Chapter 1: The Flashback and the Tragedy! ( :'( )

Humphrey's P.O.V

"Humphrey the stupid, little, weak omega" said Garth as he, Candu and Hutch was beating the Blood out of him LITERALLY! This was Humphrey's normal day in school.

Humphrey was just accepting the beating and just staring into space until one girl caught his attention, Kate Evens the most popular girl in high school her parents were rich with at least 5 million in their bank, her parents being Eve Evens and Winston Woods. They decided to keep their original names just so it can remind them of the time they were married.

Kate was just staring looking pleased with herself, only because it was Kate who called these three on Humphrey because he apparently has a picture of her in the Changing rooms half naked!

"THIS WILL SHOW YOU NOT TO TAKE PICTURES OF NAKED GIRLS, YOU PEDO" Cando shouted before laying one last punch on the side of Humphrey's head rendering him unconscious. "CANDO! I SAID I WANTED TO KNOCK HIM OUT!" "Sorry Garth, i did not think i hit him that hard." Cando replied a bit afraid of Garth K.O him out as well.

"Garth, can you give me this perverts phone please?" Kate asked in a little girls voice knowing full well garth loves it when she speaks like that. "Sure kate" Garth said trying to find Humphrey's phone. but what he found Scared him so bad he fainted. "What now?" Kate asked as she walked over to humphreys semingly lifeless body and also seeing what had made Garth faint. In Humphrey's Coats inside pocket was a Beretta 21A Bobcat that shoots 6.35mm bullet.

Meanwhile in humphrey's unconscious dream:

"Mum where are we heading today?" a small 10 yr old Humphrey asked very excited of going outside again. "No where today sorry hun." His mother replied before shutting the door to the outside world and carrying humphrey to a small hidden room with a piece of paper that had instructions on it. "But mum?" "SHHHH just hide!" she replied before shutting the little door.

All humphrey could here was the door being bashed down and gunshots being fired and very loud screams!
Then Nothing!
There was Silence!
No sound!
No breathing!
No Nothing!
Then the Most gruesome sound he would ever hear! The sound of someone Decapitating someone else!
All humphrey could think of what just happened!
BANG the sound of the door being slammed shut again!

Humphrey then saw the page of Instructions and started to read it, It read:

Dear Humphrey,

If you are reading this then we are very sorry for you! your Parents have just been killed BUT if you follow these instructions you will live a happy life and hopefully never have to use what is in the box to the left.

1 ) ALWAYS carry these two guns with you at all times EVEN IN SCHOOL
2 ) DO NOT TRUST ANYONE only 1 man Winston Woods
3 ) Find him and tell him your name he will know what to do!
4 ) when you are starting High School go to the Bank and go to the deposit box of 1954 and open it and enjoy what loot you will now have! Code is 1937 ENJOY


And that is just what he did! he found winston and he gave humphrey a house already bought and then humphrey went to the bank and found the box and opened it, He was shocked in their was at least 8 Million most in 100 dollar notes and some which were for humphrey to take and use as change in 5 and 10s.

Back to Kate's P.O.V

"What the..?" i said to myself and just before humphrey was taken away i grabbed the gun and hid it in my bag. "i think i shall ask him why he has this" i thought as i walked away.

TIME SKIP end of day

"Humphrey!" i heard my name called and turned around to be face to face with Kate! "Oh kate, why do you hate me?! and where the heck is my gun that i had in my coat" i thought, "what?" i said. "I want to speak with you in private" "ok? where shall we talk?" "follow" was all she said. so i followed her around to an ally beside the school and i was starting to get a bit worried "Ok humphrey we are here" "Ok so what do you want to talk about?" i asked still a bit worried and scared.
"THIS!" She shouted as she took out MY Beretta 21A Bobcat gun and shown me. "WHY DO YOU HAVE THAT!? THAT NOT YOURS! GIVE IT BACK!" i half shouted and whispered! "NO why do you have it?" she looked as if she was really pissed off "its none of your business" "FINE TELL ME NOW" she shouted as she aimed at me and put her finger on the triger"STOP! DONT! THAT IS A REAL BULLET THAT CAN KILL" I shouted but not too loud to draw anyone elses attention."Really?!" she said in a sarcastic manor"YES NOW STOP" i said "NOT UNTIL I GET AN ANSWEAR" this got me pissed, i was not about to reveal my family past because of one girl with a gun at my face, so i just knelt down lifted up my trouser leg and pulled out a Walther PP Pistol and aimed it at her "NOW STOP THIS, NOW!" i Shouted very loud and then saw a few people on their phones "Most likely calling the Police" I thouht.

Kate's P.O.V

"NOW STOP THIS, NOW!" i heard humphrey shout. "WOW, he has never shouted before" i said to my self quietly, i was now becoming scared and started to shake a little, i could tell humphrey knew i was scared because he partially lowered his gun a little, i started to think "is he serious about these bullets? nah, he's lying! OH GOD WHAT IF HE ISN'T? well i don't want to be caught with a gun in my hand and go to prison for attempted murder" "Here" i said as as i gave him back his gun and started to walk away and imidiantly saw Humphrey run past and run down the street and then stop at my house, i started running as well just in time to see humphrey knock on the door and winston answear. i ducked behind a bush and listened in on their talk.

"Do NOT tell kate about my past!"
"Yes Humphrey"
"Good Now i got to go, oh and tell Kate not to touch me again without my permission"
"Right, will do"

then Humphrey walked over the road to his house and i wondered "How come i only ever see him go in there?" i said outloud without realising,
"He does not want anyone to Know! now i got to talk to you!" i heard my dad say and i saw him going inside"OK" i said in a depressed voice because i knew what my dad wanted to talk about. "Damn I did not delete that picture"