Chapter 3. Diagonally?

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The swirl of colours and constant twisting made Nanami feel extremely nauseous and she felt herself swaying in her feet as they arrived at their destination. It was only due to Tomoe tugging at her pants leg that prevented her from landing spayed out over the cobblestone street. McGonagall waited with a patient and somewhat amused look as she watched Nanami try to regain her bearings.

"I feel like I'm going to throw up..."

Nanami took in a deep breath as she tried to steady herself.

"It's nothing unusual, first time travellers by apparition will find themselves unable to hold their stomachs. You will get used to it as you travel by it more. Now come. You'll be staying at an inn called The Leaky Cauldron for the period before you board the train to Hogwarts."

Saying everything in an impressively long breath without looking winded in the slightest, McGonagall turned around, robes flaring behind her and briskly strode down the street towards a brick wall. Tapping a brick on the wall, the wall began to quiver and Nanami watched with wonder as the wall folded on itself, becoming an archway leading to a vibrant alleyway. The alleyway seemed more of a street than an alley and people were bustling about, buying items or selling their wares. Nanami even spotted a few tiny people walking amongst them. By her side, Tomoe sniffed disdainfully before leaping up to her shoulders and settled himself by coiling his body around her neck. Mizuki's tongue flickered out from where he was twisted around her wrist before he shook his head slightly and burrowed into her clothes.

McGonagall was patient, waiting for her to take in the sights before beckoning to her and moving on, walking and pushing past more than a few people. After walking for a short while, they entered a cosy little shop named 'Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions'. Quite a few students were already inside having their school robes measured and altered by measuring tapes that seemingly had minds of their own. A plump and friendly looking woman made their way towards them, measuring tape coiled around her neck and hissing like a snake.

"Welcome my dear! I am Madam Malkin. Hogwarts?"

Her voice was cheery and warm and Nanami found herself smiling unconsciously. She nodded and Madam Malkin snapped her fingers, the measuring tape immediately unwinding and began flitting around Nanami.

"Fifth year dear?"

"Ah yes!"

Nanami replied to her cheerily asked question with a smile and a short reply, feeling Tomoe huff and jump off her shoulders, settling himself in a corner to watch the bustle. Mizuki made his way to the top of Nanami's head and lay curled up there, watching the whole event from his high vantage point. Madam Malkin started when she saw a flash of white slithering up Nanami's arm, behind her neck and up her hair, settling on her head to reveal a white snake. She shot a wary look at the snake which seemed to stare at her with amusement in it's eyes and slowly stepped forward after verifying it wouldn't do much more than watch. At the corner, Tomoe let out a muffled bark, seemingly vaguely amused at the woman's hesitance. Madam Malkin truly had the demeanor of one who saw many odd things and learned not to question them, quickly regaining her smile and professional aura. Flinging a black robe that smelled of new cloth and dye over Nanami's head, she immersed herself in her work, evidently one who enjoyed what she did as seen by the general glow on her face. After an eternity and a half, she was finally finished with the temporary adjustments.

Giving a slight pat to Nanami's shoulder, Madam Malkin stepped back and instructed her to come back in two hours to collect her robes after some final adjustments had been done. Nanami stumbled out of the stuffy shop into the brightly coloured street, trailed by Tomoe and McGonagall. Mizuki was a constant weight upon her head as he seemingly refused to descend from his perch, tongue flickering out and hissing whenever a curious wizard stared for just a few seconds too long. Needless to say they attracted plenty of attention, be it from Tomoe who was twisting around the legs of the wizards which crowded the street, somehow managing to not touch anybody or Mizuki who was a very obvious pile of white skin and scales.

The next shop they entered was a queer little thing, old and dusty with two curved windows that protruded outwards and gold letterings upon a grayish background that read: OLLIVANDER'S, MAKERS OF FINE WANDS SINCE 382 BC

That was a long time, Nanami mused as she stepped into the tiny shop. Even Tomoe hadn't been around for that long- or so she thought, she wasn't really sure exactly how long Tomoe had been alive- and she gasped in awe at the sheer number of boxes heaped onto shelves upon the walls. She felt a bubble of excitement arise in her. She couldn't believe that she was really going to get a wand! A dry cough stole her attention and she was startled to find a wizened old man behind the counter that was definitely empty not ten seconds ago. McGonagall didn't seem fazed and she just assumed that this sort of occurrence was perfectly normal in the wizarding world.

" I am Ollivander, welcome to my shop. Are you looking for a wand miss Momozono?"

The hoarse voice of the old man drifted through the still air and seemed to exude a heavy aura upon her. This old man was definitely not normal, somehow he knew her name without her ever telling him, his clouded eyes seemed to be able to see through anything and the tone of his voice suggested that he already knew the reason for her presence and it frankly unnerved her.

Swallowing slightly, she gave a small smile that felt awkward to her despite her efforts to make it not so. She answered in a soft voice that surprised her and her voice held a slight tremble.

"Yes, mr. Ollivander, I will be transferring into Hogwarts this year as a fifth year and I need a wand."

He watched her quietly and she began to fidget, beads of sweat forming on her neck as she endured the uncomfortable and piercing stare. Finally he grinned and said in a jovial tone which was completely different from the one he had before.

"Well, miss Nanami, you won't find the wand you want here, I'm afraid that none of my wands will be able to handle the power of a god but do not fear! If I could get a strand of hair or some body part from your two familiars over there, I could use those as a core and create a completely new wand for you! It will be tough but I do so enjoy a challenge. Hahaha."

Nanami was shocked and she could sense that Tomoe and Mizuki were too. Who was he to be able to tell that Mizuki and Tomoe were not normal animals, to discover that she was a god (or goddess) and that they were her familiars? She found herself asking just that.

"Everyone has their secrets, it would do well not to pry. Now, how about the items from your familiars?"

His voice came out like the hiss of air leaving a balloon and she shivered. Nanami set Mizuki down on the floor and a puff of smoke arose. When it cleared, both Tomoe and Mizuki were standing in their human forms and looking warily at the man. Tomoe huffed after a brief staredown with the old man and with a flick of his kimono sleeve, yanked out a single strand of white hair from his head and passed it to Ollivander. Mizuki also had a single silver scale in his hand which he also passed over to Ollivander who looked like a kid in a candy store upon receiving them. He held the hair and the scale gently and muttered to himself.

"A sakaki tree will do well for the wood...eleven inches...hmm no…"

He seemed to have lost himself in his thoughts and it was a long while before he was awoken from his reverie. He cleared his throat awkwardly before continuing,

"Ahem, make sure to come back in three days to collect your wand. I'll definitely have it ready by then."

Nanami was ushered out of the shop, followed by a perturbed Tomoe and a miffed McGonagall with Mizuki curled around her wrist. As she was herded towards her next location, all that went through her mind was a single thought.

What just happened?

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