"Guys, stop!" Kelly yelled. The room went silent and Andrea paused where she was. About to stamp on Taylor's pretty little face with her heavy doc martens. Taylor was on the floor.

This was the most serious fight the two had got into for years. The last time was when Taylor sprained Andrea's wrist so Andrea pulled out a clump of her hair and slammed her head against the wall, back in second year.

Most of their fights seemed pretty serious, but they were usually over trivial things, and it stopped before anyone ended up fatally injured.

Andrea normally provoked the fights by stealing Taylor's nail varnish and such, then the chav would "get all up in her face" and actually start the fight.

But today was different. It was serious.

And Andrea genuinely wanted to kill Taylor with her bare hands. She was determined the girl deserved it, after what she'd had the nerve to do. She had told Chelsea. Chelsea, as in the year's biggest gossip and posh tottie.

After a week spent together, both of them acting civilised, Andrea had been beginning to think that maybe Taylor wasn't so bad after all. Not that she'd stop their public bickering. But now, now the girl had practically called for war.

There was no sense of enjoyment in trying to murder Taylor, as there often was. There was just unadulterated fury, and a burning desire for revenge in the most physical and painful way possible.

Various members of both tribes were watching, encouraging one of the girls. Andrea would have been able to do it, if it wasn't for Kelly coming and ruining it all at the worst possible time.

Kelly was the one in charge of their year. Nobody would deny it. She was perfect head girl material, when the time came in a few years. But Andrea wasn't pleased with her when she interrupted her revenge time. Still filled with more anger than she'd felt in a long time, Andrea barely noticed Kelly grab her arm and yank her off to the dormitory, which was empty at the moment.

"Listen, Kels, I don't want a lecture, I know that-"

"Are you okay?"

Andrea scowled. "Don't pretend like you don't know. Like Chelsea hasn't spread it around the whole school by now."

"Andrea James, can you stop feeling sorry for yourself and bloody listen to me?"

She was surprised by the girl's sudden sharpness and coldness. So she kept her mouth shut.

"I know Taylor made a mistake, but can you stop acting like a child and realise that maybe she can explain herself? Or at least that she doesn't need to get sent to the fucking hospital!"

No, she couldn't, Andrea thought bitterly. Because Taylor did deserve to get shipped off to hospital and feel the pain that Andrea had been feeling. In a sadistic way she imagined putting someone else, someone who had screwed her over completely, through the same pain, would help stop how she felt right now.

"Just keep your distance, okay?" Kelly sighed.

What was she, Andrea's mother?

Andrea kept her distance for the next few hours, but Taylor didn't keep hers. At dinnertime, the third meal Andrea had skipped today, while everyone else was in the dining room, Taylor came up to the dormitory where Andrea was camping out.

At first, the emo didn't notice Taylor's presence. The headphones she had on were blasting My Chemical Romance songs out loud enough that anything happening around her was irrelevant and went unnoticed.

It was only when the song ended and in the couple of seconds as it changed when Andrea noticed the new arrival. She slipped the headphones off.

"What the fuck do you want?" She had to physically squeeze her fists shut tightly to stop herself from trying to hurt Taylor again.

"I came to say sorry an' that," Taylor responded, her voice so low Andrea could only just hear it. "I shouldn't've told Chelsea, it was just that she sort of figured it out by her own. I just confirmed what she thought, ent it?"

Andrea doubted Chelsea was that smart. Anyway, it wasn't at all obvious, right? Other than the way she behaved, the picture of her dad on the wall, and her even more frequent trips to the graveyard, without the rest of her tribe... maybe it was more obvious than she'd thought. And maybe Taylor wasn't entirely to blame. Only mainly to blame.

"If it makes you leave, apology accepted." Not waiting for a response, Andrea put her headphones back on and turned around to face the wall.

Taylor stood up and hesitantly placed a hand which was supposed to be comforting on Andrea's back. From the way the girl reacted, though, with a jump and a death glare, it clearly didn't turn out this way.

Well, Taylor would just have to keep quiet.