, but everyone was to participate none the less.

"Siegrain! Siegrain! Get here immediately!" his stepmother called for him angrily.

He hurried there as fast as possible, but she was in the stables and he was on the farthest end of the second building. Running there as fast as possible, jumping down the stairs even, he arrived after some minutes. She gave him a look that said all and then turned her gaze to her sons in front of her.

"Siegrain, the king will hold a tournament in a couple of days to see who shall marry the princess. The one who beats her shall marry her."

- Has anyone ever beaten her? Siegrain thought to himself but didn´t say anything.

"And no one deserves to win more than my sons", she said and gave her sons a loving look. "They will therefore train the coming days and then rest in between. You will assist them."


"And we´ll be going to the city tomorrow, picking out armor. So you´ll have to handle everything here."

He nodded. He already did that anyway.

"Good. Train well my boys, I´ll find you a teacher in the meantime."

"Right mom", they said in one mouth.

She left and the boys stood in silence for a moment before Natsu picked up a practice sword in tree.

"Let´s see what you´ve got Gray!"

Gray quickly picked up a similar practice sword and defended himself from Natsu´s attack. He then counterattacked and Siegrain overlooked it for a moment before simply saying: "Stop."

"Why?" Natsu said as he deflected an attack from Gray.

"Because you´re doing it all wrong", Siegrain answered and picked the sword from his hand. "You should hold it like this, firm grip but loose in the wrist. If you clutch it like that you can´t move your hand well enough."

"You sure got it all wrong idiot", Gray taunted but before Natsu had a chance to come with a comeback, Siegrain flicked his wrist and knocked the sword put from Gray´s hand.

"You´re not holding it hard enough", Siegrain said and this time it was Natsu´s time to laugh at his brother.

"Your movements are also sloppy and you leave yourselves completely unguarded."

"How do you know this?" Gray asked.

Siegrain shrugged. "I don´t know. I can´t remember."

"Doesn´t that seem a bit doubtful?" Gray asked.

"Who cares, he knows what he´s talking about", Natsu said and snatched the sword back from Jellal. "How´s the grip now?"

"Better, but your wrist is still too tensed. Think about how you hold your hand when you eat", Siegrain said as he knew that would work on Natsu.

The preparations were not limited to the Dragbuster´s house-hold. Everywhere around the country men trained. And not only men, but a certain princess was training as well.

Duck, elbow up there, jump, kick...

Erza easily knocked the swords out of the guards´ hands. Once all the guards were defeated, clapping erupted.

"Amazing as always, Erza!"

Erza looked up to her sisters and put her hand at her hip. "It´s not that hard to fight with a sword."

"Juvia believes it is. Juvia could never move like Erza-nee."

The two younger princesses walked down the stairs so they stood at the court opposite of Erza.

"Not dressed like that, no", Erza said seriously, "but in the right armor you would have no trouble."

Lucy laughed. "Relax, Erza. Take a compliment for once."

"But I´m telling you, it´s not that hard", she said and gave her sword to Lucy. "Swing this."

"I can barely hold it!" Lucy gasped.

"Your dress is in the way", Erza said and ripped the arms. "There, easier now, isn´t it?"

Lucy swung the sword rather clumsy. "Easier but not easy. And you could have warned me before tearing my dress. Luckily, this isn´t my favorite but still."

"I know you hate that dress."

"I do, I really do", Lucy sighed. "It´s hard to breath and to move."

"I know", Erza said and took the sword back. In two quick movements, she had cut away the top buttons by the neck and the outmost bottom of the dress.

"That was extremely scary!"

"But you can breath and move now, right?"

Lucy smiled. "Yes. Thank you. Though gramps will get a bit angry at me for my indecency", she laughed, not sounding troubled at all.

"Erza-nee sure is skilled", Juvia said shyly, very impressed.

"Juvia-nee", Lucy added ´nee´ whenever she felt like teasing her Juvia for her formality – the girl even called Lucy with ´san´ sometimes, "is right. You are very skilled. It will be hard for someone to beat you."

And that was what king Makarov had thought too.

- There will be a ball after all, no one is as skilled as Erza.

That thought was filled with both pride and worry.

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